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[Devlog] Eqo

A topic by Clement Panchout created Mar 10, 2017 Views: 1,474 Replies: 36
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The game is created for the TyranoBuilder Spring Game Jam 2017. Theme is "Fresh starts". Eqo is a pixel art game, with chiptune musics. The gameplay is in a point and click style. The goal of the game is to explore an island and solve puzzles.


Eqo is a young girl who lost the meaning of her life. She jumps on the first boat to leave her tasteless existence and find a name. But this is not an ordinary boat she took : it brings you where you destiny awaits. She lands on a strange deserted island, where a terrible slaughter occured. She's not sure why the boat left her here…

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We're gonna rock this jam!

PS. My birthday is tomorrow, I accept cupcakes, unicorns, and PayPal.


Very early progress art of Eqo. I have no idea what's happening. I don't control the pixels.


Nice to see a fellow pixel artist making a VN, nice work.




That's crazy~ It looks good~~ Can't wait to play it~

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March 10th
Hey, so I'm just putting that here :)
Goal is to make a short point and click game, retro style. The name of the game is the name of the main character, Eqo.
March 16th
I finally have the whole plot, the characters and the links between them. The global mood of the game is set as well.
There is so much to do in such a short time !
Eqo will evolve in a very strange island :)
I haven't scripted anything yet but I'm playing with TyranoBuilder as it will be my first game ever released with this software.
I'm used to this "scripting" type of tool so this should be fine.
I also managed to have my own custom cursor, for buttons/menus and even for clickable areas by tweaking CSS and JS files.
If you guys are interested in knowing how I did, I would be happy to make a tutorial.

I would love to know how you did the custom clickable-area-cursor! That last bit of uncustomized UI would be fun to conquer.


Sure, I will write a small tuto today. I love the visual for your game you put on your devlog !


Wrote this :

Hope this will help you !


That was very helpful! Thank you so much, and best of luck with your game! The art looks wonderful, and it sounds so fun.


Thanks :)

March 28th
March month has been submerged by the game's writing, it's still not 100% completed but I have to go ahead now. I will now rush on some pixel arts. Unfortunately, Lola won't collaborate with me on this game, and it's mainly because of the tight schedule, she has stuffs to deal with right now and I really hope the best for her. She has incredible drawing skills, I recommend her if you guys need pixel arts :)
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It's my first "pixel art" ever and it's the first scene of the game. Considering the lack of time I'm having right now, I'll go ahead with this and see where I'm going (no pressure :)


It looks lovely! I love the animation on the moon.

(And don't worry, you're not the only one taking their first foray into pixel art. I have no idea what I'm doing. :P )


Haha, thanks man :)

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Scene 2, Eqo's still on the boat and she's going to meet a very strange man.


Aww, I love this art style! Very excited to play it.


Thanks :)

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So here's Eqo, walking.

Eqo is the main character.

She's a young girl that lost faith in her life.

She decided to leave everything to start anew, jumping on the first boat she found.

On the boat, she will meet with a disturbing man.


And here's Hro.

He's the strange man Eqo will meet on the boat.

He's very mysterious and doesn't seem friendly...

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April 4th
I'm producing pixels as fast as I can. It's pretty fun but I'm far from being a pixel artist, so I'm pretty slow, I guess :)
I still have tons of pixels to do but that's cool.
I modified the pitch as I changed (again) the scenario. If I want the game to be short I have to cut generously the story and focus on the main plot.
The game may be short but I'm doing everything to make it intense.
I'm excited to show Eqo and Hro that you can admire above :) Eqo is the main character, and Hro is the first person she will meet, on the boat of destiny. Hro is strange and disturbing. They both land on a deserted island where a lot of people died a long time ago, but why did the boat bring them there ?

Speaking with Hro on the boat of destiny.


Eqo's arrival on the island.

April 21th
I feel like a turtle on this game jam's race, but I hang on to it.
The scenes on the boat are done and I'm finishing the arrival on the island.
I won't give too much visuals on the rest of the game but I already worked a bit on the following scenes, and I spent a lot of time on a kind of "point & click interface" to use objects found. I will make a gif about that later.
Difficulties I'm meeting right now is more on the interface and the scenario... again !
Keeping the game short with a great story is a real challenge to me.
I fear sleepless nights coming soon ^^'

Hi there! I've been following this devlog since i joined the jam and have been interested in your game. The pixel art is charming (honestly the whole shabang is) and it seems to be coming together well. I look forward to seeing how this game grows. Good luck, friend!


Thank you so much, such comments give me strength for sure :)


Eqo takes the mirror, on the beach


I'm loving this interface! Great job. :D


Thanks man ^^


Object interface

May 6th
Hello sleepless nights :) I'm on the last chunks of work, I did musics last night and I'm testing, testing, testing, testing... I'm tired but I'm ready :) I can't wait to show you the game !
May 7th
Eqo beta is now playable :
I'm building a log of improvements to make so please contact me if you find any bugs or mistakes you might notice !
I had a blast on every single second I worked on this game, I'm really glad I finally entered a jam.
Thanks !!


Hey, I tried your game out. I think it was really nice. Though, I sometimes found myself lost especially when looking for where to click, but I got to the end eventually. I'm interested to see what more this could become since it's just a beta.


Thank you very much. I keep in mind everything you said. Yes, it's just a beta in terms of : there might be some bugs, some unnecessary difficulties, mistakes, etc.

My priority post jam will be to adress these problems.

But it's not impossible I add a tiny side quest to give more insights on the story ;)

Thanks !!