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there will be a panel at the top of the screen saying "You own this adult game" with the price you paid and how long ago. with a download button. click that and you will have the current download options available.

i purchased it nov 2021 when only episode 4 or 5 was out but can download ep 7 without issue. so dont worry about it.

it also says the game is currently on sale.

i rly love this game. cant wait for it to be finished.
im diligently advertising/recommending this game to ppl.
got quite a few ppl interested in the game as well who wanna see it when its done.

the visuals are nice and the music is good (though a bit monotonous)
gameplay quite empty though...
in the 2nd stage you did much less than in the first stage where the controls are explained...
you run 200m before ANYTHING happens.

game has potential but needs to start using that potential
im not the best with fast-paced games myself but even for me it felt more like an animation with music that you only watch rather than a game you actively play.

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when extracting the zip i got several messages bout images with same name trying to replace eachother... ユスカキヘキマ・.png_ in img/valdungeon (dont know how this will affect the gameplay later on)
and an audio loading error upon starting the game.
the jam version being unplayable is unfortunate. usually i would give that the lowest score.
but since this jam supports a charity i'll give you the chance and rate the fixed version.
have to substract a point for this though.

good things first :
- nice graphics for the monsters.
- the audio is nice (but can get a bit repetitive especially the one in the village if you stay too long).
- the gameplay is quite intuitive and easy to understand.
- the game concept is quite different from what im used to with RPG Maker games so that is quite refreshing.

a few suggestions for improvement:
- when exchanging ore and herbs in the tavern it would be nice if the amount you have would be shown during the confirmation.
- during monster fusion it would be nice if the resulting monster would be shown for example above the ok/cancel buttons because as soon as you click ok to see the result you cant go back. while some fusion results are known beforehand through the tutorial image, if you havent done that fusion yet and dont know the resulting monster it might be a bit disappointing (losing an ice demon aura and a goddess pandora to just receive a dream slime stung quite a bit...) showing off what you would get before confirming the fusion would be a VERY welcome addition. do you know the shin megami tensei game series? there you can see the fusion result before the fusion as well.
- a monster compendium with all the monsters you have owned so far would be nice. with information on how to get them (which dungeon and/or what to fuse to get it) would be absolutely amazing.
- the chests in a dungeon dont show anything when you use a key. is it just to get points or do they give any loot? would be great if the loot you got from a chest would be listed after opening it.

things im a bit split about and bugs encountered:
- you get quite a lot of full potions. i easily reached the max amount in just a few minutes. one COULD argue that it makes the game too easy. BUT: since you cant use potions during the battle and once a monster you own is defeated it is gone for good (which could be seen as quite harsh) so that balances out the challenge factor. that you can easily lose monsters for good made me really worried about the ice demon and yggdrasil that you start with since i didnt know how to get them again through fusion or in dungeon. then i encountered 2 ice demons in quick succession... that calmed down the worries i had.
- the attack "Moon" says it hits all enemies but it only hits the one targeted enemy. needs to be fixed. either the description to not say "all enemies" anymore or the effect to ACTUALLY hit all enemies instead of one.
- the difficulty spike on the final boss was extreme. when he had like 1/3 of his hp left he spammed an AoE instakill attack EVERY. SINGLE. Turn which even my "strongest" monster the valkyrie that is shown as final fusion in the fusion tutorial (still weaker in defense than yggdrasil and weaker in both atk and defense than ice demon aura) couldnt even tank even with defense buff... i thought i was going to lose right before the end when almost all my strong monsters were dying off each round with some not even able to attack before dying due to low speed... barely managed to win with the last like 3 of my medium strong units but only due to atk buffs from the fencer... lost like 80 monsters in that fight. maybe debuff the AoE attack a bit so the strongest monster with def&mdef buff can survive one hit at least... and maybe make it so it doesnt use it EVERY turn so you can actually set up some buffs to actually do some dmg to him even with medium strong monsters...
- the monsters have weapon and armor slots and the inventory has weapon and armor categories but there wasnt a single type of equipment in the game. was a bit weird.

