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2 days only moment

Nice visuals~ Could definitely benefit from more polish on game mechanics. I like the idea of stressing over crafting mid-battle.

Like the visuals and sound design here! I think you could definitely tone down bosses a bit or make taking them down faster~

Thanks for the feedback. Boss balancing basically went out of the window since I only joined this jam during its last two days and its definitely something I want to fix post-jam. On the other hand, you can get faster clear times if you don't just stun lock bosses.

Thanks for playing! If you've figured out there's a counter, you might be able to get a clear time of less than 30 seconds~

Very fun use of the theme~ Could use some more visual and audio feedback for hitting the bosses to make combat more satisfying and maybe tone down their health in general, but otherwise, pretty solid! Really like the style of the game!

lil hint : You can get much faster clear times by not spamming~!

Interesting concept and I'm very fond of puzzle fighters. The art and music together is lovely, really cute. Some gripes I have with the gameplay though is that attacks from opposing sides show up on your board the moment they happen, instead of waiting for you to place a block first, which ends up making any intense moment feel wonky and unfair, especially since you have the whole rhythm system to deal with when trying to handle enemy combos with your own.

I really think if you wanted to go with a df jk layout, the scrolling note ui should've been vertical, otherwise it became hard and disorienting to read. The music doesn't exactly match up what you'd expect for a rhythm game so that's another small issue. That aside, I enjoyed the writing and the character art is nice.

Right, the D to dash was my mistake and a placeholder button that I never remembered to change. I should really remap that or make it possible for players to remap. Also you press Z or the light attack button if you're on controller to respawn when you die.

Technically one week because I didn't start or have any ideas on a jam game until after a week into it.

There's controller compatibility in both versions but only port 0 in the jam version. I'm sure I included support for all controllers in version 1.1

Right. This isn't the issue with any of the floating heads but a small mistake with the super move looking for enemies to hit. So uhh until I release a version with most of the bugs fixed, don't do it when all the enemies are gone.

Thanks for the feedback~ The movement itself is pretty buggy and I'm pretty ashamed I shipped it knowing it was like that. There actually is controller support but I completely forgot to make it work with textbox interactions. And the uppercut buffer input was supposed to be in the 2nd hit of the combo too (but not the last one) but I must've forgotten to include it. 

Very cute and funny read~ Really enjoyed it

Thank you for the kind comments. I'm glad you enjoyed it!

The handholding alone should've given this the R18 tag.

Honorable mention? I feel honored!

A clever use of the "When in Rome" theme, but the writing leaves a bit more to be desired.

Hey, good job on this. I can tell it must've taken you quite a while to do the sprites and background.

A surprisingly short demo. Though I can see and understand why, with all the detail already put in.

Keep at it!

Especially that close to the deadline, eh?

What are the penalties for going beyond 30 minutes?

Hey, I tried your game out. I think it was really nice. Though, I sometimes found myself lost especially when looking for where to click, but I got to the end eventually. I'm interested to see what more this could become since it's just a beta.

Great job!