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don't forget the voice acting ;)

The mood and atmosphere was on point, and the graphics!! Amazing work :)

Also you I know the creator IRL too, can vouch for it as well 

I had 3 hours to come up with a game idea at the time and I just went with the first "mechanic" I could code (spawn an object and make it push the player away) so it is just a coincidence, it's cool to see an actual working and polished game though! I never knew it existed, it's very fun to play ^^

I loved the idea, I loved the art, I loved the introduction and the sounds were spot on! Good Job! I could totally see this as a part of a fully fleshed out spy-simulator or something :p

Thanks for playing! And yeah that would be cool! Thanks for the suggestion! ^^

Thanks for playing! And yeah, I shouldve made that more clear, I forgot to add in the text for the water and things like that, just simply forgot,  I had it ready in the editor just didn't drag it in :( and yeah, maybe I shouldve also added that 0 is the most slippery with the ice and stuff, I'll be more clear with those things in my future games/maybe post-jam release of this game!

Aww thanks for the nice comments! I appreciate it! ^^ And yeah I tried my best with the level design so I'm glad you liked it!

Thanks for playing! I'm glad you enjoyed it! Yeah, the closing all boxes-thing is something I will 100% add in a maybe post-jam release of the game, it would indeed be just a quality-of-life update! And I know, I'm just terrible in music, I knew what I wanted for the game but I couldn't describe or find it, so I just went with this jazz-themed song because I thought, who doesn't like jazz :p, but yeah you're right on that, thanks for the feedback! ^^

Thanks! I appreciate it! ^^

Thanks for playing! Ooh I never heard of that game before, it looks really cool! What a shame I didn't find that game earlier, sounds really fun to play! And what do you mean credits? Did I forget something, could be, I have the tendency to look over things but I'm not sure what you're talking about :/.. but yeah I hope you enjoyed my game! ^^

Thanks for playing! I'm glad you enjoyed it. Yeah I forgot to add the descriptions into the levels... I had all the text ready to be added in the editor but I simply forgot, it's a shame... And I noticed it too, but I think it's not because of inconsistent physics but just because the levels were poorly designed that it didn't really matter how slippery the ice was :P And yeah, I've been thinking about that too! Adding a level editor would make it so much more fun, i'll see if I have to motivation to add that :) Thanks for the feedback!

Thanks for playing! ^^ And yeah, that's a good idea to add, thanks for the comment!

Oh wow the game looks really, really cool after the level I got stuck on, just wow!

ooh alright, I'll check it out! ^^ 

I couldn't figure out the 3th puzzle though, with the 2 buttons, 2 gates and only 1 box... The game was really big, and was really laggy, so some optimisation wouldn't do bad, but it's a jam game so eh, it doesn't really matter. The art was really nice, I loved the scenery but I feel like because of that the puzzles lacked a bit, maybe they wouldve gotten more complexer further down the game but yeah... well done!

It was a fun game! it wasn't very long but that isn't bad tbh, short but good! ^^

Whenever I open the WebGL version, music plays and then after a second of 3 I get an error, the music starts going like "BTBBTBTBTBTBTBTTBTBTBTBT" and Chrome force quits.... don't know what happened and if it's my computers fault or not but yeah... too bad I can't play your game :(

Very charming game, I liked the puzzles! got to level 14, couldn't figure that one out but yeah, fun game! well done!

I like the art style and the animations are so smooth! The dialogue from the princess is also really funny, well done!

I loved the player character, it was drawn in a very fun way, I also liked the Projector, but it's a shame you couldn't implement layering slides on top of eachother in time, twas a fun prototype tho!

The music is nice, the sliding feels good it's just that I'm really terrible in these types of games so I couldn't beat level 1 :P but eh, it looks like fun! :D

Aww, the penguins are so cute! How they stand on top of the ice, awww, but anyways, the 3D UI was pretty neat, I liked the puzzles themselves, they were challenging but solvable and yeah, it's a very charming game, well done!

Where can I buy the pickle juice? I want to buy it NOW! :P Fun game, the art was a bit messy sometimes, like the background was a lot of random colors it seems the pixel art wasn't always so readable but overall, fun game! Well done!

It took me some time to figure out you had to drag the thrusters and hydraulics to use them (I tried to draw them myself at first :p) so that could get some explanation, and it seems like the thrusters didn't thrust as much on my pc, cuz I just couldn't get it up a steep hill in like the 2nd and 3th level, but maybe I'm just terrible at drawing sleds, but aside from that, I really liked the concept, I like the doodly-art, the music is great, and I loved using the hydraulics, it was fun! so yeah well done!

Very fun levels, smooth animation! I had a little trouble figuring out that you had to stack the blocks on top of eachother, and a little tutorial screen in-game would always be fun, but for the rest, fun game! I enjoyed it!

I got a white screen with the text "Bark N' Park" I've tried pressing every key on my keyboard and pushed every pixel on the screen but nothing... don't know if I missed something or did something wrong but yeah...

I did it! I have gone back to this game 3 times cuz I always felt like I almost had it but not quite, and that I just needed a tad more time to figure it out! So yeah, I liked it! I had some troubles with the "low on fuel" error but I thought I had to do something else to fix it (don't wanna spoil for the people that still need to play the game) but yeah, well done!

I couldn't figure out every level, so it was good that I could skip some of them, the last level was to difficult for me too... I didn't get it :P but anyways, fun game! I enjoyed it!

Well done! I finished it! Without using the thingy in the rocket room, I found the moon boots and the gauntlet :) and then used gotten the key ofcourse, it was a fun game, well done!

Aww thanks for the nice comments! Yeah, I forgot to explain what some of the things did, I had the text and all ready but I forgot to drag them into the scene... my bad :p but yeah, thanks for playing!

Thanks for playing! I'm glad you liked it ^^

I'll do! :) Sounds fun indeed!

I really liked the atmosphere you created with the music and the sound, really cool! I also really like the concept of the game, and the mechanics, altough it's a bit hard... Or I'm just bad at the game, probably the last one :P Well done! fun game!

Aww thanks for playing, and thanks for the nice comments! ^^ I have never played Quake though, I think it was a game before my generation/year, but I did do a lot of rocket-jumping in TF2 though, so... :P

Well done Lilou! I loved the gameplay mechanic, it's very unique and well made! I love the atmosphere you created by combining all these assets too so yeah... Good game, well done! (My high score is 25, I hope that's not terrible :p )

Thanks for playing! I'm glad you liked it :D

Thanks for the kind words! But sadly no :'( I have an Apple sorry

Thanks for playing! And yeah, I know about the bug where you get stuck in the floor/walls, I didn't know how to fix it on time... Normally just placing a bomb beneath the player wouldve fixed it but eh nvm, I hope you enjoyed it! :D

Thanks for playing! And ooh, I really like that idea, I was indeed struggling with how strong the explosion should be, that is a good option for that, I like it! :D

Aww, thank you! I appreciate it! :D