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Announcing the #itchsummersales!

How many times has this happened to you: You’re sitting at your computer with access to the sum total of humanity’s knowledge and have nothing to do? Well wonder no further, selectively bored reader, the #itchsummersales are here to help you out.

 We’ve teamed up with more than 400 (and growing) indie creators to feature their projects at even more affordable prices. That’s right, you can support amazing indie developers and creators while saving a little cash for yourself. It’s a win/win!

We’ve set up a page listing all of the deals right here. You can also refine the page using the tag system at the top of the page. Only care about Interactive Fiction? We’ve got you. Need a good laugh? That’s here too. Interested in a horde of beautiful anime men? Sure, I guess. They’re available here too.

Don’t waste your time refreshing other storefronts, check out some of our recommendations below:

Blue Revolver:

Shmups are an interesting genre. On their face they’re simple games about jets/ anime girls pouring out a firehose of brightly-colored bullets mowing down enemy jets/ anime girls. When done well, shmups become a meditative experience, a hunt for the small zones that will keep you safe. Blue Revolver is certainly one of the latter.

Jump into the genre with an accessible yet complex entry for 50% off.

Loot Rascals:

Loot Rascals takes two of my favorite things -- roguelikes and brits-- and slams them together. Now you can talk to a sentient tea kettle while exploring and dying in a procedurally generated space-theme park. The game has charm in spades and a unique multiplayer system that allows you to help or hunt the ghosts of your fellow travelers.

Loot Rascals is 20% off.

Dead Cells:

Branching off from our previous roguelike comes, well, another roguelike. If you’re trying to avoid the more traditional entries into the genre, check out Dead Cells. Even though it’s only in an Early Access state, Dead Cells already shows off a great fusion of roguelike and metroidvania sensibilities. The game has already garnered some well-deserved critical acclaim, and has a promising future ahead.

Check out this early gem at 15% off.

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Note: Dead Cells is only available as a Steam key.

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