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Thank you very much for your effort and guidance :)

Could you please create a guide or explain how to map these in godot (bitmasks) or any other engine for autotiling purposes?

I forgot to tick the linux  option and it was hidden until now! FML! Sorry again... Itch notified me only now about your and Tux's  post:/ It should be visible now :D

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So sooooorrry!!! Because zip file wasn't named correctly I've reuploaded it and I forgot to tick the linux  option again :((( it was hidden until now. Sorry again... Itch notified me only now about your post:/ It should be visible now :D

Hey there! Nice asset! I'm wondering if I'm allowed to use it in our commercial product? I'll add you to the credits :)

May I use this in a commercial project? Or is there any limitation to it? (I'd gladly add you to the credits)

On it! Thank you again :D

Sorry about that. It's fixed now :D Thank you for reminding me!

Please contact us on  we will solve the issue :)

Elthen... This one is golden! :D

Hey there! I've uploaded it as a .zip file and gave it a "generic" name. Hope that it helps :)

Elthen... Awesome as always :D

Awesome! I'll have to update our dwarf's AI and attacks :D

Hey aaronfranke, I'll be sure to add the support to itch app soon (probably in the next update). Thank you for your suggestions :D

Awesome as always :D

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Hey Elthen! Good work as always, I'd just recommend you to keep the consistency of keeping the spacing between each frame like you have in other sprites. Its much easier to cut the sprites and adjust the pivot when you import them to unity. Mirrored sprites were also cool, because not everyone rotates or flips the objects via script. Best regards :)

Thank you very much for a valuable feedback! I was thinking exactly the same for the "X" button confusion, I'll add a support for the "A" asap :D there are different dimensions of the rooms up to 3x3, but you'll most likely encounter them from the desert dungeon on... But we'll try to spice them up :D    I have a question about the font... Do you think the readability is connected to a font being a pixel font? Do you think "smoother" fonts would help? Again thanks for the suggestions And feedback :D

Hey there! You should be able to play it via keyboard with directional arrows and buttons such as: "a", "s", "d", "q","w","e" or with a joypad. You can also remap your controls. Are the controls completely frozen?

Glad you like it! 99% that this week we will release a new patch with 4 merchants in it. Will let you know when it is out :D

We did it! We've added linux support :D

Thank you very very much! We appreciate it! Itch is awesome :D

Thank you :D Sure! We'll add it as soon as possible and let you know when it's up... We still have to test it etc. :D

Reynard is a mixture of procedurally generated action RPG and a Tower Defense genre with roguelike elements. It has been influenced by classics such as Legend of Zelda, Final Fantasy and an indie classic - Binding of Isaac. It contains features such as:

  • Countless proceduraly generated dungeons, TD maps and runes!
  • More than 300 different items!
  • Fast paced action against challenging enemies and bosses!
  • Progression through perk and blueprint system!
  • Simple yet cool crafting system!
  • Lovely story and companions!
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Anything that comes on your mind...

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We need to smash them as soon as possible... Bring em here :D

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If you guys think that something cool can be added or improved, please let us know here :)