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Focused on imparting a skill, lesson, or piece of information to its player that would be helpful to them in other aspects of life, such as a faster typing ability or knowledge about a period in history.

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Explore Educational everything else on Focused on imparting a skill, lesson, or piece of information to its player that would be helpful to them in other aspec · Upload your everything else to to have them show up here.

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An easy and practical guide to narrative design for everyone from students to experienced professionals.
A beginner-level tutorial for making a top-down adventure game in PICO-8.
How to design for Descended from the Queen games
A digital logic simulator where you can learn how computer logic gates work, and even build your own working CPU.
Learn to create extensive user interfaces (UI) and dynamic data systems with Godot by building an Inventory Screen!
A simple tutorial for checking overlap between two boxes.
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This guide is available for free at:
an interactive link directory
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A course teaching Python programming and Computer Science history
Aplicación educativa para el fomento de habilidades STEAM a través de un proyecto de robótica.
A heavily commented PICO-8 cart on how to make the camera follow the player.
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A cart showing the basic game loop of PICO-8.
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Explore Kids Speculative Evolution Drawings!
A simple reference cart showing the PICO-8 color palette.
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A cart showing the basics of using buttons for movement.
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Three animations made with Clip Studio Paint for education purposes.
A manifesto to inform best practice across the digital arts creative and cultural sector.
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An easy-to-follow demonstration of a random maze algorithm.
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a hypertext poetry anthology about hormones and healing
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All games are a means to a punchlineūüćč
A bot that generates random modern music
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an editor like application for testing automatas like dfa
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A cart showing how the fill patterns function of PICO-8 works.
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A star map in three dimensions that tries to show approximately the Sun and its nearby stars
A heavily-commented cart for creating different game states (menu, game, game over, etc.).
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A heavily commented PICO-8 cart showing how to do smooth map screen transitions.
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A heavily commented cart that shows how to animate items.
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A heavily-commented demonstration of using pickups.
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Storyboards created during a game jam.
A simple reference cart to show the results of the main PICO-8 drawing functions.
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Interacción a traves de guaraní hablado ( Interaction through spoken guaraní)
Morgan + Ruddy créent des fiches outils et des portraits sur les sujets LGBTQI+
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