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Great soundtrack!

I felt this way about spawning as well. But an if statement to check if the spawn was too close to the player would have sent my line count to just over 100. Really appreciate the feedback.

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My personal best is 4350. Try and beat that!

Thanks for the feedback and I'm really glad you enjoyed the game.

 I have had an update in development for a while now that comes out with more levels and more enemies. I am also trying to find a better way of loading levels so that I can easily include community created content. Unfortunately I have been incredibly busy with schoolwork, but the update should be coming out in the next couple weeks when I find some time to polish it off.

With regards to means of communicating with me, you can drop me an email at jwiggs.dev@gmail.com. 

Thanks for your interest!

Thanks for your feedback. Since I don't really have much feedback on this game, every bit has a huge impact on the updates and priorities I have for the game. Every little bit goes a long way. Thank you for also bringing up the story aspect. I have been trying to work a way to incorporate an overarching narrative in this game. I think that there is the general idea that you are escaping from a lab, but the why is not there. I was planning on finishing the story as one of the last polishes, but your comment has made me think(in a great way) that the story should be tied to my future enemy and level design.

I'm glad someone is checking out the devlog as well. I mostly update it so I can see what I have accomplished in the past week and what I would like to accomplish in the following weeks.

Once again, thanks for your valuable feedback.

Thanks for the feedback. I have been getting some comments from friends as well about the first couple of levels being a little mechanically tough and not directly intuitive. In Alpha 6, I made some changes to the help tips displayed at the bottom of the screen to be more helpful. So they no longer just tell you what to do but also offer some tips and tricks to clearing some levels.

Tip: Hold S until you reach a maximum height and then jump at your highest point.

Glad you enjoyed.

Thank you so much for the encouragement. I still have a lot of work to do on this game(check out the devlog). Great idea to promote my game on kongregate as well. I have plans to put this game on Steam hopefully by the end of this year.

In my early play testing after the submission, I found that the one hit death was a terrible mechanic. This would require you to play the level perfectly which was incredibly difficult. This issue has been dealt with in the upcoming update, due to release in the next couple of days. and by dealt with I mean that you take damage and some knock back when getting hit, but don't have to restart. 

I have reworked double jumping after looking at some online sites about creating good platforms. You will literally have two jumps when you are on the ground, enabling you to slide off the edge, fall a little and then still jump twice.

I admit the final level was way to difficult. I myself only beat it once or twice. Thanks for your input! Glad you found this game fun. 

The issue is that i didn't take the time to do all of the signing and mac stuff in order as an identified developer. Simple but sketchy fix: http://osxdaily.com/2016/09/27/allow-apps-from-anywhere-macos-gatekeeper/

I got it to work after following these steps:

  1. Quit out of System Preferences
  2. Open the Terminal app from the /Applications/Utilities/ folder and then enter the following command syntax:
  3. sudo spctl --master-disable

  4. Hit return and authenticate with an admin password
Created a new topic Future Changes Maybe?

I really loved this game. Great idea, good execution. At first, I kept missing all my attacks, but once you play a few times, you start to get the hang of it. Got a couple sweet combos.

I'm pretty sure you have thought about this but it would be great to see your health whilst in a battle and not leave the battle once you miss. Maybe have a "flee" or "run away" button to leave the battle.

Thats all from me. Overall a lovely game to play. Great job!

This looks like an interesting game, but I cant run the program because the VCRUNTIME140.dll is missing. Tried to reinstall the program, but nothing changed.

Interesting game idea. GameMaker can do a lot more than this though. Its a great start though!

Check out my game made with GameMaker: https://itch.io/jam/XJam2016/rate/76701

Hope my game inspires you to go to greater heights with your next game. :)

The graphic bug has been fixed. Please give the game another shot. Thank you FireWeb365 and HikkeNikke for sharing the error with me.

This is a pretty sweet game idea. I like the idea of farming on floating islands. Great job for making it in 5 days. :)

By the way, my game Islands of War is fixed. There was a bug that messed with the graphics scaling. Hope you check it out again.

Here's the link: https://itch.io/jam/XJam2016/rate/76701

Hello guys,

I quickly updated the game so that there are now more enemies. Just re download the game to have the new content.

Have fun playing!

Hey there! I saw this game and it is pretty cool. One small question though. Is it made with Game Maker? No problem with using GM and I develop using it too. If it is, then this is a fine example of how amazing it can be. What gave it away? The loading screen. nothing wrong with the default loading screen(I use it too). Just wanted to tell you you are doing a good job! Keep it up.

Created a new topic Theme/GM2/Platforms

Hey guys,

Just wondering what the theme was. Couldn't find it. Maybe cuz the jam only started 15 mins ago.

Also, is it okay to use GM Studio 2? Its still Game Maker so I think its fine.

Lastly, which platform would you like us to export to. Windows or HTML5?


Thanks for the competition. I really needed some inspiration for a new game and the floating islands theme was perfect. I think I'm still gonna work on this game after the competition.

I had a ton of fun and I hope you do this again!

Created a new topic Islands of War Graphics Bug

Hello Everybody,

If you have played my game Islands of War, you would have noticed that the graphics are not scaled correctly depending on what screen resolution you play on.

It has been fixed and you can now correctly play the game without the bug.

Link to the game: https://itch.io/jam/XJam2016/rate/76701

Thanks for playing!