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I just got around to finally changing mu computers language and testing the game and it works when I turn my computer to eglish as expected, the new version works on both english ad turkish versions. all the I's are correct and there seems to be no issue with checkpoint texts and other stuff like that yet. I just passed the 6th arena. Thank you for being so considerate and taking your time to fix it!!!! I love your game!!!!

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"Blood high" and "checkpoint" still break the game

blood high

I compressed the image so it would fit

I'm gonna try to change my language now 

nope it still doesn't work. I tried looking around the code but couldn't figure anything out lol. I looked in the save file and is  maxhealth supposed to be 131? it seems out of place probably not why it crashed but it's my only guess.

Hello I just saw this game and downloaded it, I didn't see any previous versions so I am going in blind. The game still has this bug for me and also "I" doesn't show up there is a question mark instead, it shows up in beginning credits though. 

When I select new game this screen comes up:

(this translates to bloodpressure.exe has an uncovered Microsoft .NET special event, choose immediate debugger)

and when I select vs 2019 it says Exception Unhandled: array index out of range exception. Perhaps it has to do something with writing someting that doesn't exist?

My computer is turkish so maybe that's why the "I" doesn't show up.

Arena rush doesn't work either. 

After closing the game if I ran it from zip there comes up a message box that says some files that were extracted from BloodPressure Demo were changed or new files were created. do you want to place those in the archive? if I say yes it takes some time but seemingly nothing changes.

If I run it after extracting drom zip again after selecting new game and crashing a continue option appears but it crashes with same behaviour as new game.

Thanks for reading this might have been too serious in tone I wanted to help as much as I can lol 

It's not too hard it's just a little tricky to get into I think. You should implement a health system,  but make it one like from donkey kong contry where you start with only 1 health but then can gain more by collecting something. my main complaint is jumping is kind of weird and it lacks polish, but it's really good otherwise.

wait a minute I  just realized it's  status is "in development" either he forgot to remove it or holiday came early

it was a really fun experiance almost like getting over it, it was buggy ut still fun :)

great game! it really lets you solve the puzzle any way that you want which is really creative! the graphics and the slight jiggle of the sprites and overall juice makes the game feel very optimistic and child like! I wish there was deeper story but it's really fun and the mechanics are well explored 8/10!

oh there is a rate this game button sorry I wrote it in the comments

this game is really fun I had a lot of joy playing it but especially the last 2 levels were so hard to finish without using a bug: you can jump again after touching some walls corners (Ithink it's below your gun) and this also applies to lasers you shoot so you can jump shoot then touch the laser and jump again this is really fun though it's kind of hard to master but it makes the game more enjoyable I think. not all walls are like those by the way in the 7th level from the left side of the gem containing wall you can't ledge hop but from the right side you can.

after I found laser hopping (the technique I described earlier) I felt like my eyes opened up and I discovered a new way to play the game. in the menu screen you can jump infinitely with laser hopping but you don't have infinite bullets normally so it shouldn't be a big game breaking peoblem.

my only issue with this game is how short it is because after I learned laser hopping I thought I could explore new things that you didn't intend but there wasn't enough stuff to keep playing for longer.

so it's really good here's my rating: -shorter than desirable +laser hopping +-kinda buggy but I like it that way 8/10

oh wow this game was really good the dash mechanic is really satisfying but you should raise the skill floor on how to use it properly

not bad I like the artwork

by deep I meant it enables a large amount of interactions between game elements (or mechanics) I wish it was explored more though still it's very fun anyway

surprisingly deep game, I wish the trampolines jumped on each other and accidentally cheesed the last level by using only 1 trampoline

very speedrunnable I like the little fairy pets but do they actually do something or just decoration? anyway I really like it good game

this is brilliant I love this idea it needs way more polish but it's great anyway 

I wish we had more aerial control and edge collisions were better but this is actually good for your first game congrats

good game I like the new weapons wish there were more levels

this is a standalone mod for a previous version of vapor trails. all you have to do is install and you are good to go. only works on windows though.

nice game wish the mc had more characterisation

Wow what a good game surprisingly polished and clean as in has almost no bugs. I give this 8/10 solely because it is so short I love it and wished for more. I make mods on my free time and this is on the list too

without gltches

nice game especially if this is your first time. please keep making more games

lol no I am just an outside commentor

which game do you mean? If you're asking if I made a mod no I didn't make any, but I might idk

actually fun and kept me entertained for a while. level design could be more varied but it's still good especially the later levels 8/10

made me laugh but really low effort 5/10

actually a really good game really entertaining but the lack of content is sad so 7.5/10

had a good time playing this. really fleshed out for a jam game and hast that polish levels of triple a games. I just wish the pickaxe was in the middle. 9.5/10

yeah now it works much better thak you nice game btw

I will try to fix it but I don't have a mac computer so I might not be able to. sorry for the inconvenience

wow it's a nice game I wish the level design was better at giving you more opportunities to draw & there was several small levels instead of one big one. 6.5/10 because this is a jam game

the game lags so much for me 

I can't seem to be able to play this

when I press z and x it doesn't start

hey hello I made a mod for this

I wish we could skip that damn starting animation which plays every single time I accidentally kill the guy in the last shot. 6/10 mostly because of this

wish the music played everywhere instead of boss fight and boss fight  had another music and had different enemies. I like how you attack though. but this is a jam game so it justifies most of that 6.5/10 good job

nice game! I wish it played more with the mechanics but oh well it's a jam game

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I think removing the turn based aspect of this game would be bad because it contributes so much to the aesthetics so maybe make it so things only act once x turns like spider moves once 2 turns crossbow fires once 4 turns etc 

also check out this video. I was able to figure out how to move but I had to check if there was more controls after I saw the spider move out of turn

(I tried to link the video with html but it doesn't work so that's why I edited the comment)