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The aesthetics was extremely well done here! I love how the game takes after Castlevania a bit with using the chain as a weapon. Hitting enemies felt really satisfying too! If I had to complain about anything though, it was a little hard to see what parts of the level were platforms sometimes. Aside from that, game felt short and sweet! Great job!

Oh, there actually is music! Maybe your volume was too low? It starts playing after your exit the lantern room.

Love the atmosphere! I'll admit, like almost everyone else here, that the first thing I did was look right at the moon- and wow is that beautiful. Played through it again and got the real ending too of course. The visuals and the sound design were perfect. Really good job with the game!

Ohh, that makes sense. I'll be sure to make some adjustments after the jam should you want to check it out again.

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Very cool art style! I definitely appreciate the hand drawn style a lot! Gameplay started getting a little tricky later on though, and the enemy hitboxes didn't feel really fair a lot of times, but still an enjoyable experience. Good job!

That was gross and cool! Shame it was so short though. Good work!

Some really challenging puzzles! I really liked the way how separating from the other character gave me so much anxiety. The music was amazing too! I loved the Silent Hill vibes I got from it. 

The story wasn't too engaging though. I beat the game and got the bad ending, but despite the intrigue of a secret ending, I wasn't all too hooked into the story to really want to do everything again for it. 

That aside though, the overall presentation was very nice, and I enjoyed completing each puzzle the first time. Great job on the game!

Great work on the visuals! Combined with the sound, this game gave me really dreadful vibes (in a good way) during the flesh house segment. Love the squishy sound effects whenever dialogue pops up too. The enemies were really creepy too. I loved how the screen blurred nearby a certain enemy.

The gameplay during the first part was pretty confusing though. I wasn't sure how to feed the pets at first so I kept pressing E at everything until something happened. I think that glitched the game too, because I couldn't feed the dog even though I interacted with the dog food. I restarted and it worked the second time though. Also, when I walked over a bandage item, it would flip my camera a bunch.

Glitches aside though, this was a really cool game! Hope to see more once the jam is over. Good job!

Yeah I guess I didn't convey it too well in the first room but it was the red/green light object

Thanks for giving the game a shot! The basement puzzle is a little tricky haha. If you were trapped in between the doors, then it seems like you were pretty close to solving it. The first locked door is unlocked by the light sensor and second door is opened by the floor switch. The character you had on the floor switch might've been pushed off by an enemy unless they had the lantern with them. 

Oh and by the way, it might help to upload the web build directly to People might not trust external links all the time. Some screenshots could help too. Just pointing it out because it looks like not many people have played/rated your game yet.

Pretty short but interesting game! Atmosphere is pretty nice; I liked how the monsters' roars broke the silence of the forest, though it did get old after a while. I also liked how there are layers to the gameplay, such as having to manage battery life while shining the UV on the monsters and the aspect of taking gas tanks to generators. 

I wasn't too clear on what the goal was though. At first I thought it was to activate all the generators, but then I found an opening in the walls and was able to escape through that. 

Also, not sure if this was just me, but whenever I died or escaped, my mouse would still be locked to the center of the screen, so I wasn't able to click the try again button to restart. Just a minor problem though.

Regardless, good job on the game! Short but fun! 

Short and sweet! Love the sprites and the story. Good job!

Short but fun game! The final level gave me a bit of a challenge, especially without any checkpoints, but I was still able to beat it. There's some pretty cool ideas with the mechanics; I'd love to see an expanded version in the future! The ending was also kind of sad haha. Good work on the game!

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There is an impressive amount of story in this game! I'm surprised how much there is for a game jam game! After beating it I really wanted to discuss the story somewhere, but then I realized that this was, sadly, still a game jam game.

The perspective shift was also used really well, building a lot of suspense during the night sequences. I appreciate the art style a lot as well. Our game actually uses the 2.5 style too, but not as stylized as this. Great work on the game!

By the way, there was a note in the examination room during night 3 day 4 that I couldn't interact with. Was there any way to interact with it earlier? Or was it glitched?

Edit: SPOILERS but I noticed a certain character following me around every night. At first I thought it was a glitch but after finishing the game it makes a lot more sense that it isn't. Really nice touch there!

This game has a very cute style! I like that there was some 2D platforming mixed in, which was really cool. I wasn't sure what to do past exploration but judging by the comments it seems like this game is just unfinished, and that's totally fine! Hope this jam was a good learning experience at least, and good luck finishing this game!

That was a cool game! I liked the atmosphere and the monster design. My favorite part was in the room with the long table where the monster was just hidden from view. It got me pretty good when it started jumping at me before I could grab the item. Though my only complaint is that the monster was a little too fast. I felt like I couldn't turn away fast enough to get away from it. Otherwise great job on the game!

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I absolutely agree with everyone else here saying that the visuals are amazing. It's extremely impressive how good everything looks! The game also gave me a sense of eeriness the whole time, like something was off (in a good way of course).

The puzzles were a little too difficult to figure out though. I was able to figure out the first room after some time, but the second room(s) had me completely stumped, until...

(Spoilers) I was actually able to beat the game, but I think I skipped A LOT of the puzzles to get to the end. I figured the game room was a hint to the knight to king puzzle, but I wasn't a chess player so I just brute forced the puzzle lol. That led me to the horse room, which then I used to get the gold key from the skeleton robot. I completely skipped the puzzles involving the codes, the directional button thing, and the computer.

Though despite the sequence breaking, the game was fantastic all the way through! I loved the visuals and the mood they set up. Difficulty aside, the puzzles were really well thought out! Great job on the game overall!

Edit: Also wanted to mention that the horse room was one of my favorite moments. Really got me anxious for the time I was in there.

