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Love it! Graphics, audio, gameplay, puzzle quality, all well done! Only thing that would be nice is an undo button, failing at the end of a level because you miss pressed now requires you to repeat the whole thing, which can be a bit of a drag.

Catchy tune, and the action kept flowing, which was really  nice. I was a bit confused, as I assumed only the red ship could pickup red powerups, and the green green powerups. But both could pickup both.

I had some ideas for powerups/special things. But in the end, the primary loop did not engage me at all, which made it hard to continue on expanding things.

Thanks! I'm pleasantly surprised to see someone playing it after the jam period has long ended.

Love these! Love how they all have very distinct looks. Usually when people throw out a pack like this all ships are based on each other, but here there are all very visually distinct.

Love the art. Like the gameplay. Level design could definitely use more variety. Also, you might want to add that you can move in the direction where there is "void", so you need to be a bit more careful with what you press or you die. You can now sort of brute force it by just mashing buttons.

I also ran into the bug where you phase trough a wall, I think it happens if you have some "slowdown" glitch where the framerate drops due to reasons outside of your control. No idea if that helps in understanding why it happens.

I totally expected someone to go this way with the two button diversifier, just cycling between normal controls and selecting those.  However... it doesn't play very well.

But, I do applaud you for trying! If we never take risks we never discover hidden gems, and only get carbon copies of existing games.

It started off a bit slow, but I'm very glad I stuck with it, the later levels are really fun, and add some twist mechanics! Puzzle games are never easy to make in a jam, and this is a well done entry, levels add enough twists to not get boring. Art is simple but works well. Controls feel right, never felt like the game made my lose instead of my own bad movement.

I escaped! And hit a lot of cats... sorry. I assume the checkpoints is interpreted as the crossings? Art is well done, I would have like to see some effect for actually hitting the cats.

Oh, you got me wrong. I didn't say I didn't like it. I think in general it was well done, and I think it can be expanded. That's not "not liking it", just thinking about how to expand it to be even more :) and to be honest, I wouldn't be thinking about that if I didn't like it at all.

This is great, the puzzles are really well designed for a jam game, very enjoyable. I did feel I cheezed one of the puzzles ;)

The visuals are nice, pretty sure you can do more with that! More balls and some more speed and you could get a really chaotic fun game.

The music is a bit "much" I was checking if there where two tabs playing music at the same time. But, anyone who makes their own music gets a "well done" from me!

Pretty simple but well done. I think if you would have added some way the two characters interact with each other it would leave for more interesting level design. For example, if they could stand on top of each other. As now you just have two decoupled players that don't really interact.

Actual camera view distance is a lot less then in your screenshot, maybe leading to the leaps of fait that Smuon reports?

Not a bad platformer actually, there are a few weird things, like I suddenly felt trough the floor somewhere. And there are a few issues like text disappearing before I can fully read it. I had the feeling there is more content then I could find, which is a bit of a shame. So I think you did well on the content side, and should focus a bit more on the core gameplay to iron that out better.

The teleport effect is pretty cool. The webview has a bit wrong size for me, so the top with the healthbar or the bottom with the textboxes aren't visible.

I like the visuals of the enemies in the last level, they look cool.

Could use some sound effects, even something extremely simple does a lot to a game.

Actual goal of the game wasn't too clear to me.

Does load here after a while, but no english text option and submitted to multiple jams makes me think this is just a bad submission.

I think the water section is the worst, if I would redo anything I would cut that out, it's not interesting from a mechanical standpoint and slows you down a lot.

Adding running would change the jump mechanics too much, I had to balance walking speed vs jump distance.  I didn't want that to be too high and become more like super-meatboy and celeste.

But, there should be controller support (I didn't test it to be honest, but I did setup keybindings for standard xbox type controllers)

That is the way to go, to get the diving helm. But I've seen more people get stuck there, so that area isn't well designed :)

I like the concept, it could really use some sound and music though. goes a long way ;-)

The art is very nice. The technical implementation has some glitches, but you already know that :) overall well done, I was kinda sad when I reached the end, hoped for some more complicated puzzles.

The secret ending doesn't require you to restart or anything crazy like that.

About the web swing, is it the part where you need to swing,fall,swing? The web doesn't work below the fall line, which is something I've seen other people struggle with to grasph. Or is there something else? Other people reported the web power to be finicky, but I haven't been able to nail down exactly what the issue is.

Is is clear that you can only grab the "moss" bits right? Or maybe that is unclear?

