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Thanks for playing our game,

The best way to know when sheeps spawn is to pay attention to the sound of the game because they bleat when they do.

Thanks for playing our game :).

For the reason why the evil sheeps want to destroy the painting well... it's because they are evil!

Really nice game, I really love your voice.

My score after finishing the game was 2900.


After some time the game just repeat itself over the same dialog.


I was just wondering if there was a Discord or something for the jam ?

Thanks for playing our game.

Sadly we do not intend to continue this game after the jam therefore we probably won't improve the CGs too.

Thanks a lot for trying our game!

Spirits are indeed a bit hard to avoid since their behaviour are a bit random :p.

Nice game but I reached a point where both player didn't have any card left and just couldn't do anything.

The game ask me for a password to unarchive the files :/

I don't want to spoil by saying too much but it was really a nice and unexpected game.


I tried your game but it keep repeating "Let's go" when you choose the Rose route :/.

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Sorry for the late reply.

The goal is that you identify if a kid was nice or naughty, for that you need to make sure that he isn't on the naughty list and that his school grades were nice enough.

Then you put either a coal or a present (check the wishlist to know what present he want) in the empty gift box, then throw it on the chimney.

Really nice game, I wasn't expecting that with the thumbnail.

I really like the boss song.

Really nice game, it would be great to be able to cancel a "gift throw" (sometimes you just throw the gift in the spikes and you're like "I guess I'll die")

I'm however not sure to understand how this is related to the theme.

Hi, are you looking for a dev ?

If you are maybe we could speak a bit on Discord ? (My username is Zirk#0001)


I was just wondering if there was a Discord or something similar for the gamejam ?

So I just tried the game and... it's awesome !

Are you going to make a kickstarter or something like that ?