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Mishakuji-sama destiny!
Submitted by Zirk, Chloe Snow, nephetheus (@nephetheus), colorfulkitten (@ckitten_cosplay), zanejgr, Lever210, zino, Prismriver Orchestra — 5 hours, 15 minutes before the deadline
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CriteriaRankScore*Raw Score
Story / Writing#123.6563.656
Use of LGBT Themes#173.5313.531

Ranked from 32 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

Team Members
Colorfulkitten, Lever, loge0, zino lath, Chloe Snow, Nephetheus, Prismriver Orchestra, zanejgr, Christian Chaux and Jacob Richer

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So uh... I appreciate what you have going on here and there are some interesting ideas here, but I just had to give up after dying (three times) to the Scarlet Devil Mansion section. That is a massive difficulty spike you have going on, I think having 30-40 enemies is fine for a challenge but... uh... 80-120 enemies per room is... kind of pushing it....

I'll try my best to list all the pros and cons I have of the game here.


  • The art and music is very neat and cute. 
  • The pixel art was quite well-done, I particularly liked the enemy designs.
  • Energy gain is quite lenient in this game, a good run can get you enough energy to purchase 3-4 upgrades from the shop (early on at least).
  • The roguelike feel with the randomized room maps, treasure chests, and enemy formations was captured nicely.
  • Many of the items are designed with clear intention in mind - the weapons all have meaningful uses and you are encouraged to switch between them during turns for optimal attacks. Bind Snake is extremely strong but requires some careful planning so you don't accidentally kill it, the potions are meant to be used when you're in an enemy's face and you can't stack their effects, etc.


  • Despite their strategic nature above, the weapons and spells are too weak...! Khakkhara and Bind Snake have good synergy sure but it's weird having those two items only work with each other and nowhere else. I can't see the significance of wooden smacker (I forgot its name, sorry)'s Stunned-inflicting status, the final weapon (I forgot its name too) is strong but can only be used once (so it may as well be just a spell??) and overall Katakana and Naginata are the only ones worth using. The ranges are extremely underwhelming in particular - so many enemies can hit you from afar, and yet you're stuck with the same 5/10 damage and 1/2 range attacks, it's really discouraging.
  • There's barely any feedback for damage or healing. No enemy HP counts, no indicator for Sanae's HP, damage numbers are ridiculously small, there are barely any sound effects... Using cool attacks with good feedback is a big part of roguelikes and I think you didn't accomplish that, sorry.
  • Potions can miss. Why can they miss?????? I had a health potion and an invincibility potion miss, giving me neither HP nor invincibility and making me lose two precious potions, why???? Please fix this immediately, thank you.
  • The partner mechanic doesn't work. Teaming up with Reimu just defaults to Aya instead, and they don't seem to assist you in any way at all.
  • The story is... bugged? I died while doing Aya's quest in the second area and when I respawned, the quest was no longer there and there was simply no story from the Forest area onwards. 
  • Easy Mode is not very well-implemented, it only changes your maximum HP and nothing else. It's not very helpful.

I'm sorry for being harsh, I think this has potential to be a great game! It's just that I didn't see much of that potential being explored at all, both in story and gameplay. I was left unsatisfied, but regardless I'll be interested to see a post-jam update flesh it out into something amazing.


Thanks for all your feedbacks!

I’m glad that you appreciated all the points you mentionned (especially the randomized room map since I was the one to make the procedural generation and I’m pretty proud of it :p)

About the bad points you said, we got lot of feedbacks on the game balancing and we definitly need to improve it as you said (same thing for the visual feedbacks)

Potions being able to miss is a bug related to Aya ability being to avoid attacks and potions counting as “negative attack”, definitly something we need to miss too

The others bugs are indeed issues we noticed but didn’t have the time to fix

About easy mode, I also agree that it wasn’t greatly implemented, it’s something we quickly added at the end noticing that some people would probably find the game way too hard (especially since it’s still is :p)

I'm not gonna leave a review because I think its unfair for me to judge a game I didn't complete but from what I played it was pretty bad and boring and the story didn't grip me so I just kept skipping dialogue but who ever made the art for the talking sprites did an amazing job 

(1 edit) (+1)

fun little game but several issues:

- like others mentioned i too got the black screen after the remilia dialogue. kind of a bummer to get softlocked right b4 the bossfight.

- the amount of fairies in the mansion was quite tedious. maybe balance that out a bit more?

- the mansion was HUGE with all those rooms i did have to do some backtracking to get to doors i havent gone through before. a running mode would be nice. also a map at least for the huge mansion areas....