would give it 5 stars but since the jam version is unplayable i gotta do 4.

pretty late but: the Alt + Enter combination works on pretty much every RPG Maker game. if a game has a start menu and battle HUD like this game its most likely an RPG Maker game and the Alt + Enter combination should work.

if u only had youmu on the photo it might make sense that it didnt work but if u had a photo with both youmu and the ghost in it and it still didnt work then i guess it was really a bug. bugs that only happen for some people are the most annoying type of bugs.
as a dev for business software i hate it when the customer gets a bug that i cant reproduce on my system. how the heck is a dev supposed to find/fix those bugs that decide to appear randomly? xD

did u only have the person on the photo or also the thing next to her?

well deserved 1st place. grats.

hint: if u talk to aya again she mentions a person. that should give u the answer what picture she wants.

sometimes it just be that way....
the badly timed aerial too close to the ground makes the most sense for me though.

was it because of the spamming or just badly timed aerial attacks that were too close to the ground so the animation couldnt go from attack to falling to landing before hitting the ground?

great game, cute art, funny dialogues, nice gameplay, good level of challenge.
only one bug encountered: if u spam attacks midair u can get softlocked in a falling animation while u already hit the ground. only getting hit by an enemy sets u free as the getting hurt animation overwrites the falling animation and afterward u got the normal standing animation.
not the prettiest bug to encounter but also not gamebreaking and also not that easy to reproduce. only had it twice during my playthrough (i spammed a lot of attacks midair...)

ez 10/10 game (would be 11/10 if it was finished)
cant wait for the full game

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fun little game but several issues:

- like others mentioned i too got the black screen after the remilia dialogue. kind of a bummer to get softlocked right b4 the bossfight.

- the amount of fairies in the mansion was quite tedious. maybe balance that out a bit more?

- the mansion was HUGE with all those rooms i did have to do some backtracking to get to doors i havent gone through before. a running mode would be nice. also a map at least for the huge mansion areas....

- about the "Khakkhara"... why is there even a weapon that is weaker than the starter weapon? i dont see the point of it at all...

- u cant change directions while u still hold any movement key. example: if u run left then press up while still holding left and then releasing it u keep running left even though u only hold up. u need to release all arrow keys first in order to change directions.

- spell miracle fruit did not give atk and def buff. and since there seems to be no enemies that can cause negative status the cleansing efect of miracle fruit cant be verified. so basically useless.

- i tried to redo it after the black screen. i could still go back to the "menu" with ESC but after i got to the remilia doors again nothing happened. i couldnt interact with em anymore.
- also a real "back to menu" and/or close button would be nice instead of being force to ALT+F4 out of the game.

dang. sux that it goes unrated... 
page is up now so we at least know what it looks like but cant rate that sadly...
maybe things will work out better on the next jam.

great decision!

nice game. has some funny dialogues. the art is cute and funny too.

okuu's "unyuu" face cracked me up!

(2 edits)

not bad. but some things i noticed:
- at the end of the first rythm part with sekibanki and mamizou it took ages after the last note to continue with the story. i thought the game somehow froze...

- like someone else already mentioned: the static noises in the end... yeah i understand it was to emphasis that things r going to sh*t but dang that hurt my ears....

- and lastly: i SUCK at rythm games... that has nothing to do with the game of course but dang that was hard... i noticed on the first song that i SOMEHOW got a combo going though i was clearly not going in sync with the notes but was rather only spamming anymore to somewhat keep up. after that i simply used the mashing method someone else mentioned.

