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Glad you enjoyed the art! We'll definitely take your feedback into account. There were a couple things we could've conveyed better in this game, though it's good to see there were parts you liked. Thanks for the playthrough! 

That was an interesting game! The beginning cutscene gave me Shadow of the Colossus vibes. I liked how the game's mood was pretty dark. The monsters made some pretty unsettling noises too. 

I was a little confused on what to do though. I brought enough food to fill the plates at the top, but when the night ended, I still got a Game Over. The sign says to just bring food, so I assume I'm not doing anything wrong, but the game overs seem to say otherwise. 

Either way, it was still pretty fun. Good job!

Love the cute art style! I wasn't sure how to play the game at first so I went and actually looked up how to play Chu Chu Rocket. Once I got that down, the game actually seems pretty fun! Of course, I didn't have anyone to play with at the time, but I'd imagine it'd get pretty crazy. 

The only complaint I have is that there's no tutorial. I could also see this game getting more content in the form of obstacles and whatnot, but this was fine for a jam game. Anyway, good work on the game! Keep it up!

I love the art style! It's very surreal and gives a bit of an unsettling mood. Consider me a fan!

On the other hand though, the gameplay is a little rough. It felt like I was controlling a bumper car, just in 2D. There's some cool ideas with the platforming for sure, but it conflicts a bit with the controls. 

Still, good work on the game! Hope you work on this some more after the jam!

Absolutely! You did amazing work for this game! I can only imagine how much more you'll improve next time. Looking forward to your next work!

Really good atmosphere! The sound design combined with the darkness created a really chilling environment! I found myself looking back every often just to check if something, or someone, was behind me, and this was before even the butcher started showing up. This game was really good at giving me a sense of dread. 

In terms of gameplay, I feel like the puzzles could use a bit of easing up. Besides placing them on the spice pads, I couldn't really figure out what to do with the spices, or how they were related to making pancakes, if they were related at all. The game could've given a little more hints. Of course, I also suck at these types of puzzles, so that could've been a factor.

I also ran into a couple of technical issues. I was trying to grab the book from the drawer, but I kept closing the drawer instead, which was a little annoying. And for some reason, the spices kept duplicating into my inventory, even after I placed them on the spice pads. 

Aside from these nitpicks, this game was really enjoyable! The first time I encountered the butcher was when I threw an item on the ground. That moment when I saw the text pop up on screen about an enemy, I panicked. This game's strong point really is the dread and tension it gives off, visually and audibly. Great job to everyone on the team!

This game was tough! I found all the items (lamp, slingshot, organs) and died to an enemy at the end. I wasn't really sure where to go after collecting everything though, so I kinda wandered aimlessly. The scariest part of the game for me was definitely towards the end when I had only one heart left. Every enemy made me jump because I was so scared of dying and losing all my progress. 

I think the one thing I would change about the game, if not adding some health items, is to definitely make the exit more clear. Otherwise, good job on the game! I was so close to beating it haha

That ending gave me a chuckle lol. That was a pretty fun game! It got a little challenging at times, but thankfully the checkpoints were placed just frequently enough to not be frustrating. I liked the simple art style, though I wish the character had some kind of outline or something that contrasted with the dark background in the underground section. It was a little hard to distinguish, at least for me. 

Overall, really fun game! I couldn't decipher the morse code (sorry) but I thought that bit was pretty cool to have.  Good job on the game!

Very interesting and very unsettling game. I came in with few questions and I came out with more. I need more. 5/5

Really cool game! I think the beginning section in space was a really cool idea, but was just a bit of a hurdle to get through. It's mostly the camera angles though. It was a little hard to tell where I was at sometimes since the camera obscures some parts. There were some other situations too like when I entered the room with the alien and wanted to run backwards to get out, but turns out I was already facing the door and ended up walking backward into death instead.

