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How Tenkyuu Chimata Stole the Precious MarketView game page

A tall tale about climbing the Youkai mountain. A Touhou Project fan game.
Submitted by create2019 — 22 minutes, 14 seconds before the deadline
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How Tenkyuu Chimata Stole the Precious Market's page


CriteriaRankScore*Raw Score
Narrative / Writing#113.4123.412
Use of LGBT Themes#212.4712.471

Ranked from 17 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

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Man, I'd shake in my hecking boots if in the middle of my sleep I heard "Now let's return all to Nothing"

Quite fun platformer. Never played SMW, does the aerial turnaround conserve momentum in SMW too? It's like the first time I learn of it.

Little nitpick: I'm wondering if the crows spawning could be less random. Saying this because RNG may sometimes decide you stay in one place before you continue your progress - like when you're scaling the mountain after going up the waterfall. Or when you fall down in the vines pit after bouncing off crows through the sky, the only way to continue after reaching the wall is to wait for a well placed crow. (or even trying to get the Feather item. Sure it's a challenge but this is the most reliant on RNG)

I had a good time with this one. I included this game in my Jam showcase here (and yes it's so good I played it multiple times over):

Developer (1 edit) (+1)
Does the aerial turnaround conserve momentum in SMW too?

Not as far as I know, but I'm not an expert. It's basically an "accident" due to the way I implemented things, but I ended up as a feature.

I'm impressed you found the feather! You're the first one to find it, as far as I know. And I agree with the nitpick 100%, especially above the waterfall.

Thank you for playing!

Edit: I just watched your video. The way you started playing music as the speedrun started was very hype; really good editing overall. Your run is also about 50 seconds faster than my best, so probably world record?


Polished and detailed! Has plenty of assets to not leave any aspects feeling particularly empty, and I liked the combination of collecting items using SMW's movement. The dialogue is also pretty charming, although I wasn't able to get the 0% ending due to a certain checkpoint being pretty far away from the uh, crow sky bridge, I guess you could call it. Props for making something cute with a brand new Touhou character.


The platforming seems challenging, and the game is not bad on that part. Music is a bit of a weak point, since it feels like a 5 second loop, playing throughout that whole game, but other than that, this is a very cute game.


This is a very adorable game for sure. I really like the writing and the graphics. Wish the platforms were more forgiving, but at least I can't game over


Not a full review or anything but I need to ask if doing one of those advanced jumps is supposed to be easier going left than right? I swear it’s not all in my head:

(I even broke out those keyboard visualizer thingies just because I wasn’t sure myself if I was just messing up the inputs or something)

Thus far into the game, I’ve enjoyed the art and the intro scene was top notch but I’m just stuck on this bit where I think I can make the gap if I managed to do those advanced jumps but to the right but just can’t for whatever reason.

Still seems like a lot of fun though (I love Mario-style platformers, I played the entirety of Super Mario Bros. with a keyboard!).

Developer (1 edit) (+1)

That's interesting. It looks like you're not in the "full run jump" state at all when you jump right: both the speed and the animation suggest a normal jump. Could it be an issue with 3-key rollover or something? The directional or jump button being "released" before the jump is triggered (due to rollover) could potential cause something like that, but I'm not sure about the asymmetry between left and right, and it contradicts the keyboard visualizer (which is very helpful, by the way, thanks for going the extra mile to put it there).
I'm just speculating here, since there isn't anything in the code for jumping that treats left and right differently. It's not easy for me to understand what's going on, so I don't know what to say. If possible, maybe try a different keyboard or computer, and see if the issue persists? I'm sorry that I can't think of anything more helpful right now.

EDIT: looking more closely at the visualizer, it does actually look like it's letting go of the 'x' button as you press 'z', in both directions, but maybe the 'x' input lingers a bit more when you jump left, thus not exiting the run state until you're in the "jump" state? So it could really be a rollover issue, possibly?


The most challenging one I've encountered yet. You wanted to harken back to the Super Mario days, and I expected no less. No-efforts-spared in terms of assets here. Pretty well-rounded, while leaning towards the challenging end.
(P.S. I never figured out what the flower ability does)


graphics are super rad from the rainbow intro to the mountain tiles, physics are nice and i like the arc of the flower even if i never figured out what it did. i think i cheesed iizunamaru% by doing a super crow combo jump from the highest point in the map but the fact that i can even do that is awesome. did not get special endings but i will be sure to check em out sometime. its kinda hard to control your speed since you go from like slow -> normal -> speedy instantly instead of gradually but not a big deal since you did not make it boshy


Alright finished. Some very esoteric level design, but enjoyable nonetheless (combining standard platforming with Metroidvania elements kind of reminded me of Wario Land 3). The little writing that was there was fantastic; I wish there was more


Need time to play more but I gotta say that intro scene is fantastic lol


The archive appears incomplete, at least the one for Linux. After the usual patchelf setup, I get the following:

$ ./tenkyuu.x86_64
ERROR: _load_settings_binary: Method failed. Returning: ERR_FILE_CORRUPT
  At: core/project_settings.cpp:522.
ERROR: _load_settings_text_or_binary: Couldn't load file 'res://project.binary', error code 16.
  At: core/project_settings.cpp:622. 
Error: Couldn't load project data at path ".". Is the .pck file missing? 
If you've renamed the executable, the associated .pck file should also be renamed to match the executable's name (without the extension).

That's strange. I just tried downloading and running it on a different computer, and it works on both of my machines.
I've uploaded a version ( that doesn't have the .pck file embedded (but has it as a separate file).  Please try running that one and let me know if that fixes anything.


Using the alt version does fix the bug. I don't know what's the actual cause for it, though.



  • Arrow keys: Move left/right
  • Z: Jump
  • X: Run
  • C: Use active ability / Interact with environment (context dependent)
  • D: Cycle through active abilities

See the game page or README for more information. Have fun!