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Nice shading.  That is supposed to be a bedroll.  Looks much less creepy now that everything has pupils :P  The thing on his head is supposed to be a cloth hat with the front flipped up.  Now that you mention it, it totally looks like a helmet.

Slowly but surely polishing it!  Using this as a starter game to get used to all the different aspects of producing a game. Still MS Paint graphics until I find the time to work with an artist.

Thank you for giving my game a shot!

Oh sweet! You can vectorize things and make them look smoother.  Sorry, I have to wait until after work to respond to comments.

I made that by using Gimp like MSPaint, my art skills are limited.  If I wanted to change anything, I would make the guy's neck scarf excuse to not draw a face look better, and remember to give the backpack arm straps :P  Otherwise, I would love to see how you would think to improve the title page art!

Thank you for the great feedback!  I added the pause screen mostly to let people remind themselves of the controls and get to a restart button, as the last two levels do have fail states.

  • I agree, the up button is largely unnecessary since I added a pause before moving when changing directions.  I'll do something about that in future builds
  • That is a weird bug you found.  I'll see what I can do about it.  That level is solvable, you can pickup the slime in the hole from the other side as long as there is no wall tile above your head.
  • I through the controls screen together relatively last minute, figuring if they at least know what buttons are pushable, people will try pushing them such that they pickup a slime.
  • About the secret ending, I guess I should trust people to want the special looking slime and try to take him with you (I called him Tobi, or Spot).  Removing the mention from the description

Some engines require paid upgrades to release web-playable versions.  It's also quite a bit of work to get it setup as playable in web and test it. With a fair number of newer game makers, I understand why there are so many windows specific download-only entries.

But seriously, that is some great advice. Making your game conveniently playable will get a lot more people to play it.

Is this game made with Bitsy???

Aawesome game!  oved the sound effects, and the animations were cute and smooth. The Eye-Walls gave me rage! Those should have a little more of a tell in this fast paced dungeon crawler.

Yeah.  Graphics are basically MS Paint level, but I am no artist.  Music would also help, but just not enough time to properly organize a team for me this weekend.

Thank you for the feedback!  I look forward to seeing your entry to the jam! (if you're making one yourself)

I agree with the controls.  Could make it more obvious there are extra button options to select.  And made it so you can walk through small slimes, as it wasn't adding anything beyond the first jump-stomp moment.  Now small slimes are more convenient.

Added a secret ending, if you complete the game carrying an unusual slime... :P

Thank you for hosting this! I really like the premise with the This Summer Bot. I plan on continuing to work on the game to flesh it out. And to make it work on Android as well.

Got it in almost last minute-ish. Man, as ussual, always staying up later than I should working on last minute changes and updates for the game :P