- about the "Khakkhara"... why is there even a weapon that is weaker than the starter weapon? i dont see the point of it at all...

- u cant change directions while u still hold any movement key. example: if u run left then press up while still holding left and then releasing it u keep running left even though u only hold up. u need to release all arrow keys first in order to change directions.

- spell miracle fruit did not give atk and def buff. and since there seems to be no enemies that can cause negative status the cleansing efect of miracle fruit cant be verified. so basically useless.

- i tried to redo it after the black screen. i could still go back to the "menu" with ESC but after i got to the remilia doors again nothing happened. i couldnt interact with em anymore.
- also a real "back to menu" and/or close button would be nice instead of being force to ALT+F4 out of the game.


Thanks for your feedback!

As mentionned in the others comments, most of balancing issues and bugs are sadly because we were lacking time, we did manage to resolve the black screen bug tho and will publish another build after the voting time ends

About the others points:

  • The Khakkhara heal the target you aim, you should be able to heal the snakes you summon with it

  • You can go back to the shrine using “escape” in a game, we indeed didn’t implement a close button since we were expecting people to mostly play the WebGL version, but that could indeed be a nice addition


When the remilia fight started for me it appeared that the area didnt generate properly or something, sanea was left in a blank void of black and the grind of killing every enemy on a floor to progress back to that point was too tedious for me to give it another shot. Neat use of the different enemy types tho.


I love the idea so far! I think the music and art are both amazing, I especially loved the songs at the beginning. The pixel sprites are cute too  :D

I’m not quite familiar with this type of game, so I don’t think I could win, even with the easy mode! That being said, I didn’t get to the bugs that people were mentioning, but it’s sad that they appeared towards the end. I’m sure those things could be fixed so everything works smoothly in the future!

I did enjoy the dialogue that I got to see, but I wish I could see the ending for sure! I know the description mentioned it needed balanced, so if it becomes a bit easier, I would love to try again. :)


Well, I ejoyed the roguelike part, but sadly it gets interrupted with so much dialogue that doesn't justify why you must wait so much for it. 

I guess a better approach would be to set appart the vn game itself, with another background and music, that way the game won't bait you into thinking the gameplay is about to start when there's still a loooooong story to be told.

I liked the dialogue between Reimu and Cirno, but Aya seemed quite irrelevant for the story, since her mission is to kill everything and that was something you were doing from the start, so, that's it.

The best part were the enemies that attack from afar, really made me think on how to confront them, it could even be a good idea that some doors opened a second door and enemies trap you from behind or afar, that could be fun.

Game went just dark and the battle with remi never came, if the last rooms weren't that long I could replay it a couple of times just to see if the bug fixed itself.


I really admire the effort that went into this! Its a fun little time waster I'll totally be coming back to every now and then honestly haha. But as other comments mention it needs more polish and to be fleshed out. For a start its very promising, and I don't want to undervalue your hard work! The art and sprites are super cute, and I enjoyed what writing there was! Keep trying your best!  


Going to be blunt, I don't think the game's enjoyable enough for a roguelike, a genre that makes you go over a couple playthroughs or four. There are many things didn't cut it for me.

First, the dialogue. The topics are not fascinating but not too uninteresting, sure, but that's not the problem. The problem I have with this is it feels like a text dump. There's like one or two minutes of reading every 2 levels, which feels like it gets in the way of gameplay. I'd be fine with long convos  at "chapter conclusions" (like getting to the next area or beating a boss) - but this gave me the impression that the game flow gets interrupted quite often.

There are also a couple bugs and poor implementations in this game. Unfortunately, it's the kinds that get in the way.
Like, just the first level, they tell me I could team up with Aya. I look for the button to "equip" her but didn't find it. Then later "I can team up with Reimu" and still haven't found out how I do that. It was until just a level later I figured it has something to do about returning to base, but I knew this was a roguelike, and I really didn't want to lose my progress for one teammate so I just carried on.
So yes that meant I went all the way from base to final level with no purchase at the shop (which allows chests to contain new weapons, potions and spell), and no teammate - collecting only healing potions on the way.
After 4 levels of Scarlet Devil Mansion (each level having 65+ enemies you have to defeat?? This is madness!) I finally get to the final boss and... I get softlocked?? I spent one hour fighting waves of very low variety of enemies (comprising only of melee enemy, sniper enemy and medic enemy) - which quickly became too easy to know how to face them, leading to one monotonous fight after the other - and I'm not even allowed to see the end, That deeply demotivated me.