Interesting game! The controls took a while to get used to but I like the idea of controlling a crow that way. Good job!

Glad you liked the characters! Sorry about the lighting though. I'll add some extra lights after the jam if you're still willing to check it out by then.

Thanks for the feedback! Showing health is completely optional; it was hidden so that it didn't potentially block anything. Some of the controls are explained early on in the game, though in hindsight I should've explained some of the basic ones for movement and clicking too. 

Haha, good to see a fellow participant from last year's scream jam! Thanks for the feedback!

Thanks for playing! The basement puzzle has two mechanisms, you might've missed a part.

Awesome work! I absolutely love how unsettling the mood was the whole time. My favorite aspect is how some neighbors will lean really close towards you. I'm a big fan of the subtle storytelling going on too. Being able to choose how to answer certain questions really gave it some depth. I also like how there was a "checkpoint" for certain convos.

One minor problem I had was that the sensitivity was a bit too low. I would love an option to change that. I also ran into a small glitch where spam clicking the door to leave the room would cause the transition to play several times.

Overall, this holds really well as its own game, even outside of the game jam! Great job on the game! 

Absolute fan of the modeling! I really like how responsive the character was to the mouse and little details like how they would crouch under the fence. The environmental design was pretty great too. 

Don't want to spoil it for others reading this, but is there anything past the scene with the moon? 

Anyway, great job with the game! If you're updating it more in the future, good luck with that!

Very short game, but very entertaining! I love the atmosphere and the use of the monsters' (I think there is more than one?) sounds. The sound of extra footsteps following me is especially my favorite. I also ran so far out that I couldn't see any more trees haha.
I think the only thing this game needs is an extra indicator that you're charging the bow. If I hadn't read the description, it might've been a little confusing. 

Seriously though, great job on this game! I liked it a lot!

I know it's waay past the submission date, but am I allowed to upload a web version of my game? 

There's some really cool ideas in here! I really liked both the hiding mechanic and the puzzles where you needed the enemies to push the box for you. The art style is really good too. I like how the character's style didn't quite match the rest of the world, which makes sense thematically. 

Only real complaint I had was how floaty the jump felt. I would have trouble going up small steps if I wasn't holding the jump button down every time.

Overall really good game! It's pretty lengthy too, though that might be because I failed a lot lol. Good job!

That was an extremely impressive art style! My favorite ending has to be the good ending.

Congrats on making it on several youtubers' videos by the way, that's a really cool feat! Great job on the game!

Very clever idea! I adore the little bounce animation that plays when the character walks. Only minor nitpick I have is that the character moves faster when walking diagonally, but that's not a big deal.

I watch your devlogs, by the way! Really cool to see a developer's insights on their own game. Great job on the game!

Very well polished platformer! I absolutely love the wall jump mechanic. The little pumpkins flying away from you were really cute too! Great job on the game!

Seems to work fine for me and some people I know. Could you share a screenshot of this?

Thanks for playing! Glad you enjoyed it! There was an HP counter at the top left, but it looks like wider screen sizes might actually hide it. I'll probably fix that in a post jam version haha. Thanks for the feedback!

A cinematic mastapiece

Glad you enjoyed the art! We'll definitely take your feedback into account. There were a couple things we could've conveyed better in this game, though it's good to see there were parts you liked. Thanks for the playthrough! 

That was an interesting game! The beginning cutscene gave me Shadow of the Colossus vibes. I liked how the game's mood was pretty dark. The monsters made some pretty unsettling noises too. 

I was a little confused on what to do though. I brought enough food to fill the plates at the top, but when the night ended, I still got a Game Over. The sign says to just bring food, so I assume I'm not doing anything wrong, but the game overs seem to say otherwise. 

Either way, it was still pretty fun. Good job!

Love the cute art style! I wasn't sure how to play the game at first so I went and actually looked up how to play Chu Chu Rocket. Once I got that down, the game actually seems pretty fun! Of course, I didn't have anyone to play with at the time, but I'd imagine it'd get pretty crazy. 

The only complaint I have is that there's no tutorial. I could also see this game getting more content in the form of obstacles and whatnot, but this was fine for a jam game. Anyway, good work on the game! Keep it up!

I love the art style! It's very surreal and gives a bit of an unsettling mood. Consider me a fan!

On the other hand though, the gameplay is a little rough. It felt like I was controlling a bumper car, just in 2D. There's some cool ideas with the platforming for sure, but it conflicts a bit with the controls. 

Still, good work on the game! Hope you work on this some more after the jam!

Absolutely! You did amazing work for this game! I can only imagine how much more you'll improve next time. Looking forward to your next work!

Really good atmosphere! The sound design combined with the darkness created a really chilling environment! I found myself looking back every often just to check if something, or someone, was behind me, and this was before even the butcher started showing up. This game was really good at giving me a sense of dread. 

In terms of gameplay, I feel like the puzzles could use a bit of easing up. Besides placing them on the spice pads, I couldn't really figure out what to do with the spices, or how they were related to making pancakes, if they were related at all. The game could've given a little more hints. Of course, I also suck at these types of puzzles, so that could've been a factor.

I also ran into a couple of technical issues. I was trying to grab the book from the drawer, but I kept closing the drawer instead, which was a little annoying. And for some reason, the spices kept duplicating into my inventory, even after I placed them on the spice pads. 

Aside from these nitpicks, this game was really enjoyable! The first time I encountered the butcher was when I threw an item on the ground. That moment when I saw the text pop up on screen about an enemy, I panicked. This game's strong point really is the dread and tension it gives off, visually and audibly. Great job to everyone on the team!