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tile-matching game on a hexagonal grid
Submitted by JoeStrout — 20 hours, 14 minutes before the deadline
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That was a nice zen game. Not difficult but not too easy either. I really did enjoy kicking back and making connections. I'd love to see it with are in place of the letters. Great work.


Thanks for the feedback!


Nice twist on mahjong! I liked searching for the two connecting pieces, though all of them being letters made it a little unpleasant on the eyes. Could've used different colors for each letter-hex maybe? Though I get you probably wanted to avoid influencing the art style for part 2. The mechanic itself is fun though!

The pieces drawing lines in every direction to find each other was an interesting mechanic, but I wish it was a bit faster.

The game seems quite easy - I tried to play it in three different styles (first an "optimized" style, then choosing only the nearest matching pieces, then just starting in a corner and going from there)  - didn't lose once. I don't have a problem with it though because it would be pretty frustrating to clear most of the board only to found out you made a mistake way back and can't beat it.

I played mostly the windows version, but tested the online version - it took about 5 minutes to load, and seemed to be stuck near the end of the loading forever, but worked after that.

When you go back to the main menu, the level music keeps playing on top of the menu music.

(PS. These are probably horrible suggestions, but due to similarity to mahjong you could've named the game "Hexjong", "Mahhex" or "MahJoe" :P)


Thanks for the feedback and suggestions!  Yeah, it's a pretty hard game to actually lose, but you can always try to maximize your score (look for long connections) or time.  I haven't seen the bug with the level music playing on top of the main menu music; thanks for pointing that out!


This was simple but fun, good job.  I found the font a little difficult at times, but since the art is intended to be replaced it's not that big of a deal.


Thanks for the feedback!  I bet a good artist will improve it substantially. :)


Fun puzzler, reminds me of the tile matching "Mahjong" games. I like the animation when matching pieces, especially far apart ones. Only criticism is it seems a little easy and victory felt inevitable (although you can chase high scores).


Thanks for the feedback!