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FULL RESOLUTION HERE! (not as squishy looking)

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Tried something totally new and I'm diggin' it. What do you kids think?

Very early progress art of Eqo. I have no idea what's happening. I don't control the pixels.

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We're gonna rock this jam!

PS. My birthday is tomorrow, I accept cupcakes, unicorns, and PayPal.

I have email but never use it, only on rare occasion when I have to adult. But you can add me on Facebook! I'm not too hard to find, just shoot me a friend request. Lola Eloise Montgomery.

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How bout dah.

LINK: http://i.imgsafe.org/e1e0a2a81b.png


For the art or the engine?

So I'm producing most of this game whilst drunk and I'll say, this is gonna get wacky as a result. GET PUMPED.

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I did a thing. <3

I need to play this so hard. Unngh. I can't get enough of your artwork! It's SO LOVELY AHHH.

Holy biscuits that's beautiful! I wanna ride that majestic beast of a Doberman into BATTLE. What program did you use for the artwork?

Thank you! And #same. I absolutely die for simplistic/flat colour pixel art. Like I dig that, that's my jams so I do my best to emulate that. Haha, no pun intended.

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Ahhh! I LOVE it! It's so cute and I adore the pixel art! I can't quite explain it but something about it reels me in. I think it's your style and colour palette that's triggering the nostalgia in me. <3

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Just a quick little sprite .gif I slapped together of Viola! I felt obligated to update with something.

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I'm glad you like it! I've been spending too much time on the story I haven't been able to produce more artwork than this so far but I should have more knocked out over the next few days. I'm trying to go for a retro pixel video game meets alternative comic book (ie. Scott Pilgrim) feel. But in all honesty I really have no idea where this is going lol.

Thanks that means boat loads! I tend to spent waaay too much time on the colour palette of any given project I EVER undertake. It somehow winds up being the most time consuming phase for me, don't ask me why. I just adore colour.

Taste the RaInBoWs~! Lol I need sleep. T__T

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"Viola goes total space cadet while escaping the universe to go for a smoke and begins humouring the player with an internal Captain's Log. Briefly get inside Viola's head while she ponders her existence."

I suffer from chronic depression and anxiety so I'm trying to utilize this jam to push myself to be motivated to create and be productive and finally, I mean hopefully -- panic attacks forgiving -- that I can finally start and complete my first game. I'm both incredibly stoked and tremendously terrified.

I'm Allergic to Cats

Hmm, I guess the most efficient way would be email? My digital mailbox is allergictoghosts@gmail.com! Unless there are other means you'd rather prefer. Whatever is easiest!

Really?! I'd love that if it's not too much trouble! They're really gorgeous and I've been trying to emulate that effect for like, everrr. lol <3

I too suffer from chronic depression as well as crippling anxiety and I'm currently going unmedicated because I lost my health insurance a few months ago. It's a real bummer, just sitting down at my computer and staring blankly at the screen in the attempts of mustering up some shred of motivation only to find myself inevitably falling over convinced I'm setting myself up for failure. So I can relate. But it's inspiring to know I'm not the only one and that alone is comforting. I saw your post the day you made it, and after reading it and previously hesitating to join the jam I went ahead and pushed that dang button. I wasn't about to let you kids have all the fun, despite my intensifying lack of self confidence. So for that, thank you! If you ever need someone to talk to, about anything, feel free to hit me up! And if you have Facebook you're more than welcome to add me! Just shoot me a PM. And good luck on your game, regardless! We can do this peanut butter and jam, my dude.

You're a wizard. I adore this so much. All of it. I'm pumped for this!

This game looks absolutely beautiful so far! What brushes/textures do you use for the character concept illustrations? I'm really digging it. I think I'm in love. <3