EDIT: one more thing! the shortcut to the .exe got murdered by my virus scanner... had to search for the .exe and start it manually... my antivirus had no qualms with the .exe only with the shortcut

nice game. the few 2D images are very cute.

it's a bit on the buggy side though. the stamp rally menu bugs out completely showing no more text on the "quests"/"sections". also in the gallery deleting photos didnt really work and caused empty white photos to appear.

also the last line of maribel about the real renko living up to the expectations is said by renko... in the name part of the dialogue box it says "Renko" while the text starts with "Maribel: " i suppose it was meant to actually be said by maribel? doesnt make sense otherwise since renko reacts to that.

great game. nice plattformer.

boss fights were good.

the ending was pure comedy gold. toughest fight ever.

only 4 days left of the voting period. any chance its made accessible before the end?

please add the option to set the keybinds. since the controls are Z, X, C and Space its clear that its aimed at qwerty layout users. for users with qwertz keyboard layout instead of qwerty it is always a pain if the controls are focussed on the Z and X keys.

which they usually do because without the BIOS they dont work.

sadly we are supposed to only rate the jam version. any changes/fixes made after the submission period ended shouldnt weight into the rating. so even if there is much more game to it, if it isnt accessible in the jam version because it stops in the beginning cutscene then we cant consider it into the rating. so as harsh as it sounds: this one's a bust.
would like to see what the game was supposed to be as well but only the broken version shall dictate my rating. that's just how it works.

as a software developer myself i gotta say: "bugs are just unexpected features"

good game. quite hard though. the thing that affects this the most is the fact that i need 3 hands cause i have a qwertz keyboard layout not qwerty.
many ppl in this jam sadly force the use of the Z key which is really annoying for qwertz layout users as X and Z arent next to each other. i have to have my left index finger on Z(right next to T) and my left pinky on X to make it somewhat work but that really hurts the left hand after a short while.
for most other submissions though the gameplay is either easier or the usage of the Z key isnt as extensive.
on behalf of all qwertz users i ask you, please include a keybinding option in future works so players can set the keys to use by themselves OR use the spacebar instead of Z to make it easier for qwertz users.

nice little twist there at the end. also: i suk at bullet heck games so thanks for not gameovering me upon wasting more lives than the player has. much appreciated. kinda erases all the challenge but for bullet heck plebs just the right thing to get some training in while still enjoying the whole game/story without being locked out of most of it thats gatekept by hard stages.

the ending was so wholesome and sad. love it. 6/5 writing. im not that good with bullet heck games so thisdifferent approach was very doable. decent challenge for a non danmaku crack.
the minigames were also a nice little touch. overall pretty good game.

having cirno talk sophisticated is a really strange kind of blow to the mind. the amogus meme put me off a bit but otherwise not bad.

(2 edits)

faster than 1 per day so have it over 10 by day 10?
Edit: thanks i got it. pushed hard this time to reach the checkpoint/classmate at day 0 already only shot the blue guys to advance to that point and ate the red lily u find after the big drop. was a bit tough to go for the dark red eyed enemies on day 1 already but managed to get em all (except for one on day 1 that fell off) on day 5 i already knew i was locked into ending B because of the color change. but DANG ending B bossfight is MUCH harder than ending A. ending A boss only need 20 bullets. ending B boss takes much less dmg and has much harder patterns.
had to  change my rating for "Challenge" from 3 to 5....

good game.

found a bug though: if you beat the boss and go back to the title menu the boss music keeps playing. if you then start a new game it keeps playing until you die.

(1 edit)

whats ending B? i keep getting ending A only... i increased the hidden stat to 100, lost to the boss (without the stat on 100 cause with that amount of health losing is impossible unless u stand still for 30 minutes...) i won against the boss with hidden stat over 100, kept talking to the classmate every day while my hidden stat increased. no ending B no matter what i tried....

same as aeon: just stop in the tutorial cutscene right after the following dialog:

tested with No$GBA (screenshot) and afterwards with VisualBoyAdvance... i mean on my totally legit GBA....

on a side note: 

suggesting emulators on the game page is quite bold or rather risky

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cute game. would like to see it when it's finished.

2 things though:
- got an error message when life went down to 0: "TypeError - Cannot read property 'graphic' of undefined'

- when i started i first thought the thermometer would increase when staying in hot areas and i'd lose health when it gets too hot. because the graphic looked like it depicted low temperature. can be a bit confusing at first. so my suggestion: change it so it looks like its hot (thermometer bar up high) and lower it the higher the "cool" value of the equipment is to show the reduced heat effect of the equipment.