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Most MalleableView game page

Practise your mimicry skills with this time-attack puzzler!
Submitted by cortop (@trafflesby) — 12 hours, 33 minutes before the deadline

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Jam Judge(+1)

That was SO CUTE! The concept for the game is unique and adorable! I love it!

Developer (2 edits) (+1)

Thank you! Slimes are always cute tho. Even gelatinous cubes.


Fun game, though I feel like using the arrow keys when choosing between the three objects would've been a bit more intuitive.  The solutions for the  rock, paper, and scissors seemed a little unintuitive, and I feel like making the scissors like paper would be more fitting since that is the object it can beat.  Other than that, I loved the art and audio and the idea was very interesting.


Glad you had fun! Using the letters to input the thing to transform into was my initial concept. However, it does end up superfluous because there's so few items to choose. If there were more items to choose, then I think I could justify the mechanic. But as you said, if there's 3 choices, then why not use the arrows? I can totally understand someone pointing that out. I still like the idea, but it doesn't suit the scale I think. You're having a similar realization that I had with the RPS items. My first thought would be to do it your way, but ironically I decided that would be unintuitive! Maybe I should have wracked my brain a bit for a more creative category.
I'm  happy you liked the art. It's something I enjoy and it's always satisfying to see it come out well. The audio isn't by me, but I spent like an hour trying to pick something lol.


It's really fun but it quickly becomes a game of "your score is how long you've played it"

Got a score of 355, I was too lazy to get it high, let the timer go from 120s to 0.

Developer (1 edit)

Hey, now. No need to brag about your mad skillz. I'm kidding ;)
When I make games, I tend to set the difficulty on the easy side and with a lack of play testing it's easy to make a game... well... too easy. On that note, I was going to include difficulty settings, but I had trouble making a menu work. What you have now was intended to be normal mode.
I'm glad you had fun anyway!

Submitted (1 edit)

I think one problem is, it doesn't get harder the farther you get, the reason I could rack up the score is because I could, on average, get plus two seconds in less than that time, if you made it so it slowly gave you less extra time than it would be better. It's very simple but it's a good game!

Edit: You could also have a two gamemodes/modifiers: Losing instantly from getting it wrong once and only getting X seconds per question.


I totally agree. Even though I scrapped the difficulty level, I could have still added a more dynamic difficulty like you suggested. I like your ideas. To be honest, my ideas for difficulty levels were pretty basic, so you've given me something to think about. A one hit kill mode sounds neat! Also modifiers or a customizable difficulty setting sounds great. It's something I've seen in other games before and loved, so I don't know why this didn't occur to me!


You made a whole game, I just saw something that would make it better, you one person can't think of everything.