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Fiendish ThievesView game page

Spooky Fun FMV Game
Submitted by Lets go to the grindhouse (@nickFMVdev) โ€” 22 hours, 31 minutes before the deadline
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CriteriaRankScore*Raw Score
Sound Design#463.0003.000
Enjoyment (Best Game)#602.8182.818

Ranked from 11 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

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Very entertaining experience, despite a few confusing points and minor bugs! The acting is great and the characters are perfectly campy! Nice job!


Teed! TED! 

That thing aside, good game <3


Did you find him?


noup ;-;

I wish I could but idk why in that scene I couldn't do other thing than search for him and when I did it was just the same scene again and again. There were also times were the action buttons didn't function. 


I'll look into unresponsive buttons but to find ted its 

Top Left, Reality Check, Reality Check, Bottom Right.

Thanks for the support and feedback


Really entertaining! Haven't played too many FMV games and certainly haven't come across many in the past, so this was definitely pretty refreshing. This had a pretty nice balance of horror and humor. It was absolutely fun playing and watching this with a group of friends. Great job!


Glad to see another fellow Tyranobuilder user! I'm guessing a fellow UK dweller too? Haha.

I love stuff like this! Really need to play more FMVs cos I adore story-focused games with choices in general :3 

It's great that you were able to find a use for the footage in the end cos it would've been a huge shame for it to just go to waste!

I'd love to be involved in making this kinda thing myself, but I don't have the resources :(

The reality checks were a nice touch, pretty entertaining :D Eww to cheese flavoured popcorn, haha, I'll take sweet & salty myself x3


thanks yes Tyranobuilder is surprisingly great for FMV it's possibly the easiest engine for FMV I'll keep using it for my smaller  projects but I've found a fairly good method in unity now too so I might do my next one in that. And yep another UK person. Thanks for years I never thought this footage would see the light of day so it's great how well it works as a game 

Submitted (1 edit) (+1)

Really nice FMV game! I liked a lot the atmosphere!

I found the acting, editing and filming good!

Some reality checks were quite funny :D

However I had an issue, when sometimes I couldn't select the action that I wanted.

Overall nice work!


thanks for your comments do you know which scenes in particular you had the issues selecting so I can see if I can make those ones a bit easier 


For the issue, it seemed to be random, but it happened more particularly after a stair sequence.


The graphics are too realistic its amazing, I loved his choice of snack.


An interesting experience. I liked how the mood changed between scary and funny between those reality checks.


i love the way it goes from horror to humor, this has become one of my favorite FMV games


Thanks Glad you enjoyed it. We where going for Humor wanted it to be Home Alone with Monsters so a nice bit of Slapstick in there too 

Shortfilm fun!