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Tyranobuilder game jam theme: "Fresh Starts"

"Sometimes we need a fresh start or life forces us to start anew, this jams theme will focus on stories were the characters are being thrown into a new world whether literally or figuratively."

Start date: 9am PST March 9th, 2017

Close date: 11:59pm PST May 7th, 2017

Welcome to the TyranoBuilder Spring Game Jam, a contest for games created in TyranoBuilder Visual Novel Studio!

Below are all the details you need to get started. To clarify, all entries must be created using TyranoBuilder Visual Novel Studio - see the below links for where to purchase, tutorials, and support:

TyranoBuilder Visual Novel Studio at Steam:

TyranoBuilder Tutorials:

TyranoBuilder Discussion Group at Steam:

The development / submissions period is from March 6th to May 6th 2017, and judging will be carried out over a month period by Nyu Media and our panel of guest judges who have generously donated their time to participate. After this time, the winners will be announced and prizes awarded.

For questions or to discuss the game jam, please visit the Official TyranoBuilder Summer Game Jam 2017! thread at the TyranoBuilder Discussion Group at Steam. Any new announcements or updates will also be posted there as well as to the Nyu Media Facebook and Twitter accounts, so please drop by occasionally!


Submission Requirements

Entry Fee:

There is no fee - this is a free contest!

Development Time:

Two months!

Submissions open at 09:00 March 6th 2017 and close at Midnight, May 6th 2017, Pacific Time.

Game Engine:

All submissions must be created using TyranoBuilder Visual Novel Studio.

Use of TyranoScript or JavaScript within TyranoBuilder is of course permitted / encouraged!

Game Formats:

Windows or Mac standalone application, OR browser game. Sorry, mobile games will not be accepted for judging.

Please upload your game as a single .zip file.


The theme for this game jam is, "Fresh Starts".

All games must exemplify the theme in some form. If you feel that the link to the theme is unclear, please include an explanation of how the theme is fulfilled in a text file in the root directly of your game or include it as part of your submission in the field provided

Game Length:

Playtime should be approximately 30 minutes .



Gold Prize $500!

Silver Prize $300!

Bronze Prize x3 $100!

Guest Judges

Georgina Bensley, Developer, Hanako Games, (Long Live The Queen, Magical Diary)

Antonio Lorenzo Carino, Developer Sapphire Dragon Productions (The Agency: Chapter 1, True Lover's Knot)

Ayu Sakata, Developer Sakevisual (Yousei , RE: Alistair++)

Other Rules

- Games must be created after the jam start date

- Only one submission per developer / per developer group

- Submissions must be in the english language

- Assets must be free of copyright claims (i.e. original or available for use without infringement of license)

- Winners will be decided at the sole discretion of Nyu Media and the guest judges

- Nyu Media reserves the right to revise the terms of contest

That about covers it! If you any questions, comments, etc. please post them to the TyranoBuilder SpringGame Jam 2017! thread at Steam. Otherwise, please help spread the word and GOOD LUCK!! We look forward to playing your game!

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A tutorial demonstrating how to display 3D models in TyranoBuilder.​
Everything was the same. Boring and monotone. Until..
What would you do if you could start it all over?