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Games that try to simulate real-world activities (like driving vehicles or living the life of someone else) with as much realism as possible. Simulators generally require more study and orientation than arcade games, and the best simulators are also educational.

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Ant Sandbox
Bonus Content for Date (Almost) Anything Sim
Cosmic Sugar is a trance inducing interactive physics sandbox.
Dynamic water system and terrain erosion demo
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A simple tutorial for checking overlap between two boxes.
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​this is for the bar SK jam ill update this description after i sleep ok goodbye
An experimental AI Toy that simulates a game of Werewolf in a quaint village
staying up at night has never been so productive
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dancing software
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VR-Optional Film experience for OSVR, SteamVR and Oculus users - Scare your friends!
Simple program that generates islands. Requires Java to run.
a stupid VR trick
Ecosystem simulation
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A program that generates maps that change over time.
A manifesto for creating digital connections
A research project that focuses on pseudo-random genration with perlin noise
Speaks for itself!
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A mesmerizing Sierpinski simluation!
It real time simulates a Mandelbrot fractal, a mathematical phenomena.
Record brainwave data utilizing the Muse
virtual creature / generative animation
A small project that I made. Its just three AI's that you watch chase each other around the map.
Simulate boxes and count collisions to calculate the digits of π.
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