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Hey thanks for your interest ☺️ they may or may not end up together but we kindly ask that you don't ask for spoilers in the comment section. We have a guide for both endings in the devlogs if you want to play through 😊

Please keep all comments spoiler free or tag them for people who haven't played the game 😊

Unfortunately not

Its sfw, there's innuendos but no nudity

We don't want to spoil anything but you can check the walkthrough we just posted for help 😊 We hope you enjoyed the game so far!

Thank you so much!! Glad you loved it :)

Thank you! Yes we’ll do at least one more game in the same setting 😊

Unfortunately these will be itch only. They're a set of mature content epilogue light-novels not a game so we can't put them on Steam.

no worries! Thanks for adding it 😊

Hi, thanks so much for playing the game and your comment! Would you mind adding a spoiler tag though or avoid describing the ending? 

Np! Thank you so much for playing!

Poly only but you get some really good quality time with him and Ace.

Michael wasn’t popular enough, if this sells well and enough people are interested and willing to buy it we may consider making one for him too :)

We also felt the same way during development and have addressed these issues as well as redeveloped some of the Michael route in a Director's cut edition releasing on March 2nd :)

We're glad you enjoyed it 😉

The only thing we can think of is that your laptop doesn't meet the minimum requirements:

You could try updating your graphics card or plugging in your laptop but we can't guarantee that it will work

We actually already have an android version up on the google play store.

Yea sure, happy you enjoyed the game 😊

Hey we're on twitter too if you want to connect :)

Aww thank you for the lovely comment❤️We’re so glad to hear you loved the ending!

Thank you so much !!! 🥰

Keldran is glad to know he does 😏

Thank you, we're happy you enjoyed it!! ❤️

Hahaha glad you enjoyed it ;)

Very immersive experience! Loved the neon style and the cocktail menu UI


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"Insecurities can bring out the worst in anyone—including Keldran and Ace, centuries-long friends with benefits. What starts off as a fun haunted house trip soon turns sinister, as they find themselves at the mercy of a ravenous spirit that wears their faces. If they cannot navigate their unspoken feelings and conquer their fears, they may find themselves as nothing more than silent spirits, wandering the halls forever." 

Length: 15k

Genre: Visual Novel, BL, Drama, Romance, Supernatural

Spooktober 2021 submission

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Partially voiced

Prequel to Deliver Us From Evil featuring Ace and Keldran's relationship.

Play it here:

No worries! Thank you so much for playing ! A big thank you from our artist as well for liking her work ❤️

Thank you Katy 🥰

Thank you so much!!

Thanks for the feedback!

Gosh I love your character designs and the gothic vibe. Eliot is also my absolute fave!

A very enjoyable and immersive game with relatable characters and lovely art!  Well done :)

You can play through 2 routes (Ace and  Michael)


Thank you!

Hmmm yeah it might be because the scenes get pretty animation heavy so your macbook might not be able to handle it.  No problem, thank you for bringing it up 😊

Glad you like it so far! We haven't heard about this problem before and have several people with macs downloaded it and play ( including several from our team) so I assume it might be specific to yours. Would you mind telling us what scene it was and what mac version you're using :) ?

Woohoo Ace is a heart-stealer, happy you liked him!

Trust me you’re not the only one with Keldran, we have a few simps on the team 😂