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More window sizing options? 16:9 aspect ratio? 1080p resolution?

A topic by aaronfranke created Jan 09, 2018 Views: 362 Replies: 1
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Hello, would it be possible to make the game support 16:9 aspect ratios so that it can run at 1080p? I can understand how it is nice to have everyone using the same aspect ratio to simplify the game and prevent unfair advantages. But I honestly would rather play at 1920x1440 with the top and bottom parts of the screen cropped out so that it's 1080p. I would end up seeing less of the game world, but in a nicer aspect ratio and full-screen, without any stretching of game textures.



As you explain, the game works around a single ratio (3/4), for game design reasons, and so that the game is balanced for everyone.
However, it's true that we haven't tested other ratios, to see if the benefit is negligible or not (or if there is a solution to counterbalance it).

However, in order to make the other ratios work, we need to rework the game interface so that they are compatible with the other resolutions (otherwise, the UI may stretch and have a pretty ugly result).

Nevertheless, we will try to take into account your return for a future project. We underestimated the technical needs of the players, to have a good experience of the game. We will try to improve on that.

Thank you for your message :).