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Very relatable. Peak millennial media.

And the features didn't lie, that's a lot Irasutoya illustrations.

At first I didn't realize, why it's called Doom, since it played more like N64 shooters, but with the sword mechanic it downed on me. This is actually quite an ambitious idea, can't deny that.

Honestly I'm stuck at the second room, but what little I saw is absolutely great. The art is adorable, the premise is very in the theme, the writing is top notch, and gameplay is actually fun, if only I could solve puzzles.

The platforming seems challenging, and the game is not bad on that part. Music is a bit of a weak point, since it feels like a 5 second loop, playing throughout that whole game, but other than that, this is a very cute game.

This is a very cozy game, and I like the chemistry between two infodump loving dorks. Also, learning about Buront is definitely a cool piece of Touhou's fan lore I didn't know much about.

Thank you for the criticism. I had little time to actually balance the waves and to properly test the game, so yeah, sometimes the game bugs out hard. As for the movement, there's basically an invisible wall, which they just build a path around. To be perfectly honest, I am thinking, that I either should've just make it visible to the player, so they would have a better idea of what's going on, or make it tighter, so fairies won't return even after moving into the path this much.
As for the towers upgrading, you are right, I forgot to add the code to substract money.

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The music stops, when you fail. Overall, I really liked the concept, I've never played Ace Combat, but I was reminded of Airfix Dogfighter, which I used to play a lot as a child. So this game felt nostalgic to me. Also, I'm impressed by the amount of work done in only three days, this is a very solid one for the jam.
My only problem is the prep screen, it's fiddly, and the sliders kind of don't indicate, why they jump from place to place. Also, I would love some indication, that W increases speed (maybe, add a sound engine, which revves up with the speed). But outside of those nitpicks, and incredibly well made jam game.  

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You can try using one, since Corgi supports it from the box, but I didn't test it, so I ommited that in the description.

It's incredibly hard, even with the focus, but I really like the idea of mixing up beat'em up and danmaku game. Like the art, it's a very clean and sharp pixel art, and I'm particularly fond of the sound effects.

Really loved this one. It's very simple, but the atmosphere is relaxing and the character interactions are cool. It's also very neat to see RPG Maker utilized in such a way too.

I like the story, and how it connects three mini-games, but I dropped it on the rhytm game, because it was too hard for me (I'm definitely not a rhytm game player). 

Overall, I like the idea, but I feel, like the execution only leaves me frustrated, but it might be my own taste in then.

It's very unclear, when Suika's punch does anything, I'd like to hear something or see something, when it connects. Also, the first area is a bit confusing. But I do like the visuals and I adore the usage of TTS for the voice acting. It adds a lot of charm.

Really like the music, it's very smooth. And art is incredibly cute. 

Also, I really like the main mechanic. It has a lot of great potential, and I'd like to see it developed. The text was inreadable in the Jam version, but it seems to be fixed in post-Jam version, so the only thing I'd complain about is it being incredibly short.

I really like the usage of the theme and the mix between genres here. It's a very creative use of the theme. I'm not a big fan on rhytm games, so I'm not sure on all the genre conventions, but it feels weird, that there's no indication if the hit was successful or not. Makes a hit zone a bit too vague to me.

Other than this, really like the art and the music, they're very good.