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I randomly stumbled upon this game by using Google Lens on a screenshot of one of my indie games and this game turned up. I'm not even a part of this jam but I gotta say, it was really fun playing this. Tentacles were awesome! Great work!

Its okey! The reason it was implemented is because people were accidentally wiping their progress by clicking new game. 

As for the tech, use the forge. Put the tech in the top slots and the item in the bottom. 

Hope this helps!

Hold down the new game button

Got it even closer XD

Very cool 3d effect! Nice job!

This was amazing in every sense of the word! Great job!

Fish move so fast, my rad tadpoles are invincible!!!

I waited for the AI to get 100 points and nothing happened. :(

My favorite was actually the turret malfunction because it was so hard to aim!

Crazy movement mechanic, I like it!

Thanks for the feedback!

Wow! I learned quite a bit from watching you play, and should have probably included some sort of basic controls somewhere in the game with a brief explanation of what is happening. The part that wasn't explained (and not visually represented either) was that you accelerate faster when you fire. 

Thanks for playing! 

There is an unavoidable crash in sector 9 (about 5 mins into the game). is a link to the fixed version if you want to challenge yourself to get to the 25th sector which is basically impossible without a masters degree in astrophysics, two PHD's in rocket science, and a Nobel Peace Prize in having nothing to do.

So that's where my luck has been going! All of my applications get denied! XD Thanks for the feedback! It was really hard to get the "out of control" feel while still making the controls feel nice.

Yeah unfortunately, I only caught this half an hour after the jam. There's an alternate link on the game page if you really really want to keep playing though. There are still like 6-7 really cool enemy ships that spice the game up after that point.

Sorry that the phrasing of the HTML5 game leads to confusion. You need to go an manually download the game from the links. The browser game is just something to do after you have started the download. 

Hope this clarifies things up. 

Orbit around Earth and save it from catastrophic destruction from asteroids! Change your orbit to speed up and slow down. Shoot down the asteroids before they end humanity!


W/S or Up/Down to change speed and orbit

Space or Mouse click to shoot

Shift + F - Fullscreen

Shift + Enter - Restart

Shift + Escape - Exit


The version is no longer receiving updates. The game will still continue to stay updated on Steam though.

You can extract the game to wherever you want.

There is a download file on the game's page.

Unfortunately, that isn't possible. The game already experiences lag when playing a native executable, so the performance on a browser would be significantly worse. In addition, the compiler for the browser will cause the game to behave very differently than to the native applications. Also touch support and screen resizing would become issues, and with the launch of Steam, these would just be distractions.

Hope you understand.


The game shouldn't take long to load at all, unless you are waiting around for the web version. The web version is simply a fun little thing to play around with, and will not load the actual game. 

Hope this helps

Thank you very much! I am really glad you enjoyed it, especially for someone that has been playing since v1.0!

Hello, this is most certainly a bug, and I thought I ironed out a similar bug during testing. Thanks for the report!


Apologies for not getting back to you sooner, this comment slipped my inbox somehow. More details will be coming within the week with more specifics about Steam, but to summarize ahead of time, the game will cost $10 on Steam, with a launch discount of 20%. There will also be various methods where you will be able to get a free key to the game, so stay tuned!

Hope this answers your question!


Glad you enjoyed it! 

Yes there is a reason the game is ia pkg and not a dmg. I haven’t figured out why, but Gamemaker games that get put into a dmg just dont work anymore. An “unable to find game” error shows up and crashes the game on start up. So after a long while I figured that packages dont have the same effect and so that what I’m doing. 



I am terribly sorry that the Exploration Update has taken so long, yes it has been 8 months. Currently I am working on the 3rd iteration of the update, since I was not satisfied at all with the design of the first two and let to unfun gameplay experiences.

I am nearing the end of the update, and there are just a few final things and a lot of bug fixes that need to be implemented. I have set a deadline for myself to better help me so I don't drag out this update any longer, and the Exploration Update will be releasing before the end of the month.

Thanks so much for your patience! 

Yes, I will be adding an ending scene sometime.


There isn't any way to speed up this process, you're gonna need to repeat the process 20 times.

There are some items in the game that are seasonal event items. Shieldstones are apart of the Halloween season and will only drop during that time of the year. The only seasons with special items are currently Halloween and Christmas, but I totally want to add in more of them.

Hello! Its so nice to hear your feedback! While the comments sections is a good place to do it, the Discord server is a whole lot better. I suggest you check it out. Now for your questions, suggestions and criticisms:

Who did the voice for the story?

This game was initially made for a small 3 week game jam, so I did the voicing. The lore has changed during the development of the exploration update, so the cutscene has been removed. 

What determines an enemy's class?

Well actually, enemy class is chosen first and then a bunch of items are selected based on that class and given to the island generator. I have reworked the enemy generator so that classes will have a specific set of items to choose from. This speeds up enemy generation and also gives me more control over difficulty. 

Are there any unobtainable items?

