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Create your own tiny garden.
A zen screensaver about a Robot Pilgrim.
Two condensed novels telling parallel stories of language and remembrance
a small study for Cathedral-in-the-Clouds
create and shatter glass animals in a living painting - satisfying blue shaman power!
kaleidoscopic light-synthesizer
An almost-infinite gallery of self-painting oil canvases.
Wander around a gallery of art, observe and change the art.
Take a road trip in space.
a photographic journal about illness and beauty
A virtual museum.
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All games are a means to a punchline🍋
A procedural urban narrative
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An Interactive "Decisive Pink"
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The Purity of Multimedia CD-ROMs
Point cloud generator
Welcome to Manyland, an open universe we invent and live together!
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Psychedelic kaleidoscope made with Processing. Created for the 2017 ProcJam.
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a short flatgame
A social criticism of the consumer mentality
My cover art was "Cycle", so i made something about a part of a cycle.
2.5 week project by our artists to create a VR art scene in Unreal
The Living Archive project aims to make artworks from the past come to life through visitors interaction
constructing landscapes
An ambient toy in development; inspired by Manfred Mohr's work.
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An abstract retelling of the Brothers Grimm story "Fitcher's Bird".
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