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A work-in-progress puzzle game built for the Puzzle Jam II.
Submitted by HLBC — 4 hours, 26 minutes before the deadline
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Technical Implementation#132.7272.727

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This is a cool concept.  I think you did a really good job making the levels look projected.  If you keep working on the game later I will take another look.


Beautiful effects and graphics! I think it was more of a platformer than a puzzle though. Wish it had more levels. Nice effort!


I really like this game It has a 3D into 2D aspect, and It really makes the game stick out! This was a short but sweet game and a creative use of the slide idea.


Nice concept and an interesting take on the slide theme. I like the idea of everything in one room and the visual effect of your projected sketches. I didn't really get a sense of the puzzling aspect in this release, but I suspect that will come when you implement the layering. I look forward to seeing more!


I really liked the visuals/graphics for this. It was also a very creative interpretation of the slide theme. Even though you weren't able to implement it, the idea of layering slides sounds very cool. Do you plan on continuing to work on this?


Thanks for the kind words! I am planning to keep working on it. I found the idea too interesting to leave behind :)

Submitted (1 edit) (+1)

I liked the game but it ran at about 10 frames per second on my computer, it was pretty fun though

Submitted (1 edit) (+1)

Aw man, there's so much potential in this concept, I really wish you had more time to smooth things out. The visual effect of the slides looks great.


I loved the player character, it was drawn in a very fun way, I also liked the Projector, but it's a shame you couldn't implement layering slides on top of eachother in time, twas a fun prototype tho!


I liked where it was going. Sure was short. Not sure it was a puzzle, unless I'm missing anything. Also, I got stuck on a screen with no menu or response to any control input. Anyway, good effort!


Sadly, I didn't have time to implement the main puzzling element in time. Can you describe what it looked like and what you were doing when you got stuck? Thanks for playing!


Totally understand! Still a cool game idea. The part I got stuck on was after the "you won" screen. When I exited and went back to the main menu view, I think I pushed "continue", then it went back to the "you won" slide, then when I hit escape it took me back to the main menu view but without any options on screen and controls were ineffective as well. (I'm pretty sure that's the order I went in... not entirely sure). Hope this helps. Again, good job!