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Stealthy smash platformer as a slime. NEW LEVEL EDITOR!!!
Submitted by jwiggs — 13 minutes, 56 seconds before the deadline

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Jam Judge

Doesn't run in WINE. I'll try again soon.


Fun game! I have a few complaints though: the ledges you need to double jump to are too unforgiving. I'm certain I'm jumping at the top of my jump, but it still takes me several tries to get up. I thought I was lost in the tutorial because of that! I managed to get out eventually, but it's just irritating. Stairs are wonky, but you probably already know that. And finally I didn't like that one hit sent you back to the start of the level. Coupled with the jumping problems I had earlier, it just became too tedious to continue.

But despite all this, still enjoyed it. The graphics are decent and the controls for the most part are fine. The level design is solid and easy to navigate. Honestly a very solid game. Nice work!


In my early play testing after the submission, I found that the one hit death was a terrible mechanic. This would require you to play the level perfectly which was incredibly difficult. This issue has been dealt with in the upcoming update, due to release in the next couple of days. and by dealt with I mean that you take damage and some knock back when getting hit, but don't have to restart. 

I have reworked double jumping after looking at some online sites about creating good platforms. You will literally have two jumps when you are on the ground, enabling you to slide off the edge, fall a little and then still jump twice.

I admit the final level was way to difficult. I myself only beat it once or twice. Thanks for your input! Glad you found this game fun. 

Submitted (1 edit)

Thanks for adding a mac version but unfortunately it doesn't work.

It's my first time encountering such error. I've sometimes had to fiddle around with the permission rights of the app contents but nothing like this. Can you repackage and upload or even rebuild?

This looks like it's a Unity game so it should work just fine (and since it's 2d you're probably not using any weird shaders that would make it to not work)...

edit: Actually, got it working by running by manually launching it from console with:
./Only a Lab

And I guess it wasn't Unity after all. I guess Unity and GameMaker both have similar looking end products with default settings such as "(c) 2017 CompanyName" etc...


The issue is that i didn't take the time to do all of the signing and mac stuff in order as an identified developer. Simple but sketchy fix:

I got it to work after following these steps:

  1. Quit out of System Preferences
  2. Open the Terminal app from the /Applications/Utilities/ folder and then enter the following command syntax:
  3. sudo spctl --master-disable

  4. Hit return and authenticate with an admin password

I don't think that was the issue here. If I remember correctly, I've even already disabled that dumb gatekeeper. See the edit on my previous post, already got it working.

And now to actually playing it... ;)


Very nice entry. 

The music was sweet though it had a weirdly long amount of silence in the end. Sound effects were nice also but a bit scarce, could have used of those squishy and splashy sounds when jumping/walking etc.

Liked the sprite work and animations. The stair climbing animation was kinda weird (hovering in the air) but everything else was spot on. I was kinda surprised the first time I encountered a person and tried to interact with them. The blood splatter permanence between lives was a nice touch.

Just after I reached the final level and was thinking about mentioning it being too easy, I started dying and ended up actually getting a game over. Immediately went for another run and easily beat it by playing a bit more carefully and actually planned my kill orders. So quite nice difficulty curve.

Then a list of nitpicky quality of life fixes that would in my opinion make it better:

  • Arrow keys as alternative
  • Separate jump button (for the other hand), jumping with up is awkward for some people (me included).
  • Not having to jump in front of elevators for the doors to open.
  • Allowing the traversal of the small vertical gap between floor/platforms without jumping.

One other small issue (but not that easily fixed) was double jumping up the platforms. They were positioned so that the timing was very strict unless you noticed that if you reach close enough, it resets your jumps and you can actually do a quad jump.

Overall, good job!


I love the feeling of the slime escaping from a lab. Reminds me a bit of the game Inside. Gameplay felt really fun.


Really fun game, the splatter effects are well done and I liked strategy aspect of combat.