So I figured it must have been because I didn't choose a partner. I rebooted the game, went with Aya, and farmed a bit of enemy kills to try out things from the shop before going all the way to final boss. One thing real quick, why do the weapons that hurt say they heal, and why does the healing staff says it damages? Anyway, the shop's upgrades feel underwhelming. Quickly found out the naginata (2 range, 5 damage) just negated the need for any other spell or potion or weapons because the enemies are so not tricky to deal with in the first place (I even wished later I didn't buy new chest item variety because that meant there was less healing potions dropped).

And so, with a couple of farming reset (also, the Aya/Reimu sidequest buttons show up when I come back to base, weird) and lots and lots of squeaking enemies later (that quickly became annoying), I finally reach the final doors of SDM and... I can't even enter? 

I gave up. That's a shame, because the portraits are nice to look at, the gameplay is functional at its core (and turn-based roguelike gameplay is kinda based), and the soundtrack is actually a bit enjoyable.


Thanks for your feedbacks

Lot of bugs and balancing issues you encountered are issues that were reported to us but that sadly, we weren’t able to fix during the jam itself, especially the one with the black screen that we probably broke while fixing an other bug right before the deadline

Submitted (1 edit) (+2)

Cute little RPG (?) Roguelike (?) Hydlide clone (???). I like the "turn-based" system there, though it has its faults. I found that the best way to deal with most enemies was to open the door and attack the enemies with the knife as they walked through the doorway single-file. It was pretty consistent, but not a super fun way to approach the combat.

Also, it was really hard to tell what some of the potions and spells did. There was a golden staff weapon that seemed to do abysmal damage and only work at 1 range. The game didn't let me bring Reimu with me at all-- it just defaulted to Aya every time. And I still have no idea what the hourglass R-key thing does Apparently it skips a turn, but walking into a wall just does the same thing. Maybe it's more useful than it seems, though I'll have to play the game again to know. I'm not gonna do that now, because like some others, I got softlocked upon getting to Remilia. The cutscene played, and then the stage went black and I couldn't move. Pretty sad, as I was looking forward to the bossfight.

Nice writing too, though it often feels a little long-winded. You mention that you were trying to make this like a visual novel, but I think a bit more presentational flair would help. The fact that you can see the gameplay while the characters are talking, as well as the story stuff being automatically skipped after your first time reading, makes it all feel a lot less important. I think having a skip dialogue button (or if there is one, telling the player what it is) would help.

Like Aeon said, it was hard to tell what the enemy ranges were, and I didn't even notice that some enemies could heal others until reading the other comments. And yeah, there could've been a lot less enemies in the SDM. It got pretty repetitive, and the gameplay became more about how many health potions would show up in chests than much skill or strategy.

In short, 'twas likable yet unpolished.


Thanks for your feedbacks

The game was indeed a roguelike, sticking to the more “traditional” definition of it

Gameplay wise, you are able to get information about the items by hovering the item slots with your mouse The hourglass is indeed the same thing as walking in a wall but we were thinking it would be better to also just have a button for that (especially if there is no wall next to you)

For the Remilia bug yeah, it’s a pretty annoying one that we didn’t catch while making the final build, especially since it blocks the ability to view the endings

For the VN part there is indeed a skip button (left shift) but 1. it skips all text even if you didn’t read them 2. text you already read shouldn’t be displayed

About the others points, I totally agree with you but I think we saw a bit too big for this jam and the time near the deadline where we should have been polishing stuffs was spent adding the remaining features and fixing critical bugs


I won't be submitting a rating as I didn't get far enough into the game to really be able to do it fairly,  mostly due to my general incompetence in these sorts of games, but I did want to say there's a nice concept going on here, and the characters feel very natural with one another! 


Hoenstly Really enjoyed playing. It was a cute little game that gave me a challenge, however I was quickly able to learn the game and devise a plan to get through it. Ive told the artist Colorfulkitten about the bugs (thankfully not many) I ran into like Remy sending Sanae to the shadow realm(looks like other people ran into the same issue). She said she'll Relay it back to y'all so thats good. 

This was an enjoyable experience, it was fun figuring out how the 3 enemies work and how to defeat them. I while the red enemies that fire through wall were annyoning and same with health potions being able to miss, I found it an added challenge that made gameplay more difficult but feel much more rewarding. really only major grips was those last two things I mentioned and how many enemies you have to kill in the final stages, with it only being those 3 types. makes it feel more repetitive. In the End y'all Did a really good job, I can see myself returning back to play this more and maybe even try speed running it. I look forward to see what y'all would add after the voting is over.


Thanks for your feedbacks and for playing!

