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Linux support is planned, but it is probably not going to be anytime soon. The game is still in its early alpha phase so unfortunately the only target platforms right now are Windows and Mac. When I release the full game, I will be looking into a linux port as well.

Thanks for playing! Glad you enjoyed it!

Hey man! 

Sorry for the late reply and sorry about those bugs. I'm not sure what would have caused that. 

Since the game is still in its earlier stages, I'm not going back to any legacy versions to fix previous bugs. This is because most of the time these bugs get fixed in a future version, so to go back and make sure every legacy version is 100% stable would be tedious.


Hello Galaxy,

Sorry for getting back to you a little bit late. The notifications on don't always come through for posts. Also, I'm sorry that you ran into this problem where it is unable to find the game. I've had issues with it before and thought I previously fixed it.

Here are a few solutions I found (not sure if they work) for a variety of Mac related issues just in case (and also for other people to see).

No Mountable File Systems:

Try running the following command in terminal. It simply allows apps downloaded from everywhere. Please tell me if you still have needed to use this command, since I have attempted to code sign most of the versions.

    sudo spctl --master-disable

Unable to find game:

This could be due to a few reasons. Firstly, if your MacOS is too old or outdated, consider updating your software. I am confident that it runs on High Sierra (10.14), but cannot yet confirm anything before this. I think there might have been a previous issue where the macOS was out of date and created this error.

Another reason might be your browser choice. Try downloading the file from a different browser.

If all else fails, then try using this mirror link from dropbox: Mirror Link Mac. This is the link to v3.02 and will most likely be removed once a new version comes out (at which point I hope this problem has been resolved).

On a smaller note I read somewhere that moving the file to your desktop might help, but I read it in an older thread, so it might not help anymore.

I would love to know the outcome of this issue, since this is not the first time I have encountered it and have tried to ix this before. You can always join the Discord server if you need more help. You can also DM me from discord at anytime and I will get back to you as soon as I can.

Hope one of these solutions help!


I am terribly sorry for the inconvenience that this game hasn't yet been translated into Chinese. However, the game has only been in development for 6 months and is still in the alpha phase of the game, so getting a Chinese translation out anytime soon is not a top priority.

That being said, I have considered support for multiple languages when this game is closer to completion. This could be another year or so depending on how I feel about the game.

However at this stage in the game development I cannot make any promises regarding something so far down the line. I will do my best to try and see what I can do when the time comes.

Once again, sorry for the inconvenience.


I'm really glad you enjoyed the game and the next update is gonna really be awesome.

  • Backtracking is not something I had initially planned for (kind of like most rogue-likes where once you finish a level you just move on). I'm not to sure about implementing this, but I'm also not gonna dismiss it to soon. I will be having this in the back of my mind and thinking over it.
  • Thanks for this bug report about the shield tech. I have heard some reports similar to this however the cause was unknown. It seems that I must have not added the tech back into your inventory. I would say that this is gonna be fixed in the next update, but the entire old tech system was removed, so I guess the problem is gonna go away.
  • It was only a matter of time before someone found it. Yes, its a bug and I totally forgot about it (just recently rediscovered it while doing a close cleanup). It was just supposed to be a one off thing to make things easier to test.
  • That is an interesting idea. The question mark choice can certainly be improved as well to not give you 2 of the same things in a row (especially the shop and forge).

Thanks for your feedback and support!

Hey man!

Firstly and fore mostly, I am so sorry that you feel this way. Games should feel fun and I apologise for any stress of frustration this game has caused.

I was quite surprised when I read your post when you mentioned how the game works. I think it is really interesting to see how sometimes RNG can mess with us. Truth is, there is really nothing under the hood. The value of your island displayed in the stats is simply for aesthetic purposes and it really does not affect the enemy generation. It is the same thing for item drops. Item drops don't have access to view your island and determine if you need a certain item or not. 

The one thing that exists to try and minimise the RNG in the game are the forge and shop, though the forge does a poor job of it right now and feels very random. The shop will always contain certain types of items so that if you are lacking in a certain item like floatrons or shields, you can fully rely that the shop will have them.

That being said, I have future plans to make the player feel less frustrated, since I am certain you are not the only player who feels this way. One thing that significantly hurts the game in terms of replay-ability is the lack of persistence between runs. I have plans in the next few months to add this basic feature and was actually gonna have some sort of permanence in the next big update. However there were some core changes that needed to be made that will significantly affect the game in the long term, so I have delayed it until those changes are complete, but it is still scheduled for being up next.

Thank you so much for sharing your feedback again! 


Thank you so much for your feedback! Yeah, when both players lose their drifters it very easily ends in a stalemate. 

