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Contains (or is themed around interacting with) a musical score, soundtrack, or backing track(s).

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A randomly generated ambient album
A procedural chiptune generator!
Free Promo & Description Images For Charity Livestreams
Dark jazz and rainy streets
Use this tool to help you transpose your music from one key to another!
A short story about nostalgia and friendship
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real time rendering of wonderful scenes
The Digital Deluxe Upgrade contains extras such as Soundtrack, a Making-of pdf, and more!
Enjoy creating music with your fingertips in an immersive abstract landscape.
A Study in Procedural Generation and Generative Music
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A presentation and a collection of generative systems illustrating several different approaches to music generation
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Music visualiser controlled by Leap Motion
it's like windows media player but instead of the tardis protal thing you have dancing furniture
A beginner-friendly, droning synthesizer in your browser
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A beginning of new era for audiovisual pleasure. (2016)
Unity C# music generator - demo and code
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Visualise any sound playing from your computer!
Experimental extrasolar soundscape
Realtime sequencer and wavetable synthesis in Unity
Open Your Eyes to the Beauty of Music
Learn Free Music Tunes by yourself through Musical Drum Loops.
Musical Experience
Real-Time Visualiser
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An easier way to learn music theory!
An audio analysis in horror games, films and how not to rely on just jump scares.
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