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a small study for Cathedral-in-the-Clouds
adhd sucks and i'm bad at time management (minicomic/twine game combo)
A fluffy fan kinetic novel of Sorey and Mikleo doing something for Christmas.
A short story about nostalgia and friendship
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A short kinetic novel about a woman and the stages of her life.
Dystopian story about social oppression
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rest-house-feature movie
Experience the eye of the kaleidoscope
A brief adventure game about one boy's struggle to end the world
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Created for Portpentine's Twine Jam, March 2015
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A short Valentine's day gift I made for my wife.
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A small non interactive piece of software that accompanies a 800 word short story
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A pixel experience made for the Pixel Weekend Jam #3
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Minimalist interactive story
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Walk through a place obfuscated by the fog of memory
personal piece on the college experience
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S.C.P. - based fan fiction about a mysterious new entity.
Te encuentras con un gato rosado al que le gustan mucho las flores