There were also a couple of bugs, like when running in one direction and then running backward immediately, the walking animation would just stop for a while and make the character look like he was gliding. The camera switching triggers also kinda bugged out sometimes, where it wouldn't switch at all and I'd be stuck staring at the previous room.

The atmosphere in this game was perfect though. I liked the constant whirring from the background noise while I was inside. Gave me a feeling that I was in alone in this ship, save for an alien that wants to kill me. I also really dig the voice acting! Certainly made the game feel more like a commercial game. I saw you were posting some updates on the Discord too. If you end up working on this game past the jam, good luck! It was really fun to play regardless of some of the nuances I rambled about above. Good work on the jam!

Holy crap, that was chilling! The writing was superb! I felt like I understood these characters even though it was just one session of class and all I could see of them were their sprites. I also really liked the multiple choices you could make. Maybe I've just been thinking about Zero Escape too much, but I wanted to just go back and find some kind of perfect ending for everyone in the game, somehow. Overall, really great work!

I liked how the ghost companion tried to be serious but the main character just didn't have much to say in return at all. The ghost was pretty cute too! Reminds me a bit of that new NieR game coming out on mobile.

As for gameplay, I feel like either the dark wall moves too fast or the obelisks/wall thingies take too long to clear. The balance there might be a bit off for someone who hasn't really played the game yet. The enemies were satisfying to hit when you aim at them correctly, but they're so small that it's a little annoying. I feel like you could introduce bigger enemies in the beginning, and then slowly roll out the little guys later on, just to ease players into the mechanics better. 

Balancing issues aside, the game was pretty fun! The dialogue was fun and I really dig the visuals! Good job!

Simple but fun! I liked the art style; it's pretty charming. The mechanics were pretty easy to grasp. There were a lot of hiding places but they were placed pretty evenly. The only real issue I faced was the collision with some of the walls. Sometimes you can get stuck by the entrances to rooms.  Good job on this game though! I liked the simplicity!

Very fun game! The sprites were really well done too! I appreciate the voiceovers too, fits very well with how the cutscenes were handled. Just minor complaints, but the Next button was slightly covered by the vignette. It's probably just me, but it was a little hard to notice that button at first. Also, the closets were a little buggy; I would sometimes come out of them with my character sprite still in the hiding "position" (i.e. only the eyes were showing). Regardless, fantastic work on this jam! Keep it up!

Ah, I see what's going on. We didn't get to add the extra area to v0.1.0, so the third key was missing. 

You could try out v0.1.2, which just removes the third key slot, or v0.1.7, which adds the extra area (and also fixed the sounds).  

Thanks! Branchi, the artist, worked really hard on the visuals, so I'm glad everyone appreciates it! 

As for the keys, which color did you miss? There isn't much gameplay past the third key,  but I do encourage you to try looking for it again whenever you get the chance! 

I absolutely adore the art style for this game, it's really cute! Gameplay is also fun. I found myself frantically moving to get to each machine. Though with that said, the game is also pretty hard. The monster takes a long time to go away and most of the time it's impossible to get away from it if you're not near a closet. I also found a bug where if you stand underneath an elevator while it's going down, it'll push you out of the map.

Overall though, really fun to play! Good job!

Thanks! We've made an emphasis on the art style for the most part, so glad to hear you enjoyed the visuals! Sounds were recently fixed in an update, but since it was done after the submission period, it's part of the post-jam version now.

Thanks for your feedback , good to know it works fine for you!

Cute graphical style! I also like how the fireballs help light up what's ahead. My only complaint is that there's too many blind segments for a platformer. Maybe the camera's just too zoomed in but it's hard to tell if I'm just jumping down a large cliff or dying to a pit. Still, good work on the game!

Really entertaining! Haven't played too many FMV games and certainly haven't come across many in the past, so this was definitely pretty refreshing. This had a pretty nice balance of horror and humor. It was absolutely fun playing and watching this with a group of friends. Great job!

Short, but pretty fun. The real highlight of this project for me is definitely the sprite work. The colors stand out pretty well and work with the platforming. Good job!