There are a few solutions I have been considering. The first thing I want to get rid of is the enemy teleporting/map looping. Of course, there would need to be an out of bounds area on the sides as well but I would make the play area a whole lot larger so the size doesn't feel to small. 

That doesn't exactly directly address this issue, but this next idea might. I have been thinking about a surrender system, not only for enemies but for the player as well. Enemies might surrender when you are completely annihilating them or when maybe they have lost all horizontal or vertical thrust. The player would also have the option to surrender, though it would be more likely a "tactical retreat". They wouldn't lose a life but maybe they would lose some money and the player wouldn't advance and have to retry the enemy again.

Another change that might help is with weapon range. I have been thinking of removing the range for a damage drop-off system instead. That way if it ever comes down to only vertical thrust, you can still poke each other.

I could also make the warp core start with some vertical and horizontal thrust. Another simple solution would be to make a small game rule where you lose if you no longer have drifters (like the floatron rule).

While not all of these solutions will be implemented immediately in the next upcoming update, I will make sure to do my best and fix this infinite nothing gameplay. Thanks once again for this feedback! It really helps during these early stages of development.

With regards to Islands of War (outdated), in order to gain access to cheats (to my knowledge what the cheats are), put "Beta Tester" as your username. Word for word and letter for letter. It took me a while to go through my old source code to find what the codes were.

I am also aware that the game is left unfinished. It kind of died as time progressed and I lost interest in it. 

Now with respect to IIslands of War, you can find hints to the secret code in the previous devlog. Its hidden in a gif and it will be pretty obvious what you need to do once you see the word hidden in the clouds. It does NOT add any game content and simply unlocks my developer tools for further debugging (there's not much more that you need once you have the sandbox mode).

Hope this clarifies things up.

Sorry, could you elaborate what you mean by "starter"?

When you download each update, it is NOT a patch that gets added on to your current game. The downloaded file is the new version of the game. Treat each update as if you were downloading the game for the first time, so you will still need to unzip the files.

Hope this helps!


The secret code from the last devlog can be inputted anywhere in the game (preferably the menu so it won't mess anything else up). After you type in the code, press enter and you should gain access to a secret. After it has been activated, use ` to open and close it.

With regards to the "Beta Tester" code for the first game, I haven't touched the code in over 2 years so nothing should have changed and it should still work.

Hope this helps!

Hello! The game files have been updated here. In order to get the updated version, simply download the game update again(v3.02 is the latest as of writing this post). Then run the game like you normally would. You can also delete the old version at this point, since it is no longer going to be needed. Through most of the updates, I try not to change a lot with the save files so that you don't have to start the game all over again every update. I believe that all versions after 2.6 are compatible with the latest update (so you don't need to worry about starting over).

Alternatively, you can also use the app and it should keep the game automatically up to date.

TLDR; you need to re-download the full game every time there is an update.

Hope this helps!

Wow! Congratulations, the boss is supposed to be almost impossible to defeat. The reason he is so unbalanced is actually because I haven't developed anything for after the final boss. 

That being said, you have raised some excellent points. 

Firstly: attack patterns. Right now enemies might seem like they are firing all of their weapons simultaneously and it just gets chaotic. I could implement attack patterns so that similar weapon types fire around the same time, thus creating an "attack" that the player must learn to counter or avoid.

Secondly: specialty bosses. I am currently working on a series of updates that can greatly help with this so that enemies can take on a more niche role to test the players skill and ability.

Lastly: a ramming final boss. I have some plans to make the final boss more interesting and challenging without just stacking his health and damage. I'm thinking of a multi-staged boss whose behaviour changes as he loses health or even a few powerful but smaller bosses to fight simultaneously. If the player did have to fight multiple enemies then I could have three different classes (trireme-ramming, interceptor-fast, dreadnought-tank/damage).

Thank you so much for your feedback! I'm very glad you enjoyed the game.


Since I haven't worked on anything after the final boss (no cutscenes and stuff), the final bosses have currently been almost impossible to defeat. In the current version, if you simply get to the final boss you are doing very well already.

In the next update, which is sadly a far ways off, I will be making major reworks. Hopefully in this process, it will smoothen out most of the enemies, even though I will be keeping a close eye out for enemy balance.

Just wondering, what do you think is the cause of the enemies being too easy? Is it their island design or their behaviour that is messing them up most of the time? 

Thanks for your feedback!


I haven't heard of this before, but I shall take a look into it.

Thanks for the report!


Thanks for reporting this. Someone has previously reported that leaving the game after the defeat screen does not refund your life. I have fixed this for the next update coming in the next 24 hours.

Thanks again for the report!

Hi there,

It appears for a small amount of time and blends very nicely. Don't worry if you can't find it. It doesn't add any new content to the game at all.

Good luck (if you're still looking).


The color is a slight change from the background. Don't worry if you can't find it, it doesn't add anything to the game. 

