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A retro point and click game.
A story about love and hope
When a baby hawk falls out of his nest, a jaded fox discovers him and finds purpose.
The journey of a fairy to gain his freedom
Help Paul save his son from the Giant Gecko Monster.
When your home planet is destroyed and your whisked to a new world. How do you confront yourself after such a trial?
A truly fishy project.
A dark otome where you are the heroine. Travel various world's with your yandere companion, Kuro.
A visual novel about stress, friendship, and the horrors of grad school
This sword could be a fresh start for you.
A wife trying to save her husband from repeatedly dying.
Does the search for happiness ever end?
A tutorial demonstrating how to display 3D models in TyranoBuilder.​
the short story of a girl who experience something strange happened to her
A game developed in TyranoBuilder for the TyranoBuilder Spring Jam 2017.
A 17th-Century Negotiate 'Em Up
A poorly-advised instruction manual on how not to be human.
TyranoBuilder Spring Game Jam 2017 submission
New boy in town fulfills promise to a loved one.
Game created for tyranobuilder spring 2017 jam
A girl seeks to start a new life in a magical kingdom. But all is not what it seems.
How many times can you restart your life?
Robin and his family visits the country for vacation.
Spring. The season of a tiny utopia.
A young cat is to begin his pilgrimage of becoming a grand mage. What will he find? You decide how the story ends!
What would you do if you could start it all over?
A visual novel for the 2017 TyranoJam
A crabby witch discovers hew new home is filled with complications that forces her to confront her mysterious debility.
A new chance at normal life after what feels like a lifetime in jail.
A psychological visual novel with a deeper meaning
A Short Visual novel done for Tyranobuilder summer Jam 2017 in 11 days.
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Everything was the same. Boring and monotone. Until..
When you're forced to relive the same week over and over again, can you find the a way to make it to the weekend?
When the right person crosses your path...