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Submitted by TaftPunk — 1 hour, 22 minutes before the deadline
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Technical Implementation#93.4173.417

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I didn't write the music and I didn't make the sound effects.

Did you do any challenges? If so, list them here.
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I really liked the concept of puzzles within puzzles introduced by the indigo blocks. I might make those indigo blocks different colors/designs when the puzzle types changed. For example, solving the indigo puzzle makes it totally disappear in one level, but in the next level rearranging the blocks in the indigo level makes them appear that way in the meta-level.  Since these indigo blocks function in two different ways, it might be helpful for them to have a different visual design and/or different names.

As other reviewers have said, I really like how you keep building on the basic premise and steadily add new mechanics. Fun game!


The disappearing blocks don't have their own look because I wouldn't use them much even if I was making a longer version of the game.  The one I have is to try to smooth out the learning curve.  These puzzles are easier with fewer blocks in them, so removing a block is always the right call.  There's no real choice to make; it's pretty much just another level.  

Actually, if I had more time, one of the things I would have added is an indigo block disappearing animation.  Then when you start a level, an indigo block in the shape of the previous level would disappear, to really get that nested feeling going. 

This ended up being a bit long, I hope it all made sense.  Thanks for playing!


Not at all too long, thanks for explaining!

Submitted (1 edit)

Fun and challenging! I like how you continued to expand on the mechanics throughout the game. It kept the experience interesting.


Thanks for playing; I'm glad the challenge was at a good pace for you.


Wow that first level was a doozie, but I'm glad I finished it because the mechanics you add throughout made this game super unique! I really loved solving puzzles within the puzzles :D.


I'm glad you had fun; thanks for playing.


it was good, the controls felt a little bit sloppy but it was ok


Thanks for playing.  Could you give a little more detail about what felt sloppy?


It was lagging for me, might just be because i am using a slower machine.


Another awesome take on a classic concept. I had fun playing the game, but my brain hurts from trying to keep up with all the changing elements of the puzzle. Great job! Oh, and the music is perfect!


Thanks for playing; I'm glad you enjoyed it.