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Hi will you be making a linux version?

Can't I just buy it on itch?

I would rather buy it here then steam

I quite like this game, are you takinging donations?  

Or is this a demo?  If it is can I buy the full version on itch?

Its still wrong, indie or AAA nobody should do it, have you seen the back lash Deep silver got for using steam for advertising only to now sell a game on epic.   This is no different. 

Now if you still offered your game here as well as steam then that would be ok!

Why are you here on itch trying to sell a steam key?

Itch is for games sold and playable here, you just using itch for advertising shame on you.

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Thank you !!! If you need a tester I don't mind reporting bugs back.

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Hi Can you make a test port so I can atleast install and see if it works?

Hi Can I play a demo of your game?

That's great!!  but what does this have to do with linux support and selling the game on itch?

Why was it dropped on itch?  What is wrong with selling games here?

Why isn't the regular version here as well?  It would be nice to buy the game from itch

When is it going to be updated?

Raft community · Posted in Linux
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I just notices there is version 1.05 for windows, what happened to 1.05 for linux?

it's free on itch, don't know why.  How are they making money?  It's a fun game and I wouldn't mind supporting the developer for this one.

Raft community · Created a new topic Linux

Thanks for the linux version!

Hi Fabrice would I be able to become a beta tester for Brok!

do you have a working demo?

thank you! also thanks for such a great game,  I good lost in it all day today :)

How come the demo is windows only, is there a linux demo?

You should release it for linux!

where are the save games located? im on linux mint, thanks!

I'm not a big fan of P&C but after playing around with the demo I had to buy it, this is fantastic, no issue with it running on Linux mint as well.  Thank you so much for a wonderful game.

Hi Will this be playable on linux?