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Will you survive the night?
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The Raven's page


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Log Line
After a stressful week, you, a dispassionate college student become attracted to a stranger met at a Halloween party, only for this encounter to become deadly.

Content Warnings
The game contains mature content, mild descriptions of gore, vermiphobia, blood, and implicit sexual content.

Team Members
Lead/Writer - Silver Hatsuyuki
Ideabouncer - ritualizedrites
Co-writer/Editor - illegalileo
Editor/Proofreader - Boriana Spassov
Sprite Lineartist - micah
Sprite Colourist - KnickknackPJ
CG Sketch & Lineartist - saigogo
CG Colorist - Heiden
BG Editing - Great Anu & ShatteredReality
GUI - Justinn
Female Raven VA - Rebecca Chiara Marano
Male Raven VA - Vincent Fabbri
Voice Mixer - Dray Reed
Music - krzyzis
Programming - Ashish_0 & Justinn

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If I had to describe this in one word, it would simply be: Stylish :D I adore the neon theming :3 The menus are absolutely delightful, as is all the art. It's a feast for the eyes for sure!

I also really appreciate the ability to pick pronouns for either portrait, as I tend to be a self-inserter when it comes to VNs, and I go by she/her, but there's no way I could pick that nurse portrait because it just makes me shudder when I look at it xD I was super happy to be able to pick the aqua hoodie portrait and she/her combo :3

Being able to pick your love interest's gender and have a different sprite + voice for each is something I also love as well and have been trying to include in my games for a while now!

I wasn't really able to self-insert that well in this because MC's personality is just so far from my own, haha. I don't drink, I'm asexual, and I suffer with social anxiety and depression, so you definitely wouldn't find me in a club chatting up strangers xD Heck, I've never even set foot in a club in my life, haha. That doesn't mean I didn't enjoy the experience though :3 I just named my character something else and went with the 'pretend you're helping guide MC' sorta play style rather than self-inserting!


Loved everything about it.


Interesting design choices, and I would love to seen and learn more about the characters, good work!

The cocktail menu was cool :)


Very immersive experience! Loved the neon style and the cocktail menu UI


Love the CG linework. The style is so unique, I've never seen it before! Also, I've never been to clubs so that was an interesting read. O_o