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Which side character? XD

I hope you like it!!!

Thank you! TwT

They have been unpublished TwT

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Where are you stuck?

If you don't know what to do, you can take a look at the quests in the menu! 

I added a web build instead! I hope that works for you! Sorry for the inconvenience. 

Ahhh stop calling out my same-face syndrome. I'm running out of designs XDXDXDXdXD

That's fine! The original isn't that good so I hope the remake is better!

Haha! Hopefully soon XD

He has a collar now XDXD

A new town, a new school. Everything should be normal, right? Except it isn't. A few students and a teacher have gotten cursed and turned into animals! Explore the school and learn more about these cursed men to solve each of their problems and lift their curses.


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I love you too XD 

It's completely different from the original so I hope it's better!

Ooo I will def check it out then!

LOL yes

nooo I think he looks more like the master from master's strange side more than hans

thank you so much! 

i am a simp XD

I suffer from same face syndrome XD

Glad to know your thoughts! I think I will make more dark-themed projects if I ever get inspired!

oh i see! Glad to see  that you like it!!

Hmmm out of everything I've made, I think this story has the most drama

what kind of games do you like? I'll give a rec.

(I'm definitely thinking about making a DLC for Odd Farmers in the future)

thank you! I really like exploring the human mind- OMG THAT VIDEO TITLE LMAO

I hope you enjoy it!!!!

thank you so much for the kind message!

if you want to replay one day, then sure 👉👈

There were a few typos so I hired another editor to proofread it. Sorry if it mislead ya! If I need make more content, then I'll definitely post a devlog!

Thank you very much! I wanted to explore the mind of someone close to their breaking point instead of constanly making light-hearted stories XDXD Glad you enjoyed it!

I'm a huge sucker for childhood friend tropes too!!!

I make terrible poly endings, but I'll try if I feel like the love interests might be into it. 👉👈

hell yea XD

Thank you so much!

Oh! That's a great idea! I've read about something similar in a history book

Thanks for your submission!

Thank you! I love your submissions!

I'm not so sure tbh. If I feel inspired ^^

You need to keep their responses equal. Here, someone made a walkthrough! Not that accurate but it works!

Thank you so much! Hope you enjoy it!