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Thank you for the great feedback!  I added the pause screen mostly to let people remind themselves of the controls and get to a restart button, as the last two levels do have fail states.

  • I agree, the up button is largely unnecessary since I added a pause before moving when changing directions.  I'll do something about that in future builds
  • That is a weird bug you found.  I'll see what I can do about it.  That level is solvable, you can pickup the slime in the hole from the other side as long as there is no wall tile above your head.
  • I through the controls screen together relatively last minute, figuring if they at least know what buttons are pushable, people will try pushing them such that they pickup a slime.
  • About the secret ending, I guess I should trust people to want the special looking slime and try to take him with you (I called him Tobi, or Spot).  Removing the mention from the description

As you might notice from the those screenshots, I did manage to pick up the slime from the hole but couldn't do anything meaningful with it. I could only put it back down where I got it or set it to the left of myself where it also did nothing. Am I missing something here?