This game is actually pretty good! The ambience works really well for a game with so much darkness, and the top-down perspective does not hinder the creepiness at all. I also really like the shadows! Good work!

Very much a mix of some roguelikes, which is a really good thing. I really like the graphical style this game has going on! The map is just a bit too big with not too many distinguishing features, so it's easy to get lost, but it's still pretty fun exploring. Great work!

The models are amazing; everything looks so cute! I really like the style this game has going on. Very polished too! Gameplay is simple, fun, and easy to grasp. Great job!

I was scared for the kid the whole time :(

Very neat, short game. Loved the retro-styled graphics! Good job!

I really dig the character design; it's cute and horrifying at the same time. Really cool. I ran into a couple of grammatical errors along the way, but the game was pretty neat! Good job!

The gamplay was a little confusing. There was a ton of debug messages to the side of the screen and the camera(?) view was a little off. There was a prompt for VR support but I didn't have the equipment for that, so that might be it, but it would be nice to mention that somewhere. The graphics were pretty nice to look at though. Also, upon learning that this music was completely original, I have to give you guys massive props for the music! That song was really good! While I wasn't sure how to play the game, I'm still a huge fan of the art and sound/music design. Good job on the game!

Great job to everyone who worked on this! The voice acting was absolutely phenomenal and the art was beautiful to look at. It really felt like I was playing a full game and not just a game jam entry.  Keep it up!

Added a Linux version, but I currently don't have any way to test it, so please let me know if you run into any issues with it!

Note: v0.1.2 was done shortly after the jam submission ended.

That's a huge extension, but a welcome one!

Thanks for your feedback! The turning was the result of me not testing things properly before putting the game out. I kept it in there thinking the exact same thing as you did- that it would add to the creep factor. I'm definitely going to adjust it later on though. Thanks again for playing!

Very interesting game. I wasn't sure if there was a way to look around the map, since my camera was stuck looking forward the whole time. I also don't really know what spacebar does, other than taking a peek at the next level. Movement felt a little slow, so for the first two levels, it was hard to get the right timing down to get past the enemies. I only made it to the fourth level before running into a cat.

The music certainly gave me shivers though. I also liked the spinning title and game over screens. The function tied to the spacebar seemed like a cool mechanic. If you were to improve on this game, it's worth looking at some ways to integrate that into the gameplay, I feel.

A nice, simple platformer. At first, I thought the conveyor belts would mess up the platforming, but it's not hard to move past it. The music remix is also pretty catchy and is playing in my head as I write this.  

There were some problems I ran into when I played. For one, I didn't know that I had to go all the way to the right side of a level to complete it. A flag or something to indicate that would be nice. The other issue is just a bug, but when I collect a candy in a level, die, and then re-enter the level, the candy is gone. 

I was surprised to see that the game ended at three levels, but overall, not bad.

Loved the visuals! The characters are charming and full of life, especially with their dialogue. I could see some interesting plot developments with the Prince. The dark room segment also really got me.  By the time I got to the chase sequence I was panicking to get back. Definitely my favorite part.

The book puzzle in the beginning was a little confusing. The matching part wasn't too bad, but I didn't realize I had to place a book on the desk to complete it.  I ran into the Game Over screen several times thinking I was placing the books wrong instead.

Overall, really solid demo. It covers just about everything you'd want from a game like this. Looking forward to the full game!

Very cute. Wish I was able to go up the other path but the long way's still cool I guess.

Thanks for the feedback! I watched your stream but I couldn't stay all the way to see you play this. Glad to see you like it though! 

There was so much more I wanted to add to the game but there just wasn't enough time. I'll be doing a post-jam version later on though, so if you're still interested in this game I hope you'll check it out! 

Anyway, thanks again for playing!

Thanks! The models were all made in MagicaVoxel.

You could actually drag the chairs away by holding left click, but I guess I didn't really convey that you could do that too well. Thanks for playing though!