Good luck hunting!

Possibly :)

Hey there!

Creative mode hasn't been publicly announced mainly due to the fact that creative mode takes away from the thrill of finding all the items yourself.

That being said, simply hold space while creating a new game to enable creative mode.

Have fun!

Hello! Thanks for the report! Yeah, that can be a problem now. I shall have that fixed for the next update.

Thanks again!

Another hint? One of the first three gifs. The pause isn't a gif btw.


The secret code doesn't unlock any extra game content, but it does give you a special tool that you can play around with. It's not really for entertainment as it is a developer tool, but you can still mess around with it a bit. 

Its hidden in a gif,  visible for a very short time and is written in massive letters. Good luck!

Hi there!

Multiple people have asked for previous versions of the game and I have told them all the same thing. I am not distributing previous versions of the game since the game is still in its alpha phase. The reason for this is that some of the older versions are incredibly buggy and crash (a lot). I also wouldn't want to receive bug reports from older versions that may have been fixed in a newer version. Feel free to personally keep all the versions you have downloaded, I can't stop you there, but as the developer I am not going to be handing out the previous version downloads just yet.

That being said, I have left v1.0 up which was the game jam version. Also, when the game gets a full release, I might also release a full release of every single version I have worked on (I have a large archive by now and its only gonna get larger).

Thanks for asking!


From what I have found, in v2.7 movement was a little slow. In v2.93 movement is a little too fast. I am actively working now to find a good balance where you don't feel slow, but you don't travel at light speed either (same for enemies).

With regards to the difficulty of the game, I think I might have a small solution to that in the next update. Yes, the game is meant to be hard, but so hard that you will never ever beat the final boss. So I'm gonna work on balancing the difficulty out.

Thanks for your feedback!


An endless mode is being planned and is the next big set of updates once I finish everything I need to do with movement (could be another month or two). It's gonna be massive and have a lot of cool things and will probably be coming in different parts like the movement updates have been.

I personally can't wait for it, but one thing at a time is what I keep having to tell myself to stay on track with what is best for the game.


Just start typing in the code (or whatever the code might mean). It should be mostly self explanatory if you have the correct code. After you have finished entering the code, press enter and then you will unlock a super special secret.

Congratulations on figuring it out! Hope it wasn't too difficult but not a walk in the park either!

*Typo in the last message, i meant there will be something extra after the final boss, not main menu.

Either way, the something extra is a surprise (I do love surprises) and so you are gonna trust me when I add some "super special secret changes".

Thanks for following this game! There is so much I have in store!

Hmm. That strategy does seem to be a bit overpowered. Let me see what I can do to tweak that.

Hi there!

The servo motor is a legendary tech that increases the rotation speed of weapons.

Google Translated message:

Hello author, this update I found a very interesting thing. When I was above the enemy, the enemy would commit suicide by pushing the bottom border because of the recoil of the weapon, and it was very easy to do. This clearance is very easy haha.


I really really tried making enemies suicide as little as possible but they are still really really dumb. I will work on giving them a little more common sense so they just don't die on you.

Glad you enjoyed the update and thanks for the feedback!

(1 edit)

Google Translated Message:

I really like this game. I really hope that the author will get better and better. I have some ideas and suggestions. I don't know if the developer will accept it:

1. Cancel the upper and lower boundaries and the gravity system to change to the regional boundary. For example, a circular boundary allows the player to freely move up and down in the area.

2. Change the reward mechanism and construction mechanism, and change the collection of ore resources so that players can use their own ore and resources to build weapons and squares, such as destroying the enemy's squares or parts, dropping ore and resources, or in the map area. Set up mines to mine and collect through damage or certain specific equipment.

3. Change the mechanism of weapons, shields, and energy. The cooling time of the weapon is cancelled and replaced with the amount of ammunition, the speed of shooting, and the speed of changing the bomb. Ammunition can be built on its own using ore or some of the resources collected. Energy and shields can also be provided by consuming ore or resources.

4. Expand the degree of freedom of the map, the player can freely enter and exit the map, so that if the ammunition is finished, you can choose to retreat. This is more humane, and there is a reason to know that it is hard to beat the hard bar. If you don't want the player to retreat so easily, you can increase the mechanism of the enemy's pursuit or the withdrawal penalty mechanism.

The above four are my personal ignorance, I don't know if the developer can adopt it. My ability to express is a bit poor, and some places may not be clearly expressed. If I can, I will summarize it and send a document to the developer.

Finally, I wish the developer the better.


It was really really interesting to read your post. I did get help from some friends who speak Chinese to clarify up some of the points where the translation seems sketchy. So heres my response to your four points.