Pink items are of the “glitched” rarity. These items are primarily designed for enemies to use and can only be obtained by hacking the game or going into sandbox(hold the spacebar when making a new game)

What does durability do?

Durability percentage affects how much collision damage the block will take. An item with no durability will take 100% collision damage while an item with 25% durability will only take 75% collision damage.

Some weapons, like the ternion go outside of the block they are on when rotating, is this intentional?

No this isnt intentional, but it happens. I don’t see this as a very big issue. 

How are the costs of forging items together determined?

This has changed since the last public update, however it has to do with the value of your items and possibly rarity. 

How many devs are there?

Its just me. The growing community on Discord keeps me going or else I would have dropped this game a long time ago. 

Why does the title of this game (IIslands of War) have 2 "I"'s?

IIslands of War was entered for a game jam with the theme “Unnescesary Sequels”. A few years prior I had made a game called Islands of War, so naturally the second installment of this game had to have been called IIslands of War. 

Make certian tech equipment be unable to fuse into certian items. 

I see your point here. I recently updated some visuals with the forge so that if a tech is just useless, it will be highlighted red and a note is displayed saying the tech isnt doing anything. Could I just prevent you from putting in the item in the first place? Yeah, but if you wanna add mass to your island(for some strange reason) i gotte let you do that as well.

Make a new mode where you can choose a class and have it affect drop rates. 

Interesting idea. I’m focusing on getting one good game mode out for now, so additional modes would be a long long way off(give it a few years). 

Shops are pricey. 

Yeah, they are. If you’ve played long enough, you will sometimes see an item going on a massive discount. But the price of choice is high. Thanks for bringing this up, I will take a second look at the prices nearing the end of the update. 

Treasure doesn’t have amazing loot. 

Treasure is a funny location because there is 0 risk and it always gives a reward. Usually, it should give worse loot with an occasional amazing item just so that you bever really know what you’re gonna get which adds to the fun. 

Make a shield block/module. 

Shields are an amazing item. They block projectile damage and can completely deny energy weapons. Making them a building forces you to strategically play around it. Its a massive weak spot and I intend to keep it that way. Also, enemies would be very very annoying if they got their hands on that. 

Instructions on how to get sandbox mode. 

Sandbox mode was initially only added for me to test out all the items without having to play the entire game. It was never really intended to be a full feature, and I think it spoils the whole fun of finding and exploring. That being said, I will probably only announce the sandbox mode officially when full support comes with it. 

Weakling Difficulty

Thanks for this feedback. I will consider this when reinplementing the difficulty levels. 

Enemy Boosting Abuse

Enemy boosting was one of those features that looked amazing on paper, but was able to be exploited miserably. This is still one of the game’s greatest problems. Enemy boosting has been removed entirely from the exploration update. One of the ways i have worked to combat kiting abuse is by adding in a complete relative velocity to the projectiles. This combined with a projectile life (measured in seconds) has helped a bit. 

Thank you so much for all your feedback. If I wasn’t clear enough, feel free to direct message me on Discord. The server is also a great place if you want to have a real big impact on the game, I try to stay open to most ideas during this alpha phase. 



U w U 

Love your username!


What platform are you using?

Congrats! There really isn't anything after you beat the final boss unfortunately. You can start a new sandbox game by holding .down space while making a new game.

Sorry that there isn't an ending to the game.

Hello again!

It is really nice to see players sticking around, even a while without updates.

Due to the lack of testing in the last update, the game has been extremely easy to beat by simply running away and firing backwards. This was not an intended play style and  really takes away all the strategy elements of the game that make it really awesome.

Yes, I am also aware of some forging bugs that can occur when you use certain tech like the ammunition box or rocket propellant, and am actually working on forge changes this coming week, so I will bear it in mind.

If you thought the last update was awesome, this next update is going to blow your mind! Pretty much every system in the game has gotten an upgrade! Looking back its actually crazy how many changes there have been. 

Thanks once again! It really is because of players like you that I am able to keep doing what I am doing!

Thank you!

It is quite possible that I have a massive memory leak in the game. I'm not working on this game for fixes or updates so it is what it is.

As for not being able to attach parts onto other parts, I tried that. However it requires recursive collision connection checking and it would have taken way to long to implement given the time constraint. It was purely a technical design but I think it turned out to be a good restriction

Glad you enjoyed the game!

The timer being rest is intentional so you have time to test out your ship. The oversight is you can farm asteroids.


Thanks for your great feedback and the bug report! The console was built primarily as the start for giving players like you the ability to have more and more access to some developer tools (and also to give me access to them as well), and reverse recoil weapons are a great example of the console creating some interesting gameplay mechanics.

Enemy boosting was a good change from looping enemies, but unfortunately, it led to the extremely overpowered strategy where you can just run and kite the enemies indefinitely. I seriously overlooked the impact enemy boosts would have. 

If you have any more ideas, the discord server is a great place to hear what other people are thinking as well, and I really rely on the community to help me guide the game in the best direction, especially as the next update is being developed.

Thanks again!