I explained on the page description that how I tried to add the theme didn't work out, so scrapped that part, but still wanted to finish the game.

The difficulty does ramp up after a bit, that was intentional. I don't expect everyone to reach the end. As for diversifiers, also explained on the page, didn't use any (they where not required, just like the theme is semi-optional) but I did use my own diversifiers in the art. 13x13 pixels and only 4 color EGA palette.

Where did you get lost? It's hard to judge where people can get lost as a creator, as you have expert knowledge. So I'm trying to learn.

I've seen someone get lost on two bits, after getting the wizard hat and at the start of the water area. And I have ideas on how to fix both. But maybe there are more spots to get lost. I did want to have some sense of exploration, but not so much that people would feel completely lost.

I love the esthetics, they are great. Sound, art, all of it. But I don't like the gameplay, I didn't feel like I was in control at all, and mostly won/lost based on randomness.

Ok, this could be good fun, but I think it's a bit too hard. Some difficulty levels or bit less precision required might help, or I just suck at rhythm games :)

Also, that the music fully stops when you miss causes me to generally miss the next beat as well, maybe that could be less "harsh" and only cut out part of the track or lower the volume for a bit.

Fun concept, I think it could be expanded more. I did run into some odd bug where I could place my turrets everywhere I wanted instead of only in slots. Not sure how, but that made the last level a lot easier...

Someone was inspired by the cheating tic-tac-toe robot video. Using google sheets to create something is next level silliness, I love it.

The timer adds a very interesting tactical twist, as you now sometimes can wait for the timer to end so you can complete the line above that and just occasional try not to complete certain lines. Timing well and planning adds an extra layer of strategy to a classic.

Job well done!

Graphics are a bit simple but work well. The grey "preview" could be a bit darker, when thinking fast, my mind was getting confused and thinking the real block is almost at the bottom and I need to act fast.

Interesting little puzzle game. I think it could work well as an mobile game with touch controls (only tried on desktop). I got stuck on level 11 with my limited brain power at the moment. But enjoyed the puzzles before that. A bit of "juice" would add a lot to this game I think, some small visual effects on painting and some "fireworks" on finishing a level.

I had the issue that I had to play the game on keyboard, but then switch to mouse to goto the next level. Which isn't great for usability.

Next to that the "next" button for some reason is "nex". And I had a crash on finishing level 10, where the game would no longer respond and there is some null pointer exception in the developer console.

You place "actions" by selection an action in the bottom left corner, and place those on the hex grid. Then you press play in the bottom right to "start" the machine and see how it acts.
You use this to complete certain goals, the first few levels should act as a tutorial.

I think there is some interesting concept here, with the different plants and making seeds. However, the mechanics are not very clear and it lacks some depth in the puzzles.

I got to say, I really love these. I don't know what to do with them yet, but great job!

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These are great! My only small wish would be that the "enemies" had some animation frames, then these sprites could be used for some kind of zelda-style game as well.

Initially the parts off-screen where just black borders. But when I changed the main menu to look a bit in the right style, I changed the background color causing it to be the same and thus confusing. That's what I get for last minute changes without testing...

And yes, I love programming. I am slightly crazy with all my projects. Building my own game engine is great fun and complicated and I would never recommend doing it if you want to make games.

I just made my code public as well on github:

Very cute graphics. My 3 year old loved it.

Couldn't get a good picture of the flying dino on top of the vulcano for some reason.

I also managed to photograph this dino:

These are great! Well done!

there isnt much content after the jail due to a mistake of mine (disabled the enemies in the next area for testing, and forgot to enable them)

Good job for your first jam! The ability to see boar parts before you act would make it feel less of a trial and error. IMHO good puzzles should be completable in 1 go if you think about the solution long enough.

Also, it was unclear to me that you could move back into previous squares. Not sure if that's a bug or intentional...

Oops, I forgot that I disabled that final boss for testing :D (you can enable it by editing the resources/area/catacombs.lua file, just need to remove the -- in front of the battle() call)

Random encounters happened every 5 to 10 steps. (instead of a random chance on each step)  So that cannot be 3-4 steps :D

There are quite some hidden mechanics, the battle order is actually defined by agility, so faster characters attack more often. I thought about visualizing this, but didn't know of a good way. (it works a bit like the ATB timers of Final Fantasy, but then without the waiting for a timer to fill)

And yes, the squid tentacle attack is bugged, it deals 0 or a huge amount of damage. I made a mistake in it's stats, causing negative damage calculations.

The part after the jail I added without any player testing, you're not the only person that missed finding that hint...