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this game is very good I just wish the one off ghost enemy appeared again. He is soo cool

very good game! I wanted to ask, what does entropy do?

Thats the default size for me but I will try to zoom out and see if that works

here you go

sorry I didn't see it in time

I can't move in the web vesion

I played until in 2nd lava level when I ran out of hearts and had only one shield, I decided to drink the green potion it healed me fully but now I can't walk

Wow! That was very good! Having to return  to the good stations was a brilliant idea! This is the very first game that I was excited to find cursed stuff! enemy variety was low, but that is ignorable and I wish there was more use to the blessings on weapons because I always found myself going with the one with the bigger number. Battling with the lich king Raq'zul was very exciting, so this game is a solid 9/10!

I did. Tasks are invisible too though. I forgot to menton that

I unlocked the cement and other lored that comes with it, closed the game and came back a day later. I can still claim my awards by pressing spacebar though.

quests are invisible

thank you!

hell yeah I love this game and skeletons

I wish there was a way to stop the simulation :(

good but quality varies throughout the game. like why is the player character blurry?

how can I share my level? do I have to upload it to or something?

I love the minimalist and slightly asymmetric level design. Some level design aspects seem pointless (i.e. in level 5 it seems like you can just jump on the vertical block next to goal but you can't. missed opportunity for great level design) 8.5/10 good game overall but game design is not consistently good

browse button does not appear in the spawning menu after finishing tutorials???

thank you for sharing this information 

good game! what engine did you make this with?

you lose only if your ruby gets stolen by the flies. it is very easy until 800 score at which point they start to spawn every half of a second and it is very hard especially since you cant put ruby back in its place. a post-jam version is currently in development which addresses this slow climb in difficulity and common bugs, complete with sounds. also a new enemy type on the way. I can promise you it is something you will want to play


When I got big enough enemy ants stopped spawning and moving? is this a...bug?

I really  like this game I wish there were more enemies though

Thanks to the artist

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On second thought, it might be misleading. I will edit the description

You're right. We did not have time to do it unfortunately:(

it does not have an ending you just keep playing forever 

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thank you! We considered adding music and sounds but we couldn't find anyone to do so. Maybe in a post jam update...?

thanks for liking it! if you want to see other stuff I make please follow me here:

You can play it right here:

for some reason this version of the file does not work so I reuploaded it. I promise no change is made after the jam & thank you for asking

yeah but climbing back up to lauren's house with your newly earned upgrades after defeating a boss was rewarding and it felt like you were really progressing. by removing them you also removed the reward. Thanks for coming to my ted talk

where are the double jump and flip kick??

keep up the good work!

oh my god this is insane

I love this game and I found the ending strangely emotional. I am about to cry

very good

this is one of the best games I have ever played