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Frightening Ranger IIIView game page

Destroy all caravans. Mouse control.
Submitted by Diamond Druid — 18 hours, 42 minutes before the deadline
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CriteriaRankScore*Raw Score
How well does the game fit the themes?#323.1543.154
How well did the game make use of diversifiers?#392.0772.077
How much do you enjoy the game overall?#502.0772.077

Ranked from 13 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

How much time was taken?

Use of theme?
Using theme chain reaction - injured enemies seek help from others.

Using negative feedback loop - less actived enemies/ less total enemies/ less caravans cause high chance to spwan new enemies.

Use of diversifiers?
Using real-time turn-based - player has3 bullets and bullet time to aim/think every turn.

Did you have fun?




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Quite hard game... the limits in the ammo and the turn based deal make it actually interesting.

While I understand the concept of making turns, the way it slows down and speeds up the game makes be a little dizzy lol but the idea is on point!

Jam Host(+1)

Interesting and addicting concept! Well done!


It's a short and simple game. I liked how the enemies brought help from others.
I didn't understand where the turn based part came in, I just kept shooting and hit the caravans.


I found that I was confused by itch, I should have set as main executable game, which is the third submission. It would be much much more better.


Ah I see, I played it again and it seems much better. A bit too difficult for me tho


Yeah, I know. I didn't come up with tutorials/levels.


I like how "enemies" move. I don't like not being able to move myself: D


I like the concept of enemies bringing reinforcements. Maybe the next step would be to add player movement and enemy attacks

Good game tho :)


Just played the updated version. It feels more like a game now but it's a lot harder, almost impossible.
What I didn't personally like was:

  1. Enemy spawning randomly from the wagons and bringing an army towards me
  2. Sometimes 4 enemies would spawn at the same time
  3. Not being able to move - movement wouldn't make you feel so trapped (unless that was the idea)
  4. Only having 3 bullets at a time - could have 6 like a revolver
  5. Losing 3 lives quickly if you're surrounded - maybe add a few seconds of invincibility after being hit
  6. Bullet time not controlled by player - You could hold the mouse button down for bullet time, release to shoot

These are all suggestions. I think implementing even a few of them would improve your game


I made it kinda beach-head-like because I think it would be so easy if enemy is not shooting at the player who using the technics- 1 of 3 bullets to stop a line of enemies with the panic machanics, and the rest 2 of 3 bullets in a row to kill one enemy.

Now I realize I should add - as the jam suggested - invisible tutorials to bring this machanics to you all.

Thank you so much, and your idea about improving bullet time is brilliant.