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Mixture of procedurally generated action RPG and Tower Defense genre with roguelike elements. · By Hyper Fox Studios

Bug Reports

A topic by Hyper Fox Studios created Aug 10, 2018 Views: 539 Replies: 5
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We need to smash them as soon as possible... Bring em here :D


How can i play this game, i have no keyboard/mouse control!


Hey there! You should be able to play it via keyboard with directional arrows and buttons such as: "a", "s", "d", "q","w","e" or with a joypad. You can also remap your controls. Are the controls completely frozen?

Really cool game. Keep it up improving ;)

Minor bug report: Reynard displays the animation for moving to the right when he is moving up-right, but the animation for moving up when he is moving up-left. I think the intention was for Reynard to display the running up animation when moving up-right.


On it! Thank you again :D