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Jess Andz

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awesome game, me and my friend love Croco <3<3<3

Congrats on winning!! :D if you guys are interested in the prize please tell me which channel of communication you prefer to see what's up 

Hello! Yes, it is! 

visual novels are allowed!! :D

Hi! you can find the discord server link on the page, it's the cristal ball. But here you have it just in case ->

Hi! you can find the discord server link on the page, it's the cristal ball. But here you have it just in case -->

yes, you can <3

Thank you!! <3<3

can I ask another question? can someone also submit an asset pack? 

Thank you for the explanation! I think I understand now, thank you for the response <3

Is the percentage given by each project, by creators or by head creator of the project (the one who fills the form)? I’m going to be publishing 2 projects with different people involved in it and wanted to know how it worked so we can fairly distribute the earnings.  

:DD!! thank you <3<3

thank you! :D

che, capaz haga algo así en el futuro :O

apreció que te haya gustado lo suficiente como para hacerlo ^^

It makes me really happy you liked it! thanks for checking out the game :D

hm the thing is that it's not only my project and both my other friends are busy, so I don't know, that's why I can't promise anything. But thank you for liking the game <3


:OOO thanks!! <3

no u 

I've seen your game and I wanted to say that it might be deleted from the jam because one of the rules says "A majority of the code and/or assets must be made in the jam's time frame. ". I hope your game does well tho, sorry :'D

yes it can!! the theme can be interpreted however you feel like and to whatever you feel like :D

a really nice message <3

I beated a monster cloud, feeling proud of myself B)

lovely game in process!! had a really fun time playing it <3<3<3 

nice game! something that really stood out to me was the resolution, how did you guys do it? is there some plugin or something? :o here ya have it <3

SO YOU WERE THE ONE WHO SCREAMED!!! it was MARVELOUS!! I was like "wow such POWER in that scream!!". Loved all of the characters to the point I was like "NOOoo me want to dai pls" so I can go to the previous checkpoint because I accidently skipped a dialogue option by chaotically passing by xDD

Love the voice acting, love the game 11/10

It's crazy the amount of interactivity this game has with the scenario, loved the math puzzle thing and the story is good too! aand the art, pretty art <3< 3 <3 Good game and really good visual novel!

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I love this!! really good voice acting <3 <3 <3 I laughed really hard at the end xD


NOOO pizza on ketchup!! also, really liked the conversation between protagonist and the old man. Sidenote, he stole my books! >:( (the books dissapear after the oldman leaves the room lol). 

Really had a good time playing this game!! :D

Got more stuck than I want to admit in the last level but this game is precious and fun and I love it <3