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Dual Chroma: Academy Carols and DC: Far Shore

Hi, thanks for the interest! We'll have an arc in the full game where some questions will be answered

Thank you!

Thank you <3

Thank you <3 and yes we can't wait to bring more!

Thank you <3

Thank you ❤️ The world-building is also thanks to Rico, our super talented writer who brought everything to life!

❤️❤️❤️ ERFE also thanks for calling him a beautiful tyrant, I'm living for that moniker now

Thanks! ❤️

<3 <3 <3

Ah! Glad you liked it!! <3 Yes he is very evil 

Thank you so much! That's what we were going for :)

Thank you so much for your detailed analysis ! I'm really happy you were able to pick up all of that from your playthrough<3

This comment was everything, thank you Naarel <3

Thank you <3

Thanks for giving the game a chance and glad you liked it! <3

Glad you enjoyed and thank you for the feedback!! We hope to refine the game in the future :)

Thank you so much!! Yes there is a mystery — many mysteries — that you’ll get to unravel as the story continues!

Thank you for your kind words!! I’m actually happy to have a Lucion fan! The little menace needs more love

Thanks for playing and taking the time to write this! Glad you’re biting back, best way to interact with him honestly 

Thanks!! Just really really really want this game to make it!!

Aaaa glad you liked it! We spent a long time coming up with the exact battle system we wanted to have and how to integrate dialogue into it so that means a lot! Mages are very important in this game so you'll have plenty of magic to choose from!

Thanks so much Lacy! I'm glad you enjoyed the demo! And Keldran is a blessing every time, he'll enjoy hearing your praise :) 

Thank you so much! We put a lot of love into each game <3

Hi as is written in the description, this is a set of ficlets (PDF) files and not a game

Hey no worries! Thanks for the interest! They're 10k words each so 30k total, definitely a good chunk of spice to get through 😉

Glad you enjoyed it ❤️

Aaaah thank you! We'd love to get a male mc in the full game if we get enough funding!!

I’ve been waiting for this game my whole life. As someone who has read so many web novels about being reincarnated in an otome game this was an utter BLAST! And your animations are to die for!!

I love love all these men and how they are all Italian ❤️ lovely game

Thanks for listing those! We'll get to fixing them !

Thanks for playing robo!!!

I’m so glad you enjoyed it and loved the animations!!  Honestly that CG is to die for haha. Hope to bring more soon!

Thank you 😊 

Yes! It took a while to do but we’re super happy with it!

Aaa!! Thank you so much for such a lovely review! We’re honestly so happy to have finally been able to get the game out ❤️

He is everywhere 😆

Thanks for your feedback! If you mean you’re on windows and using the itch app then we don’t currently have downloads set up for it. We suggest downloading the pc .zip via the website :)

We had to ask itch and test it, which takes a bit of time. Anyway you can keep any game on itch in your library after you pay for/donate to it.

Glad you enjoyed it :)