Colorfulkitten indeed did reports us some bugs and wow, there were more than expected

Enemies shooting through walls and potions missing are ones of them (potion missing is due to them doing an attack with negative damage on the player and Aya being like “wow that’s an attack, I’ll dodge that”, so while it’s still a bug and an annoying one, I find the reason behind quite funny)

About the diversity of enemies I totally agree with you and that’s definitly a point I want to improve if we continue that game further!


that’s good to hear that it got to y’all. And hearing the reasoning why potions Miss is because Aya, is quite amusing, seeing everything buggy so far that has happened with me happens on her route 

I think the enemies shooting through walls should still exist but on a tone down scale, having it do it can only be through one wall for sure, making it where the enemy has to wait 2 turns before they can fire through the wall again (that might be tricky to implement I don’t know )and  or where it does significantly less damage when it does. maybe even put it on a new enemy type as well.

As annoying as it is, it forced me to approach situations differently, in a good way. I had to think about how I would clear the room while taking the least amount of damage. In short it spiced up the gameplay. 

One thing I forgot to comment on is the power scaling, with the katana the youkai die in one hit and it’s a weapon you can get lucky with and get very early one.  Makes the game more approachable yes but it also makes it a bit more stale. Luckily the game,  relatively speaking is pretty short content wise only having 12 levels so it isn’t as that’s bad  as it could be . Though Maybe having both the enemies health increase as well as chance of getting the same weapon but it deals more damage. Really you don’t have it implement this unless you increase the length or add significantly more content. Just something to maybe keep in mind 


For the wall thing, it’s definitly a good idea, that could indeed be turned into a neat feature if it’s reworked a bit

Game balancing was a big issue for us and we had to make things easier if we wanted to have anyone to have a chance to reach the end, overall all unlockable weapons are like the gohei but better (except the Ōdzutsu which is a bit of a special case)

Submitted (1 edit) (+2)

Neat little roguelike. Unfortunately I couldn't complete it... First time I reached the last boss (I think), the stage went black and I couldn't move at all after the cutscene. I went back to the menu and tried again, and this time the 3 red doors in the last stage wouldn't activate or do anything :( Alas. I was enjoying Sanae's interactions with Aya and Reimu.

The portaits are pretty cute. I was also a bit confused at first by the long distance attacks, but quickly got into the groove after that. I am not very good at roguelikes so I liked how this one was rather forgiving.


Thanks for trying our game, and thanks for going that far!

I’m sorry about the bugs you met, we thought we fixed them all but we got lot of feedback saying there was still some of them, I need to do my job better next jam!

Attacks are indeed also a bit confusing but I’m glad you managed to understand the range system, we were planning to add more visual cues about them if we had more time


i am sorry! i stopped playing when i died while looking for money in bushes! forgot to use potions!

it's pretty hard to tell where an enemy's range is. one guy was just hitting me from anywhere in the map and i thought i was taking damage because i was running into walls

i just played it like necrodancer with no time limit or gold worries where you run into walls until the enemies step into the right spot to kill themselves on you but i couldnt tell if it was working because it was working or because the other guys just weren't attacking

the talksprites are very nice and the movement is pretty servicable

i like the thorough command options for items


Thanks for playing our game!

The difficulty indeed was our main worry because we didn’t really manage to have the time to balance it properly

For the enemies you can use their color to know what they will do:
Yellow enemies can only attack in close quarter, red enemies have a range of 5 and green enemies can only heal the others ones

Also I’m not sure what you mean by “the other guys just weren’t attacking”
Globally enemies takes one turn to charge their attack so when they are close to you, they wait one turn and then hit you, we wanted to add a small visual cue but ran out of time!

(1 edit) (+3)

Hello ! This is not the style of game I like, that said, here are some feedbacks that I hope will be useful to you.

Cons :

- too much dialogues for my taste

- I had a hard time understanding the weapon/combat system

- the potions used when you are max HP are lost

- I didn't manage to take advantage of the hourglass


- it's nice to have an indicator of our position in the top right of the screen

- music and sounds

- character work

- the input controls that adapt to the AZERTY keyboard

- the adjustable difficulty

- the story and its different atmospheres

- the synchronized movements with the enemies is original (but a tutorial on the hourglass would have been welcome because in the end I just played like a brute without understanding the subtlety of the gameplay)

In summary, despite some frustrations, the game seems well finished with a story and an atmosphere that works well, congratulations to all of you!


Hey, thanks a lot for your feedback!

The hourglass allow to skip a turn, especially useful when you are waiting for an enemy to come closer For the dialogues, well it’s part of the style we chose for the game (we made a mix between a visual novel and a rogue like, and visual novel are a bit text heavy)

And of course we are thinking of our amazing french users with they beautiful AZERTY keyboards ;)