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Mixture of procedurally generated action RPG and Tower Defense genre with roguelike elements. · By Hyper Fox Studios

Linux Support

A topic by kleintux created Aug 12, 2018 Views: 714 Replies: 14
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This game looks really fun and nice. Is there going to be Linux support?


Thank you :D Sure! We'll add it as soon as possible and let you know when it's up... We still have to test it etc. :D


We did it! We've added linux support :D


yeah! Thx


I like the game, and no problems yet with the linux version. thx!


Glad you like it! 99% that this week we will release a new patch with 4 merchants in it. Will let you know when it is out :D


The Linux version doesn't run when installed via the Itch app because it's a `.rar` file Consider using Butler to upload files, or use `.tar.gz` or `.zip` files instead.


Also, consider just calling it "Reynard-linux" or something, without a version number in the file, so that the Itch app will automatically update me to the next version by selecting the file with the same name.


Hey aaronfranke, I'll be sure to add the support to itch app soon (probably in the next update). Thank you for your suggestions :D


Hey there! I've uploaded it as a .zip file and gave it a "generic" name. Hope that it helps :)

You still need to mark the platforms in the file's settings: 


Sorry about that. It's fixed now :D Thank you for reminding me!

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Thanks, it works great in the Itch app now! (At least the Linux version does, I have not tested the Windows version myself)


What happened to the linux version?

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So sooooorrry!!! Because zip file wasn't named correctly I've reuploaded it and I forgot to tick the linux  option again :((( it was hidden until now. Sorry again... Itch notified me only now about your post:/ It should be visible now :D