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A game about a slime going on an adventure.
Submitted by Edit — 17 minutes, 44 seconds before the deadline

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Jam Judge

I really love this game! I think it's original and I like the aesthetics a lot! I really love that you only use the arrow keys. I haven't really played many games like this. I like how weird everything looked and how the game unfolded as I play it. I hope to play more games by you in the future!


I used Bitsy to make it so, that's the reason why it's arrows only, the only real thing you can do with bitsy is story telling and humor, and I think I jamed a lot in that game.

Submitted (1 edit)

Cute and funny! The multiple endings were neat. It's nice to play a bitsy game that's more than 10 seconds long, too lol

Nice job!

Developer (2 edits) (+1)

Doesn't take much to make it longer, though thinking up a bunch of stuff helps.

It took me less than a day to make it, I could probably make an open world, nothing would change over time because you don't get varables to work with, but I could give some lore with objectives with attached dungeons, which you could go though and get an ending (A evil beast in a cave: go though cave, solving puzzles, and in the end you get an ending with the world being a better place, or some rumor about a tower of the gods and becoming one by getting to the top: go though tower dungeon (PUZZLES) and get an end of becoming a god or a choice of not.)

Edit: Either I'd make the open world something like a 8x8 of areas, or a bunch of islands of varing sizes conectend by ports.

Edit: And I remembered how anoyying jugling three colors is, I'd proabably make the areas with water mostly water because I couldn't have things like trees in the same areas with water.

Submitted (2 edits)

I know it's possible to make something more substantial in bitsy, but it seems like no one else is interested in doing so. I wasn't exaggerating when I said I'd played 10 second long bitsy games. It's a shame, because using a restricted engine (like using a restricted color palette) can be a really fun challenge. In fact, being so restricted means you can stretch the engine to its fullest, because there's so little to learn and it's easy to learn it all. After that it's all about using the tools creatively. I'm speaking from a perspective of making games with RPG Maker without using any scripting. I realize it's not the same as using bitsy, but I understand it's still a restrictive environment. You can end up with some interesting stuff!

Anyway, if you make more bitsy games, then I'd love to see them!

Developer (2 edits)

I agree, but after a point it becomes overly complicated to, say, pick up a key, because if I add a key you can pick up in an open world, I have to add another version of every area, not the hardist with the copy area button but I have to re add the exits to all of those rooms, which is a pain. Being limited to three colors would be fine if I could choice how I could use them, seeing the tile under the avatar, etc.

Edit: maybe I should use RPG maker but use the style of bitsy (8bit three color, but I could add varables and a few more frames.)

EditEdit: If I could, I would do something like this game,


Great little game!  The text is very well written and I liked that there were multiple endings.


The mutiple endings were very cheap, kind of an after thought.


Liked it! Super short and not much gameplay to be found but it was funny and cute.

Developer (2 edits) (+1)

the bitsy engine (thing) is very limiting in what it can do, but that is what so choiced to use.

The main focus of it is humor since bitsy can do humor, story telling and that's about it, so I highly recommend reading/talking to all the purple things you can.

There is one secret in the game.


Is this game made with Bitsy???


Yeah, said that in the longer description, even have the tag "bitsy" on it.