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Games that defy the traditional approach to game design and offer unique, interesting and often strange experiences.

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3D fractals exploration game
A procedural character generator...
a small study for Cathedral-in-the-Clouds
create and shatter glass animals in a living painting - satisfying blue shaman power!
kaleidoscopic light-synthesizer
Dark jazz and rainy streets
An almost-infinite gallery of self-painting oil canvases.
a love letter (zine) to unconventional game developers
Screensavers & homework, together at last
A test of the animation capabilities of Bitsy
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a photographic journal about illness and beauty
Sit back and be hypnotized by a series of striking landscapes.
A procedural urban narrative
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Created for #screensaverjam
Enjoy creating music with your fingertips in an immersive abstract landscape.
Experimental #ScreensaverJam
8 DOMES; 100 MONSTERS; 1 BOOK: a Pixel Monster spotter's guide
Lovely life and incredible death
Twitter bot generating pretty alien skies.
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A meditative web experience created in Unity.
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a short flatgame
constructing landscapes
A counterfunctional game essay
Alien Plant Generator
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Creates Simple Game Levels (Version 1.2)
A digital poem about hibernating during the winter.
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