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A short adventure about a duck playing Dice & Ducks, D&D for short :P
Submitted by LineartLemur (@LineartLemur) — 4 hours, 58 minutes before the deadline
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I made everything myself

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Sound, music, time scheduling, I ran out of time so I have no sounds

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I was slightly confused by the mechanics of this game at first (and their significant difference to any edition of Dungeons & Dragons), but I had a good time once I got the hang of the battle system. It's an easy game, but it was fun the whole way through. I really enjoyed the dialogue and whimsical atmosphere.


Love the art and the concept. Fun and just the right length. Only issue seemed to be the DM attacks showed the Goblin attacking. Well done though.


Thanks for playing my game! I'm glad you enjoyed it! And yeah, I forgot to change the image of that one, the DM fight was thrown together last minute so I forgot to do that, but good... Thank you! :D


Super cute little adventure. I love the art you managed to create. I made an attempt at a similar art style early on and scrapped the idea quickly. Really impressed with your designs and use of color. I have a hard time staying focused with story based games so I died a few times from just picking the attack option. I eventually buckled down and made it through using something other than attacking lol. Great work!


Thank you for playing! :D I played your game as well, and I must say, I find it so much better looking than mine, the atmosphere is so cool you managed to create, but good, thanks for playing! :D I hope you somewhat enjoyed it!


Very neat and fun, I feel it was a little too easy for a 1st time play as I basically Honked my way to victory and took attack only upgrades but otherwise solid RNG mechanics! I feel maybe if Honk had less of a chance to stun the enemies maybe it would force me to not use it as often and meditate more and fight more but as it stood I was always in control to lockdown the battlefield so that said I never really at any point felt a challenge or a looming presence of ever gonna lose the game! Thanks for the game and I only ever needed to use 1 reroll in the entirety of the game btw! Cheers! :D


Cute as heck! I really liked the artwork, and it was short and sweet. I spotted one or two typos, but I definitely had fun. 


Thanks for playing! I'm glad you enjoyed it :D Yeah, Twine doesn't spellcheck automatically, so I shouldve used an external spellcheck program, but yeah... thanks for playing! 


"You're such a horrible being, be ashamed."

Very well done. I really like the colored ascii art. Ran into a minor bug, the dungeon master was called something else during the fight.

Getting dice rolls and then picking how to use them on different skills works surprisingly well as a mechanic. Fun little game :-)

The iframe on the itch page may be a big bigger however, that's something that could be improved.


Thanks for playing! Yeah, the DM-battle was thrown together last minute so I forgot to change some of the text and art...

I had indeed a bit of troubles embedding the game in the itch page, but yeah, maybe the window couldve been bigger, altough the best method is just to download the html file and drag into an empty browser window, that works best... but thanks for the feedback! :D