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A digital book showcasing exclusive art and extras from Halloween Otome.
Get all the goodies from the deluxe edition without having to purchase the base game!
a collection of Venom (and Eddie, and Mysterio, and Carnage) art
a collection of rhys/vaughn art
A zine made by cuties, for cuties ♥ Art, Guides + more!~
Collected Inktober drawings based on my comic, Godsblood
18 pages of cute wizards.
.zip archive of every sketchbook uploaded to patreon
Our first ever Art Book, now free to everyone to check out!
My first sketchbook
An artbook of Inktober pieces from October 2015.
Artbook of Siluman Girls
Collection of sketches and paintings from Jan-Apr 2017
Bust (Commissions) I drew in 2017~
A PDF collection of Jem's digital artwork and sketches from 2017!
8 DOMES; 100 MONSTERS; 1 BOOK: a Pixel Monster spotter's guide
A collection of digital pieces done for the March of Robots.
A collection of fanart for a silly idea.
A sketchbook of work from artist Kyle Labriola, with artist commentary.
a short flatgame
A Zine of Weird Gradeschool Journals
The Digital Deluxe Upgrade contains extras such as Soundtrack, a Making-of pdf, and more!
An esoteric adventure into the Unknown!
Sketches by Kaity Moy from 2017-2018
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