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Solid puzzle game! The later puzzles get really tricky! Great job!

Fun game! Took a bit to understand the controls and not crash into walls constantly. Love the sound FX, great job!

Interesting concept! A danger indicator for the tree and making the player faster could help this be more fun. Nice job!

Great art style! The controls were a bit tricky to get used to but once I kind of figured them out I was able to get a decent way up before falling. Good job!

The art is fantastic! Great concept, its really fun to play. Awesome work!

Super cool! Having to deal with wrapping the cable around enemies and the pillars lead to some sticky situations. Awesome job!

Interesting idea! I was able to launch myself in crazy ways which was pretty fun! Great Job!

I love the idea of being able to collect limbs and then chuck them away! I found it a bit hard to aim with the slower weapons, but was able to remedy that with a full loadout of machine guns which was awesome. Good job!

Thanks for playing!

Thanks for playing our game! Glad you enjoyed it!

Thanks for the feedback! We would have liked to better tune the additional thrusters but didn't have enough time.

Thanks for checking out our game! The button placement (and everything else) is random. To help find it we made the floor colors rainbow out so purple rooms might contain the button, but this isn't explained very well. Appreciate the feedback!

Thanks for the feedback!

Awesome! Thanks for playing!

Awesome job with the visuals and audio! A health indicator could be a nice addition, although health didn't really feel like an issue until some of the multi bullet enemies. Fun game!

Thanks for the feedback! In our testing the lag didn't seem that bad, so we kept all the stuff in. With more time that is something that probably would have changed.

Appreciate the feedback!

Neat concept! Took a second to realize I want to avoid the same color trucks. Good job!

Absolutely love the visuals! Getting a stacked team felt really good. Tons of fun, awesome job!

Really enjoyed this! Prologue gave me a good laugh. Try as I might, I could not jump a saw blade with 4 coins :P Great Job!

Thanks! Great feedback!

Thanks for the feedback! With all the chaos going on, we were hoping players would just try smashing into the button but we never really made that clear. Thanks for playing!

Appreciate the feedback, thanks for checking out our game!

Satisfying puzzle game! Puzzles were tricky but still made you feel smart when you get the solution. Awesome job!

Cool take on Pong. It was fun to launch the balls really fast, but gets quickly chaotic with too many on screen. A color indicator to show the swap order could be helpful too. Great Job!

Love the audio! Getting the last one so they all sing is really fun!

Great game! I found the font a bit hard to tell between zeros and eights. When the viruses start to multiply it gets tough! Great Job!

Cool puzzle game! The later puzzles get really tricky. Great music, very calming.

Thanks so much!

Great puzzle game, couldn't figure out what to do with the lantern at first. Felt like the next level was tracking me for a second :)

Thanks! Are you referring to the text coming from the NPC'S or the top left UI? Don't think we tested it at 4k :P Hard to find a spooky font that still readable.

Fun game! I really like the hide animation. Nice job!

Thanks! We also found actually completing a pentagram was hard unless you acted quickly. We wanted to add options to allow the difficulty settings to be further refined but did not have time to get that fully baked.

Great game! Love how the rewind works and interacted with the moving platforms. Only suggestion would be to make the cooldowns a bit shorter.

Appreciate the additional feedback, we intended to refine the movement but had to prioritize some other issues.

Great to know that those scripts exist, it would have worked well for us. Next time I guess.

Thanks for checking out the game! Glad you had fun with it!

We wanted the levels short and a bit chaotic so you needed to keep move to avoid falling.

Sounds like you grabbed a death defy powerup without knowing it which launches you back up if you fall.

Thanks for checking out our game!

You just had to enter the portal at the end of the level, which we didn't explicitly explain anywhere. Probably would have helped to explain that in our tutorial. The rewind was intended to have you look at a floating object and then it would reverse for as long as you hold the button.

Can you elaborate on the movement issue you were running into?

I had not heard about that script, will have to check it out!

Thanks! Our original idea was to have multiple possible objectives that would change when one was completed, but we didn't have the time to get that fully baked.

Thanks! One of the random effects was to affect the players speed, so you might have been influenced by that. 

Thanks! We had another level in the works, but due to it being mostly incomplete we opted to stick with a single level.