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It was very hard to skewer anything, I'm not sure where the pickup location actually is.

The bouncy movement was interesting but I wish it was easier to see when I was hitting the floor.

Your game doesn't seem to want to load all the way.  This looks like a problem I have had, so here is what I did: In Unity, go to Project Settings, Player, Settings for WebGL, Publishing Settings.  Change Compression Format to Gzip.  Rebuild and reupload. Maybe it will work for you too.

This looks like a problem I have had, so here is what I did: In Unity, go to Project Settings, Player, Settings for WebGL, Publishing Settings.  Change Compression Format to Gzip.  Rebuild and reupload. Maybe it will work for you too.

The aiming on the controller switches up and down, and attack doesn't seem to work, but the movement is pretty fun.

In Unity, go to Project Settings, Player, Settings for WebGL, Publishing Settings.  Change Compression Format to Gzip.  Rebuild and reupload. I had a similar problem and this fixed it.

Thanks for playing! Mead is great, I wish it was more popular.

This game was super fun, I beat easy mode and then tried hard mode like three times but I couldn't beat it.

Thank you for playing!

That was really good. The music and sounds in the second bit sound quite nice together when I can click in time with the beat.

I wanted it to feel a bit like moving in liquid. Thanks for playing.

Some of these levels are super hard, but I like being able to hang off your hat. Nice work.

This idea is simple but effective.  It was really hard to get into some of the narrow lanes.  I'm glad you had the counter at the top for tracking how much was left.

Thanks for playing! I'm glad you were able to finish, finding the right difficulty can be very hard.

Thanks for playing.

Thank you for playing.

Thanks for playing!

That's pretty much what I was going for. Thanks for playing!

Interesting idea.  The compass directions seemed pretty irrelevant to actually getting around though, I was just wandering around over a whole floor until I found the person.  The way the camera moves up and down in the platforming areas is not good, it should follow more smoothly.  Also please give the ability to do shorter jumps by holding the button for a shorter time.  Making the player walk slower when energy is low feels bad when there's no way to restore it. The UI covers the top of the screen so much that it hides exits that are up there.  The graphics are pretty nice, especially considering the low resolution, and you did a good job coming up with enough different stuff to find in a business building that the rooms don't look too repetitive.  I also like all the name references.

Thanks for playing! The yellow hexagons (honey) are just required to finish the level. The red circles (fruit) are required for the level and give you a life.

This is a neat game, even though it made me a bit sad.  The art looks nice, but I wish that the alerts were a bit bigger, there were a couple of people who I didn't even see had popped up until they were dying.  And as you say, it can be very hard.  Maybe try limiting the range between sequential pop ups so you don't get people at opposite ends at the same time.

Thank you for playing!

Nice job! It would be cool if sometimes you could get a laser blast card to shoot though the rocks.

If you have too many ships it gets very laggy. Thanks for playing!

This is a silly game.  Maybe you could have the orders show up in the UI or make the room smaller, because wandering around trying to find the customers was the least fun part.  The music is a funny contrast.

Thanks for playing.

Thanks for trying it out. What kind of juice would you have enjoyed?

Nice game.  My biggest issue was with the balance. It was very easy until I got to a level with a whole bunch of enemies and then I died very quickly.  I like the chess enemies, since it's easy to understand how they move.

Thanks for playing!

Fun idea, and the music is very fitting.

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This is a fun idea, and I don't think it's really too complicated, but the controls are a bit awkward and it's very difficult to aim at the space you want.  Maybe use mouse control for stuff like that next time?  I like how the music gets faster so it sounds more tense.

Sometimes I would get crushed even though there wasn't a wall to block me.  It was fun when I made a jump off a clone's head and then got to see that repeated later.

The disappearing blocks don't have their own look because I wouldn't use them much even if I was making a longer version of the game.  The one I have is to try to smooth out the learning curve.  These puzzles are easier with fewer blocks in them, so removing a block is always the right call.  There's no real choice to make; it's pretty much just another level.  

Actually, if I had more time, one of the things I would have added is an indigo block disappearing animation.  Then when you start a level, an indigo block in the shape of the previous level would disappear, to really get that nested feeling going. 

This ended up being a bit long, I hope it all made sense.  Thanks for playing!

Thanks for playing; I'm glad the challenge was at a good pace for you.

I'm glad you had fun; thanks for playing.

Thanks for the feedback!

This is a neat idea.  I would like it if it was more about setting up the levels in advance. You could set whether or not a spring activates when the ball passes it, instead of the player activating it during the run.  That's just personal preference though.  Being able to switch between following the ball and moving the camera freely was a good idea. Nice work!

This is a cool concept.  I think you did a really good job making the levels look projected.  If you keep working on the game later I will take another look.

Interesting idea, although not really a puzzle game.  The screen shake and sounds got a bit annoying after a while, especially the cooling sound.  It would be nice to move to different levels after some amount of time or coins collected.