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I am wondering if this will have a linux release?

Thank you!

thank you for the linux version

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Just wondering about the  Linux version?  I don't mean to keep asking but I can't install this version, itch won't let me.

not everyone one uses windows

The World Next Door community · Created a new topic linux

Is it coming to linux?

Hi, can you give us an update on the linux port?

This game on itch has been abandoned by the developers,  just using the platform for advertising

But If I like it I'm still giving you money :D since no body should work for free

thank you!

Looking forward to 2.0 drm free on itch. thanks again for creating such a great game and making it available on itch.  Hopefully it will be ready to download this weekend :D

Would you be able to release the ost in flac format?

I would buy the game but I would rather be able to download/install it from itch as well, not just steam.  I prefer to have the option to download the game as well.

Is there anyway to turn off the perm death or maybe have the option to change the difficulty?

All games that are abandoned by the developers who are updating there games on other stores should have them removed from itch.

 It makes a mess of itch. I love this place but this needs to be cleaned up.

What happened to the linux version?

That's great really looking forward to Dead Ground 2.  Will it be local lan? This will make a great lan party game!

Also thanks for the linux support!

I'll have a look at Danger Gazers as well.

Just wondering if you plan to  have a co-op lan option in Dead Ground or maybe if you plan to make a Dead Ground 2 to have that option.  

Dead Ground community · Created a new topic fun game

This is such a fun and hard game all at once!

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Why is this game still here? It's been abandoned and only using itch to advertise there game on steam.  Should be removed from here.  Also abanoned linux support.

Hi will you be making a linux version?

Can't I just buy it on itch?

I would rather buy it here then steam

I quite like this game, are you takinging donations?  

Or is this a demo?  If it is can I buy the full version on itch?

Its still wrong, indie or AAA nobody should do it, have you seen the back lash Deep silver got for using steam for advertising only to now sell a game on epic.   This is no different. 

Now if you still offered your game here as well as steam then that would be ok!