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Jess Andz

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hm the thing is that it's not only my project and both my other friends are busy, so I don't know, that's why I can't promise anything. But thank you for liking the game <3


:OOO thanks!! <3

no u 

I've seen your game and I wanted to say that it might be deleted from the jam because one of the rules says "A majority of the code and/or assets must be made in the jam's time frame. ". I hope your game does well tho, sorry :'D

yes it can!! the theme can be interpreted however you feel like and to whatever you feel like :D

a really nice message <3

I beated a monster cloud, feeling proud of myself B)

lovely game in process!! had a really fun time playing it <3<3<3 

nice game! something that really stood out to me was the resolution, how did you guys do it? is there some plugin or something? :o here ya have it <3

SO YOU WERE THE ONE WHO SCREAMED!!! it was MARVELOUS!! I was like "wow such POWER in that scream!!". Loved all of the characters to the point I was like "NOOoo me want to dai pls" so I can go to the previous checkpoint because I accidently skipped a dialogue option by chaotically passing by xDD

Love the voice acting, love the game 11/10

It's crazy the amount of interactivity this game has with the scenario, loved the math puzzle thing and the story is good too! aand the art, pretty art <3< 3 <3 Good game and really good visual novel!

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I love this!! really good voice acting <3 <3 <3 I laughed really hard at the end xD


NOOO pizza on ketchup!! also, really liked the conversation between protagonist and the old man. Sidenote, he stole my books! >:( (the books dissapear after the oldman leaves the room lol). 

Really had a good time playing this game!! :D

Got more stuck than I want to admit in the last level but this game is precious and fun and I love it <3 

THE PIZZA IS A LIE!! loved it <3 <3 <3 

And I'm glad you liked it, thank you <3


yep! that's the end so far. 

<3 <3 <3 

Thank you <3

Wow! What a nice review! Thank you <3


I really like the art and the little effects here and there, like the dizzy moment and the little icons above interactable stuff. The story is good too, the only criticism that I would have is that I felt the conclusion too obvious so in a moment I was like just waiting for the game to tell me "ye what you thinking yes" but good game <3 

Thank you <3 <3

:')) <3 <3 <3 

I really like the visuals <3

Thank you <3 and yeah, I planned a longer  story but I ended up deciding to not do it because of time and because, really originally I thought of leaving the story at that moment. 

Thank you <3 

The question is part of the game :D

Thank you <3 I'm glad you enjoyed it <3 <3 

I played it with friends, died of laughter 10/10 game 

I'm usually not much of a only text game but I really really liked this game. The sounds and everything, also the way the story was told was so interesting. An uncomfortable and good little game <3