1. This was a very interesting one to think about. While I don't exactly think a circular boundary is the solution, I do agree that there is a weird issue with how the map works right now, especially with the whole looping thing going on. MY plans in the future is to have players be able to explore a large area. If the area is a shop or loot then they cold go around looking for a friendly island or a loot box floating around to interact with.

2. From the sounds of this, it sounds like you want me to create crafting items that serve no purpose on the island, but can be forged and crafted into the blocks and items on your island. Then you would earn these items instead and probably have more control over your island design. That part could actually work in a much future update (you'll see what I mean when we get there). As for setting up mines, it takes away from the rogue like feel to the game and turns it more into a survival game.

3. Ammunition, my old friend... Early in the original prototype development a basic ammo system was actually in place for your floatrons. You would have a certain amount of fuel and when it ran out, your floatrons just stopped working and you died. It felt pretty terrible. A day before I would submit the prototype, I woke up with this crazy idea: what would happen if we removed fuel from the game? Turns out, the game became immensely more fun and infinitely less frustrating. With regards to weapon ammunition, I'm not exactly sure how that will impact the game, but I feel a player has enough to worry about already without having to think about stocking up on ammunition and fuel.

4. This one is interesting because of an update I have been planning basically since the start of the game. Firstly,  a surrender option would be cool, or just some way to forfeit the rewards and move on but take a life of damage. Secondly, I feel that this kind goes back to point 1. If the map was made bigger, and you could explore it, I would most probably remove the looping feature so that if you wanted to retreat, you could just run away like a little coward. 

Thank you so much for your feedback and suggestions! You have given me quite a lot to consider and I really like thought provoking comments like this! 

(edited for chinese translation):









I gotta say, it is an incredible honour that someone would even compare my game to an awesome game such as Cosmoteer! Thanks for that.

Technically, there is a creative mode in the game. If you join the discord and ask around, I'm pretty sure someone will be more than happy to share all the little secrets about the game! I would put it here, but then everybody can see it and it wouldn't be so much of a secret anymore.

But an official creative mode is being dreamt up. Its not exactly creative mode, but if you play long enough you should have all the items to where is basically counts as creative. So something like a sandbox with progression.

Thanks for your feedback and I'm glad you enjoyed it!


Glad you enjoyed playing this game! Yes! I have some fun little plans to do something after the main menu. Some sort of congrats for playing and stuff. Also just in case you were wondering, there is gonna be something cool that you can do outside of these "campaign runs" that should really add a lot of fun to the game.

Thanks for the feedback! Join the discord server if you want a whole lot more updates!


Thanks for reporting the bug! However, I have tried replicating this and cannot seem to do so. I put sand on my island and when I erased it all, the sand went back to the inventory. Could you send a screenshot or provide more details so that I can fix the problem.

Thanks a ton!

Translated message (with Google Translate):

I really like this game if you can have more languages, especially China.

Hi there!

Support for multiple languages will probably be in the game, but it will not be anytime soon due to the fact that the game is still very much in its alpha stage. The entire gameplay experience hasn't been fully developed yet.

I hope you are still able to mostly get the hang of the game and still enjoy it!

Translated message(with Google Translate):


游戏可能会支持多种语言,但由于游戏仍处于alpha阶段,因此不会很快。 整个游戏体验尚未完全开发。


Hi there!

I'm working on these updates as fast as I can.

With regards for there being nothing to do, I have a solution in one of these next upcoming updates. Its gonna be a massive change that will make the game a whole lot more replayable. This game is currently in its alpha phase so there are a lot more cool changes to come!

Thanks for your support and patience through these updates!


The game seems to have problems running on the 2015 MacBook Pros. I'm not exactly sure what the cause is but you can try downloading it with another browser or updating your OS (but you are updated to Mojave so this is for all the other people with this problem). 

If you haven't yet, you can also try typing this in your terminal:

sudo spctl --master-disable

What this does is allows apps downloaded from anywhere, as this option was removed from the security and privacy settings a while back.

Hope this helps!


There is a super secret sandbox in the game, and it doesn't require you to edit the save file or anything strange like that. Simply hold the space bar while creating a new game until the transition to the map is complete and voila, items for days. As the game developer though, I will warn you that playing the sandbox takes the fun out of discovering new items in the game and figuring out what they do. But, chances are you have probably already found all the new items since it looks like you've been playing for a while and gotten to the final boss.

Hope this answered the question and enjoy!

Hi there!

I am changing the movement calculations for speed and acceleration so that you will not need so many floatrons as the game progresses. This will also make it so that your maximum speed can be increased simply by adding more thrust. These changes will be in the next update.

However, floatrons will always be sold in shops! This slightly reduces the RNG and of course, you can always try to forge them.

Thanks for the feedback! I will keep an eye on the floatron drop rate as more and more modules are added to the game.