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Your choice is cancel a trap or a gold ore by clicking it. When you hover your mouse on it, you should see the transparent icon if you have at least 2 gold. If not, please change your browser size to fit the UI. Audio is empty because I just did not have much time to finish. Thank you so much for patience.

I made it kinda beach-head-like because I think it would be so easy if enemy is not shooting at the player who using the technics- 1 of 3 bullets to stop a line of enemies with the panic machanics, and the rest 2 of 3 bullets in a row to kill one enemy.

Now I realize I should add - as the jam suggested - invisible tutorials to bring this machanics to you all.

Thank you so much, and your idea about improving bullet time is brilliant.

Yeah, I know. I didn't come up with tutorials/levels.

I found that I was confused by itch, I should have set as main executable game, which is the third submission. It would be much much more better.

well done! cool levels are too easy for a hint

If the there are only pairs in the box, maybe it's just wrong animation, still you can win anyway. Thank you so much for you feedback. Could you post a screenshot?

Thank you for your comment. It was a little mistake about transform and I fixed it. I will update after voting.

Really awsome.  Would be nice if

1. jump a little higher than 2 tile will be smooth.

2.not overlaping two players so you come up with more interesting levels.