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Dead Ground

Tower defense reimagined! Dead Ground is a procedurally generated tower defense game with rogue-like elements. · By Shotx

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A topic by tuxgamer created Feb 24, 2019 Views: 289 Replies: 4
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Just wondering if you plan to  have a co-op lan option in Dead Ground or maybe if you plan to make a Dead Ground 2 to have that option.  


Co-op was one of the features that was originally planned. I can't say when, but Dead Ground 2 will come with local co-op, building custom towers with different scavenged parts, improved mechanics and upgraded graphics.

I'm currently working on Danger Gazers, a post-apocalyptic roguelite that also takes the journey part from Dead Ground and adds a lot to it.


That's great really looking forward to Dead Ground 2.  Will it be local lan? This will make a great lan party game!

Also thanks for the linux support!

I'll have a look at Danger Gazers as well.


Local co-op on the same PC will be there for sure, can't say the same about lan though. 

Is there anyway to turn off the perm death or maybe have the option to change the difficulty?