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Defend your space stations!
Submitted by TigerJ (@stalkjimmy) — 21 hours, 13 minutes before the deadline
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Technical Implementation#302.6002.600

Ranked from 15 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

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At first I found it frustrating that the near cubes weren't possible to see in time to shoot, but then I realized I don't get much negative for shooting blue cubes so I started a strat of shooting at the nearest spot whenever I wasn't shooting other reds. Ended up getting a pretty decent score.

Unfortunately I don't know what that score is cuz having shoot skip the menu means if you're trying to shoot that last red cube and die you instantly skip your score screen :(

After playing again my highest was around 19k.


Yeah that was a terrible design choice on my end for making it the restart button also. I think I took the jam restraints too literally.


gotta say that the 3D actually works against this game - if the red block drops near you its almost impossible to react vs it dropping far away from you.




The idea is you eventually learn to stay in the forward position from repeated failures. It requires 3D for the learning curve. It's suppose to be hard. I am glad you felt the frustration. You can also sacrifice score by always shooting from the forward position, and regain score by focusing on less of the total bases. 

It's not a game for everyone but if I were taking quarters in an arcade I would have a lot of money. I think that is part of the Arcade theme. I had a strong focus on making a profitable arcade game so a steep undisclosed learning curve was essential to the jam.

It's a fun little game, but it looks like it needs a bit more details to be finished.

It's a bit frustrating when you have 3 red squares falling at the same time so you know you will lose a life for sure. Also, I felt like the red square in the front (closest to us) moves too fast to be able to react.

Tried a couple of times and gor 3650 as a highscore!


Cool entry, yes take care with the music because 8bits tone can be very loud ;) Maybe for the visuals , try something with more contrast so can see more clearly whats happening, the gameplay is original btw !


I liked the music, it was a bit too loud but that might have been on my end. Once I figured out that it was 3D it was fun to play.


Gameplay was a bit confusing at the begining but after few tries it's ok. The music is so good that shooting sound effect are not very pleasent in comparaison.  Anyway, this game is really great, good Job ! (°u°)