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Procedural Generation

Utilizing content created by algorithms rather than human made content. Often utilizes a "seed," a relatively small string that is used to control the randomization algorithm that generates the entire world.

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procedural salt flats, mountains, forests
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an interactive drawing about bodies and abuse
A procedural character generator...
PICO-8 in 140 characters or less
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Procedurally generated Tarot-like cards
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A procedural chiptune generator!
PICO-8 in 140 (and then later 280) characters or less
the textual detrius of a generated city
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Watch a galaxy of life try to communicate
Thousands of planets for you to explore.
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Wander around a gallery of art, observe and change the art.
Toy for making moving sound/shape assemblages
Sit back and be hypnotized by a series of striking landscapes.
An almost-infinite gallery of self-painting oil canvases.
Created for #screensaverjam
A Study in Procedural Generation and Generative Music
Point cloud generator
Space travelling game
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Unfinished projects that never made it past the prototype stage.
Procedural Cityscape Shenanigans
it's like windows media player but instead of the tardis protal thing you have dancing furniture
Psychedelic kaleidoscope made with Processing. Created for the 2017 ProcJam.
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Procedural story and drone generator.
A series of procedural snapshots of the sea.
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