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Contains lesbian, gay, bisexual, and/or transgender characters or plot lines.

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a collection of Venom (and Eddie, and Mysterio, and Carnage) art
a collection of rhys/vaughn art
Get all the goodies from the deluxe edition without having to purchase the base game!
A queer games crit/dev zine.
Zine featuring the work of marginalised creators
On a ship bound for danger and discovery, three men keep moving towards love.
rated [m] for situations and obscenities
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A sci-fi mecha story about touch, social anxiety and non-gender
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The trope-y, gay romcom where you need to score yourself a fake girlfriend in 2 days!
a mini-zine collection of trans-positive, self-affirming sigils
Find Local Sapphic Monsters
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a q-&-a style zine for trans hysto hopefuls
An interactive (non)fiction dedicated to Leelah Alcorn.
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These printable feedback cards make gender inclusion feedback easier and more effective!
A twine 'zine' about fathers.
a collection of lyrical writings from recent years
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a zine about factory farm pollution and interlocking oppressions
Finally, you too can find out what your gender is!
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What's your gender of the day?
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A handmade love letter to my problematic fave
(a fake) game wiki
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